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MLiveU Mod Apk v2.3.8.7 (Unlock All Rooms) Latest Version 2024

MLiveU Mod Apk v2.3.8.7 (Unlock All Rooms) Latest Version 2024
App Name MLiveU : Live Stream Show
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Publisher WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
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MLiveU Mod Apk is an app that lets users broadcast their live streams and engage with viewers. High-definition streaming, interactive chat rooms, virtual gifts, and an easy user interface are some of the app’s top features.

With MLiveU, Streamers can reach a global audience, monetize their content with virtual gifts and establish loyal fans.

There are different kinds of live stream categories like music and dance shows, games, and daily vlogs.

You can interact with your audience in real time, which is one of the coolest things about MLiveU. Whether you’re chatting, streaming a live event, or showing off your skill, the real-time reactions and comments make it fun and rewarding.

Livestream on MLiveU Mod Apk

MLiveU Mod Apk (Unlock All Rooms) Latest Version 2024


MLiveU is all about live streaming. To start streaming just Tap “Go Live” and choose your stream category. Live streaming on MLiveU is easy, whether you’re performing, teaching, or chatting with your audience.

Chat Features

MLiveU’s chat lets viewers comment and communicate during live streams. This promotes a lively discussion where viewers can ask questions and contribute to the livestream. Streamers get fast feedback and a more engaged audience.

Finding Livestreams

MLive Mod Apk streams are easy to find. The app’s main page shows a selection of live streams, organized by popularity, topic, and recommendations based on your tastes. Browse these options and join any live stream that interests you.

Sending Reactions and Gifts

Besides chatting, you can send the streamer emoji reactions and virtual gifts. Not only do such activities show your support, but they also make you more noticeable to the streamer and make you more visible in the live stream.

The Cool Gifts Feature of MLiveU Mod Apk

MLiveU Mod Apk (Unlock All Rooms) Latest Version 2024

MLive Mod Apk viewers can buy and send streamers cool gifts as a token of appreciation. From simple emoticons to complex animations, these gifts make streaming more engaging and rewarding.

You have to buy a gift before you can send it. Gifts can be purchased with in-app currency. Go to the gift shop, choose a gift, and buy it.

Click the gift button and choose the gift you want to send during a live stream. The live streamer and viewers can see this activity immediately, adding to the excitement.

MLiveU has many cool gifts, such as moving stickers, digital flowers, and digital cars. Each gift is different, and some have unique features that enhance the stream’s appearance.

Cool gifts boost viewer-streamer interaction. It shows your appreciation and support, making the streamer feel valued and motivated.

Cool gifts support your favorite streamers financially and are fun. Streamers earn from each gift, helping them create and improve content.

1v1 PK Matching on MLive Mod Apk

The 1v1 PK (Player Kill) matching feature on MLiveU is a competitive game mode where two streamers go head-to-head in a live battle. People can vote and send virtual gifts to their best streamers to help them out. The winner is determined based on viewer interaction and support.

To start a 1v1 PK battle, select PK mode in the app. You can challenge another streamer or be paired randomly. The streamers compete for viewership and support during the match.

Certain regulations and standards ensure fairness in 1v1 PK matches. Timed matches are won by the streamer with the most virtual gifts and viewer votes. Understand these rules to heighten your chances of winning.

One important strategy of winning 1v1 PK battles is knowing your opponent. Watch his/her previous 1v1 PK streams and understand their strengths.

Use your talents to attract your audience. Use your singing, dancing, or storytelling skills to entertain spectators and earn virtual gifts and votes.

Winning 1v1 PK matches increases your popularity and you receive huge rewards. Winners receive virtual gifts that can be converted into money. Also, you gain more followers and views on the platform.

Exploring the FanClub Feature

MLiveU’s FanClub lets streamers create exclusive communities for their most loyal fans. Usually Streamers offer FanClub members exclusive content, exclusive events, free giveaways, and personalized interaction.

Find and Join a FanClub

Joining FanClub is easy. Find FanClub on the streamer’s profile. Follow the instructions to join, which usually entail subscribing or fulfilling streamer requirements.

Benefits of Fanclub Membership

FanClub members get exclusive content, more interactive live streams, and direct engagement with their favorite streamers. It’s a great way to show your support for streamers and make your streaming experience more unique.

FanClubs is known for its exclusive material such as Behind-the-scenes footage, shoutouts, and personalized messages. Your feel special and connected with exclusive content.

Exclusive Livestreams

Special events and livestreams for FanClub members boost membership value. These events, from Q&As to live performances, give viewers a unique experience.

Exploring MLiveU Mod Apk Events

MLiveU Mod Apk offers events for various talents and interests. Explore these interesting events:

Musical and Dance Events

MLiveU features many events where you can perform or watch other musicians and dancers.

Gaming tournaments

MLiveU hosts gaming tournaments where you can compete, show off your talents, and win prizes.

Talent Shows

Talent shows on MLiveU are ideal for showcasing singing, magic, or stand-up comedy. These events help generate popularity and fans.


MLiveU Mod Apk is a live streaming app that offers high-quality video streams, and interactive features like chat rooms and virtual gifts.

MLiveU has many advantages. It’s an excellent way to promote your talents to gain followers and make money via virtual gifts.

When you first start streaming, you can use just your phone, but buying professional equipment can make your streams clearer and better. A high-definition camera, external microphone, and appropriate lighting can make you look more professional.

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