AppSocial Linky: Chat With Characters AI

Linky Mod Apk v1.43.0 (Premium Unlocked) Unlimited Money

Linky Mod Apk v1.43.0 (Premium Unlocked) Unlimited Money
App Name Linky: Chat with Characters AI
Latest Version 1.43.0
Last Updated
Publisher Skywork AI Pte. Ltd.
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Social Social
Size 145 MB

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Linky Mod Apk is a new app that offers an immersive chat experience. In contrast to typical chat apps that solely rely on Human interaction, Linky introduces users to AI-powered virtual characters. These AI characters offer human-like interactions which make communication lively and engaging.

Chatting with AI characters in different scenarios is an important feature of Linky Mod Apk and this is what makes it superior to Candy AI Girlfriend. Users can choose from many characters with unique personalities. Linky also lets users customize their interactions and the Ai characters.

Linky is easy to use. The application runs with a simple UI where users can choose an AI Character to interact with. Simply typing and sending a message initiates conversations. Linky adds emoticons and stickers to make conversations lively

Chat About Anything on Linky Mod Apk

Linky Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Unlimited Money

Linky AI Character is a virtual personality that engages users in meaningful discussions. With powerful algorithms and machine learning models, Linky AI Characters can understand natural language and respond in a manner that mimics human conversation. Linky AI Character aims to make the conversation fun and engaging by discussing current events, sharing stories, and giving advice.

Features of AI Character Chat:

Linky AI Character excels at natural language processing. Unlike ordinary chatbots, it uses machine learning algorithms to understand context and respond appropriately. Users may customize Linky AI Character conversations to their liking. Linky AI Character adapts to your style, whether you want casual chats or serious philosophical discussions.

How to Engage with Linky AI Character:

Linky AI Character is easy to use. Users can start discussions by typing or speaking in the form of voice chat. The discussion unfolds naturally as the AI Character responds to user inputs in real-time. The Ai Character is always eager to interact, entertain, or provide information.

Customize Your Ai Character

Customizing Personality Traits:

Customizing your Linky AI Character starts with personality attributes. Users can mix predefined attributes or design their own. You decide whether your AI character is pleasant and friendly or serious and professional. Personality qualities affect how users view and interact with your AI character.

Customizing Appearance:

AI character appearance affects user engagement. Linky AI Character lets users design their character’s clothes, accessories, and facial expressions. This visual depiction gives the AI character personality and depth, making interactions more engaging.

Customizing Conversation:

Conversational style is another customizing factor. Users can program their AI characters to speak in a friendly or professional tone. Users can customize their AI character’s voice to add personality and charm.

Immersive Text Roleplay

Linky Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Unlimited Money

Linky AI Character immersive text roleplay has rich storytelling and interactive elements. Users can construct complex characters, plotlines, and collaborative stories. Dynamic responses and story adaptations from the platform’s AI character improve the experience.

Creating Characters and Settings:

Character and setting creation are key to text roleplay. Users can create character profiles with personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. They can also define the roleplay’s imaginary universe, from fantasy to futuristic.

Creating Interesting Stories:

Text roleplay relies on exciting stories to keep users engaged. Users create complex stories through typed conversations by developing plot twists, character arcs, and conflicts.

Interactive Roleplaying:

Immersive text roleplay lets users shape the story. Participants influence the story’s outcome through dialogue, descriptive text, and character actions.

Social Scenario Simulation

Virtual social scenario simulation recreates real-life circumstances. Users roleplay as characters and imitate conversations to learn communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Features of Linky AI Character for Social Scenario Simulation:

Linky AI Character enhances social scenario simulation with customized scenarios, dynamic character responses, and immersive locations. Simulations can be customized for realistic and interesting experiences.

Creating Scenarios and Settings:

Creating scenarios and settings is key to social scenario simulation. Users can create job interviews, networking, and conflict resolution scenarios. They can also customize settings to different scenarios.

Interaction and Roleplay:

Social scenario simulation lets users roleplay and interact with AI-driven characters or others. Users navigate simulated environments, practice communication, and make simulation-affecting decisions through talking and actions.

Drawing and Collecting Cards

You can draw and collect virtual magic cards that you can use to unlock new plots for social scenario simulation. Users can collect as many magic cards and expand their collection.

Linky Mod Apk has straightforward drawing tools, customizable card templates, and an easy-to-use interface for managing and accessing your magic card collections.

The card collection feature lets users generate their first card through simple prompts. The platform inspires and guides users to create unique artwork.


Linky Mod Apk lets users interact with AI-driven characters in diverse scenarios. Linky offers flexible chats and structured interactions to suit user preferences.

Chatting with AI characters involves talking to algorithm-powered artificial beings. These characters can respond to user input, interact, and act like humans, thereby creating an immersive experience.

Linky AI Character’s natural language processing, contextual comprehension, and personalized replies improve conversation. Users can have free-flowing conversations, ask questions, and get answers (that are both useful and fun) from AI characters

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