AppSocial Nicegram: AI Chat For Telegram

Nicegram Mod Apk v1.26.6 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Nicegram Mod Apk v1.26.6 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version
App Name Nicegram: AI Chat for Telegram
Latest Version 1.26.6
Last Updated
Publisher Nicegram
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Social Social
Size 177 MB

Premium Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.8 Rating (357) Votes


Nicegram Mod Apk uses Telegram API to offer a user-friendly design and functionalities that improves the overall experience. It maintains Telegram’s fundamental features while adding AI-powered enhancements.

The core of Nicegram is artificial intelligence, which makes chatting a lot better. Artificial intelligence analyzes your conversation habits to provide smart replies that save time and improve interactions. The app is more intuitive and efficient with AI.

Nicegram allows you to customize messages by changing themes, fonts, and layout. Customization greatly improves user experience.

Text Features on Nicegram Mod Apk

Nicegram Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Rich Text Formatting

Nicegram’s rich text formatting stands out. In messages, users can bold, italicize, underline, and adjust font size. This makes communication clear and makes business correspondence more professional.

Smart Replies

Nicegram’s clever responses change everything. The app provides contextually suitable responses using AI, saving time. Smart responses can enhance your messaging in a hurry or streamline it.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Nicegram Mod Apk provides unique keyboard shortcuts for power users. Set up fast commands for frequent activities to enhance productivity and make the app more user-friendly.

Enhanced Communication

Advanced text features improve communication. Rich text style highlights important topics, and smart answers let you respond quickly and appropriately to conversations.

Nicegram Mod Apk for Business Communication

Efficient Team Collaboration

Nicegram Premium Mod Apk enhances teamwork. The multi-account capability lets professionals easily handle business and personal accounts. Team communications are organized and efficient with AI-powered smart responses and message filtering.

Improved security and privacy

Business values privacy and security. Nicegram’s new privacy options let businesses decide who sees their online status and last seen time. Secure file sharing and encrypted communications protect important data.

Customizable Workspaces

Nicegram’s customizable UI lets businesses set up personalized workspaces. Nicegram can be customized for professional settings by changing themes or chat groups.

Nicegram for Personal Communication

Connecting with Friends and Family

Nicegram is great for personal use. The app simplifies family and friend communication. Personal communications are easy with its user-friendly UI and powerful media sharing.


Nicegram emphasizes personalization. Different themes, fonts, and layouts let users tailor messaging. Personalization makes the app more enjoyable and engaging.

Improved Media Sharing

Nicegram simplifies sharing memories with family. Perfect for intimate communication, the app lets you share high-resolution photos, videos, and huge files faster.

User Experience

Custom Interface

One great thing about Nicegram is that you can change how it looks. To customize interactions, users can choose themes, font sizes, and layouts. Customization improves user experience.

User Experience Enhancements

Nicegram does more than just let you tweak things. AI-powered smart answers and powerful message filters improve chat efficiency and organization in the app. Nicegram is functional and interesting with these features.

Translation Feature

Translation tools in messaging apps help create inclusive communication in an international setting where people of many languages connect.

Advanced machine learning algorithms translate incoming messages into the user’s preferred language in real-time. No matter the sender’s language, users can understand and respond to messages in their own language.

Users can connect effortlessly with multilingual people using the translation feature, promoting diversity.

User Identity Management

Security in Digital Communication

Digital communication requires security. With cyber threats rising, user identities must be protected. Identity management protects important information.

Privacy concerns are developing among digital platform users. Users want their data to be protected from unauthorized access.

User Verification

Nicegram strictly verifies users to prevent unauthorized access. MFA and other security methods authenticate user identities.

Encrypting data

Nicegram uses strong encryption codes to safeguard user data. Sharing messages and files using the app is encrypted to enhance privacy.

User Control Over Information

Nicegram lets people manage their data. Users choose who sees their info. This control includes online status and last-seen time visibility.

Multi-Account Management

Multi-account support from Nicegram is important for users with personal and professional accounts. It lets you switch accounts without logging out.

Privacy and security features

Nicegram Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Auto-destructing messages

Nicegram permits self-destructing messages that expire after a set time. By controlling message duration and protecting sensitive data, this function enhances privacy.

Secret Chats

Nicegram has something called “secret chats,” which are conversations that are encrypted from end to end and are not kept on the app’s servers. These chats protect privacy with screenshot detection and message forwarding limits.

Privacy Controls

Nicegram users may decide who sees their online status, profile picture, and contact information. To avoid spam and harassment, users can block or report unwanted contacts.

2-Factor Auth

Nicegram offers 2FA to secure user accounts. Users have to provide a mobile verification code to log in using 2FA, decreasing the danger of unwanted access.

Anti-Spam Defence

Nicegram Mod Apk prevents spam and uninvited interactions. Some of these steps are rate limits, CAPTCHA challenges, and machine learning algorithms that look for and stop spam accounts.


Nicegram Mod Apk is a modified and enhanced version of the popular Telegram messaging app. Nicegram uses AI technologies to improve communication and user experience. It keeps Telegram’s main features and adds new ones.

Nicegram Mod Apk has many privacy, customization, and user experience options.

Nicegram’s chat experience is improved by AI. Artificial intelligence analyzes conversation patterns to provide smart replies that save time and improve communication. The app is more efficient and intuitive with AI.

Customize Nicegram’s interface to your desire. Nicegram lets you customize messages by changing themes, fonts, and layout. Customization greatly improves user experience.

Nicegram Mod Apk unlocks premium features in the original-version. Advanced chat management, more stickers and emoticons, and multi-account access are included.

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