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Widgetable Mod APK v1.6.192 (Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)

Widgetable Mod APK v1.6.192 (Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)
App Name Widgetable: Adorable Screen
Latest Version 1.6.192
Last Updated
Publisher Happeny Technology Pte Ltd
Requirements Android 9 Android 9
Category Tools Tools
Size 98.79 Mb
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Diamonds
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.8 Rating (927) Votes


Have you ever thought your phone’s home screen needed more personality? Well Widgetable Mod APK turns your device homescreen into a personalized, functional, and beautiful utility.

Widgetable is a dynamic app that lets users customize their mobile screens using adorable widgets. These adorable and functional widgets include clocks, virtual pets, virtual plants, calendars, weather updates, notes, and task lists. Each widget is designed for aesthetics and utility to make your screen appear attractive and meet your daily demands.

With Widgetable, you can turn a boring home screen into a fun, interactive space. The app keeps you organized, informed, and entertained while personalizing your device.

Pet Widget on Widgetable Mod APK

Widgetable Mod APK (Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)

The per widget is an innovative widget idea that lets you grow and interact with virtual pets on your home screen. These pets aren’t just pictures; you can interact with them, and change how they look, and they’re meant to make you smile every time you open your device.

The app lets you pick from a number of pets, each with its personality and set of traits. There are lots of different pets, from cute kittens to playful dogs. The interactive features ensure that your pet is not just a background decoration but an active part of your daily routine.

For many, virtual pets are a throwback to simpler times, evoking memories of Tamagotchis and other digital pets. They make you feel joyous and playful, which is hard to resist.

These pets can interact with you, respond to your actions, and have their own needs and moods, making the experience more immersive. So always interact and take care of them especially when you unlock your phone, this gives you a sense of responsibility comparable to real-life pets.

Plant Widget

Widgetable Mod APK lets you grow and care for a virtual plant on your home screen. These plants are more than just decorative elements; they interact with you and require care, creating a rewarding and engaging experience.

The app offers many virtual plants with different traits and growth patterns. There are succulents and floral plants for everyone. Interactive elements make your plant a lively component of your device’s home screen.

Since these plants are interactive, it means they can react to your activities and have their own needs and growth stages, making the experience more immersive.

Interacting with plants, even virtual ones, can bring joy. It brings nature into your daily routine, which is refreshing in our tech-heavy life.

Taking care of a virtual plant can reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Watering your plant, watching it grow, and seeing it thrive can be satisfying and relaxing.

Notes Widget

The Status & Notes Widget is a feature of Widgetable designed to help users organize their day efficiently. Its note-taking and real-time status updates make it a productivity tool.

The widget lets users take notes, create reminders, and update their status directly from the home screen, ensuring that important tasks are always in front and center.

You can easily add, change, and arrange notes right on your home screen. Lists, text formatting, and more are supported by the widget.

Update your status to reflect your availability or mood, keeping colleagues and friends informed without opening the app.

You can sync your notes and task lists with your calendar, making you more organized.

1000+ 4K Wallpapers on Widgetable Mod APK

Widgetable Mod APK (Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds)

The quality of 4K wallpapers is four times higher than HD wallpapers. This offers more detail, crisper visuals, and immersive viewing. They optimize every pixel to bring your screen to life with vibrant colors and clear visuals.

Beautiful wallpaper can convert your device’s home screen into something new and attractive. 4K wallpapers make your home screen look outstanding, whether you like nature, abstract art, or colorful cityscapes.

Widgetable is more than a wallpaper app—it enhances your device’s appearance. Hundreds of 4K wallpapers ensure plenty of options. The app has many categories to suit every mood and style.

The app updates wallpapers frequently, keeping your homescreen fresh. The latest trends are always available.


Widgetable: Trendy Widgets is a powerful tool that lets users customize their homescreen with practical and stylish widgets. These widgets make your divice’s home screen interesting to use every day by enhancing its appearance and usefulness.

The app has a lot of different widgets, such as clocks, calendars, virtual pets, virtual plants, weather updates, and to-do lists. Each widget is designed for aesthetics and usefulness to make your screen appear attractive and meet your daily demands.

When compared with iScreen and Wowkit, Widgetables’ user-friendly layout, extensive widget selection, and comprehensive customization options make it stand out. The app is updated frequently, so you always have the latest features and trends.

A well-organized home screen can enhance productivity by providing quick access to the tools you use frequently. A beautiful screen can make using your device more enjoyable.

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  • 98.79 Mb
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