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Virtual Master Mod Apk v3.1.92 (VIP Unlocked) Latest version

Virtual Master Mod Apk v3.1.92 (VIP Unlocked) Latest version
App Name Virtual Master - Android Clone
Latest Version 3.1.92
Last Updated
Publisher VM Space Tech
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Tools Tools
Size 551 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

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Virtual Master Mod Apk lets you run several software versions on your phone. Virtual Master-Android Clone revolutionizes app cloning. But why you should care? Consider the simplicity of managing many social media or game accounts without signing in and out.

Virtual Master is a powerful Android app that creates virtual environments. This lets you run cloned apps in a different environment. It’s like a safe virtual sandbox for apps and data.

Virtual Master prioritizes security. Each cloned app functions separately and securely, protecting your data from your original apps.

Features of Virtual Master Mod Apk

Virtual Master Mod Apk (VIP Unlocked) Latest version

Check out some of the Powerful features that distinguish Virtual Master Mod Apk:

Multiple App Clones

Have you wanted to launch several app instances? Virtual Master can clone any Android software, making it ideal for multi-account users.

Multiple OS

Virtual Master lets you run different Android versions or other operating systems. Developers who test apps in several contexts would love this.

Data isolation and security

Each virtual machine is isolated, protecting your data. This lets you run sensitive apps without data leakage.

User-Friendly Interface

Virtual Master Mod Apk has an easy-to-use interface.

Customization Options

Who doesn’t like customization? Virtual Master lets you customize copied apps to your liking.

Setting Up Multiple OS

Virtual Master simplifies OS creation and management.

Creating a Virtual Environments

Create a virtual environment for each OS. Name and configure each environment as needed.

Setting Up Each OS

Install your operating systems in their environments. Optimize performance by customizing preferences.

Resource Management across Systems

Allocate CPU, RAM, and storage to each OS. This keeps each OS running well without exhausting your device.

System Switching Without Issue

Switch OSes without rebooting. Time is saved and workflows are uninterrupted.

Increased Security

Each virtual environment is isolated for security. Even if one of the OS got compromised/corrupted, your other systems are protected.

Testing Software on Multiple OS

Developers can test apps across OSes without the need for separate devices. This streamlines development and testing.

Running Legacy Apps

You can run older apps that may not work with your main OS. Virtual Master maintains productivity without sacrificing functionality.

Why Use Virtual Master Mod Apk?

Virtual Master Mod Apk (VIP Unlocked) Latest version

Increased Productivity

Having two instances of an app means you can double your productivity. Whether it’s managing work and personal emails or switching between different social media accounts, the possibilities are endless.

Improved App Management

Apps are better organized using Virtual Master. Avoid cluttered home screens and frequent logins.

Privacy Enhancements

With each app operating in its secure space, your data remains safe, giving you piece of mind.

Separation between Personal and Professional Work

With Virtual Master you can Keep work and personal life separate without having multiple devices. .

Virtual Master vs Other Cloning Apps

Clone App

Clone App Pro is popular, however Virtual Master offers more security and flexibility.


UGPhone is good yet resource-intensive, slowing your device. Optimized Virtual Master performs better.


Dual Space is easy to use but less customizable than Virtual Master.


Virtual Master runs cloned apps/games in a virtual environment. This isolation keeps cloned program data and activity distinct from your primary operating system, adding security.

Virtual Master lets you run multiple copies of any program or game on your device. Social media apps and games are no problem for Virtual Master.

Virtual Master prioritizes security. Each copied app functions independently, protecting your data. Apps that handle sensitive data need this.

Virtual Master allows great customisation. Setting each copied app to your liking makes the experience really personalized.

App organization is improved by Virtual Master. Everything is organized in its own place, so no more crowded home screens or account switching.

Keep work and personal apps separate without additional devices. Virtual Master simplifies life management on one device.

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