AppPersonalization Widget Lab:Wallpapers & Themes

Widget Lab Mod APK v1.27.17 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Widget Lab Mod APK v1.27.17 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version
App Name Widget Lab:Wallpapers & Themes
Latest Version 1.27.17
Last Updated
Publisher YIFU
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Personalization Personalization
Size 91.08 Mb

Premium unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (236) Votes


Widget Lab Mod Apk is an app that customizes your smartphone’s appearance and functionality. It has many wallpapers, themes, and widgets for different tastes.

Widget Lab has a lot of widgets that you can change in any way you want. You can change the widgets’ size, color, and style to make them look beautiful and functional.

No more dull backgrounds. Widget Lab has many high-quality wallpapers. Wallpapers range from stunning landscapes to abstract art to suit your mood and style.

Widget Lab also has many themes that can quickly change the way your phone looks. Select elegant, playful, dark, or colorful themes.

Widget Lab Mod APK has 10,000+ wallpapers.

Widget Lab Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

With almost 10,000 wallpapers, Widget Lab Premium Mod Apk excels in variety and quality. There’s natural beauty and abstract art for everyone. Each wallpaper is high-resolution, so it looks excellent on any screen.

Nature and Landscapes

Widget Lab has many nature and scenery wallpapers for outdoor enthusiasts. From peaceful beaches to beautiful mountains, these wallpapers bring nature to your device.

Artistic and abstract

Widget Lab’s abstract and artistic wallpapers are ideal for avant-garde tastes. These designs range from bright and colorful to minimalist and subtle, catering to all artistic tastes.

Minimalist and Clean

Sometimes less is more. Devices with Widget Lab’s minimalist and clean backgrounds seem sleek and modern. These designs are ideal for minimalist home screens.

Fresh Content Daily

Daily updates are a Widget Lab Mod Apk highlight. Fresh wallpapers are added daily to keep the material interesting. So you can change your wallpaper daily and never get bored.


200+ widgets makes Widget Lab superior to the likes of Widgetable and ThemeKit. Calendars, weather updates, clocks, and motivational quotes are among these widgets. The variety lets you find widgets for any requirement or taste.

Functional Widgets

Functional widgets boost productivity and display vital information. Examples: weather widgets, calendars, to-do lists, battery monitoring. These widgets make information easily accessible, boosting productivity and convenience.

Styled Widgets

Styled widgets let you decorate your home screen with beautiful elements. These include elegant clocks, photo frames, and motivational words. Widgets make your screen appear beautiful and show off your style.

Editing Widgets

Edit widgets to suit your needs with Widget Lab. Each widget’s size, color, and position can all be customized to match your home screen. This tweak makes your widgets useful and smoothly integrated into your design. Also, you can Choose fonts, backgrounds, and themes to match your style. You can create a beautiful home screen with this versatility.

Charging Animations on Widget Lab Mod APK

Widget Lab Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

The charging animations offered by Widget Lab Mod Apk Premium are one of its best features. These animations make plugging in your phone fun and visually appealing. Your charging screen can reflect your style with a number of animations.

Charging animations are popular because they make charging your phone lively. Animations make charging more fun than a static battery icon. Charging animations reflects a broader desire to personalize and enhance every aspect of smartphone usage.

Charging animations go beyond aesthetics. They can also display charging speed and battery percentage in an attractive way. These animations can also gently remind you to unplug your smartphone after 100% bar, extending battery life.

Widget Lab offers a variety of customization options for charging animations. Choose themes, colors, and styles to create a personalized animation. Widget Lab offers minimalist and sophisticated designs.

Dynamic Island Function

Dynamic Island is another Widget Lab Mod Apk highlight. Inspired by the latest iPhone models, this feature gives Android devices a dynamic and engaging interface. A visually appealing layout that reacts to user activities makes it more intuitive and engaging.

Extensive Icon Collection on Widget Lab Mod APK

Icons serve as visual cues for apps. Well-designed icons make applications easier to find and use, improving device aesthetics and usability.

Widget Lab offers over 1000 high-quality icons in several styles and themes. Widget Lab has icons for everyone, from sleek and elegant to creative and colorful.


Widget Lab Mod Apk Premium Unlocked personalizes your smartphone appearance. Its widgets, wallpapers, and themes suit different tastes. If you like minimalist or colorful designs, Widget Lab provides them.

One of Widget Lab’s best features is customizable widgets. These widgets are functional and attractive. Choose styles and designs to fit your home screen.

The Mod APK version of Widget Lab adds functionality the standard version may lack. Mod APK gives you free premium content. More widgets, wallpapers, and themes are available.

Widget Lab is excellent, but there are other Apps like Wowkit, iScreen, and Nova Launcher that enable significant customization. Each app has its own strengths and can be a good alternative.

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