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UgPhone Mod APK v1.3.4.12 (Free purchase) Premium Unlocked

UgPhone Mod APK v1.3.4.12 (Free purchase) Premium Unlocked
App Name UgPhone - Android Cloud Phone
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Publisher OgCloud
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 34 MB

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With UgPhone Mod Apk you can create a powerful cloud-based clone device. It uses a cloud service to keep your data synchronized, secure, and accessible. Whether you switch devices frequently or just want a more streamlined mobile experience, UgPhone has got you covered.

Data is managed and synced by UgPhone’s extensive cloud integration. It syncs apps, settings, and data with your cloud account. All your vital data is available on any UgPhone-enabled smartphone, making a clone of your device that can be switched easily.

Features of UgPhone Mod Apk

UgPhone Mod APK (Free purchase) Unlocked

UgPhone has many features that are meant to make your mobile experience better. Explore some of the most notable.

Cloud Storage Integration

All data is cloud-stored with UgPhone. Frees up space on your device and backs up your data to prevent loss or theft. Photos, videos, app data, and documents can be stored.

Seamless Synchronization

UgPhone automatically syncs your data across all of your devices. Everything stays in sync, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating contacts, installing new apps, or changing settings.

World-wide server coverage

Its global server coverage makes UgPhone stand out. This ensures fast, secure data access worldwide. The vast UgPhone server network decreases latency and maintains a stable connection, making it perfect for travelers and rural residents to access their virtual clone phones.

Fast Performance

UgPhone delivers an exceptional speed performance. UgPhone reduces hardware load by using cloud technologies, making apps run faster. Multitasking and resource-intensive apps function smoothly with UgPhone.


When it comes to cloud-based solutions, latency can be a big problem, but not with UgPhone Mod Apk. Advanced optimization makes UgPhone’s latency incredibly low, making interactions fast and seamless. This helps with gaming, streaming, and other activities seamlessly.

Remote Access

The remote access feature of UgPhone is notable. Your clone phone can be managed from any internet-connected device. This feature is ideal for remote troubleshooting or accessing important information.

Handling Multiple Accounts

Multiple account management is one of UgPhone’s best features. UgPhone Mod Apk lets you switch between professional and personal accounts or family profiles without logging out. Save time and organize data with this feature.

UgPhone Mod APK offers High End Virtual Phone

UgPhone uses modern software and hardware to give an unmatched experience. Virtualization technology is used to make it as efficient as possible and make sure that all interactions with your cloud-base clone phones are smooth and fast.

UgPhone aims to provide seamless integration of various services and apps, all backed by powerful hardware specs. Fast processing, enough storage, and an excellent display are included.

UgPhone has high-end specs for every user

UgPhone Mod APK (Free purchase) Unlocked

High-end hardware

Its tech specs are truly top-notch, so you can be sure it can handle anything you throw at it.


UgPhone is powered by the latest processors, providing speedy performance. The UgPhone’s processor makes sure that you have minimal lag and maximum efficiency, whether you’re multitasking or running demanding apps.

Memory and Storage

With ample RAM and storage, UgPhone gives you room for applications, photos, movies, and data. Storage capacities can be customized, and high-speed memory makes data access easy.

Operating System

UgPhone uses the most recent version of Android, which is designed for speed and safety. The OS takes advantage of UgPhone’s hardware for a seamless, intuitive user experience.

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization technology is what makes UgPhone stand out. This allows the phone to run multiple instances of apps and services, effectively making it several devices in one. You can switch between tasks without any performance compromise thanks to this technology.

Security & Privacy

The unique Android cloud phone UgPhone offers unmatched security and privacy. UgPhone Mod Apk uses cloud technologies for a safe, seamless user experience. All user data is encrypted on UgPhone to prevent unauthorized access.

UgPhone encrypts all messages, so only you and the recipient can read them. With this encryption, Your messages are confidential even from service providers.

All UgPhone cloud data is encrypted for added security. The data cannot be viewed without the decryption keys, even if someone gains access to the cloud storage.

With UgPhone, app permissions are simple. You can restrict what information each app may access, ensuring your data is used as you approve.

During startup, UgPhone Mod Apk performs a verified boot sequence to ensure that the operating system and software have not been tampered with. The system is checked for integrity, ensuring security from the moment you turn on your virtual clone phone.


UgPhone Mod Apk deeply integrates your virtual clone phone with cloud storage services to manage and sync your data. After installation, it syncs apps, settings, and data with your cloud account. All your vital data is available on any UgPhone-enabled smartphone, making device switching easy.

UgPhone can save you money by reducing the need for additional phones because your cloud based clone phone is your second phone. Plus, it offers you the latest specs without requiring you to spend money on pricey hardware or extra storage.

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