Valorant Mobile: What we know so far

Valorant Mobile: What we know so far

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Valorant is one of the top FPS games for PC. Since its release in 2020, it wowed the gaming community to the extent that it gathered a lot of Counter strike gamers and they were impressed by the shooter game. Riot is the publisher behind the game and in 2021 the company confirmed that VALORANT mobile is in the works. VALORANT executive producer Anna Donlon made the announcement but has neither hinted at any progress of the game development nor a release date.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter game that is currently competing with top games like Apex Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This FPS game has gotten 14 million players during the first year of its release. you can see how big this game is

Here I will briefly discuss the release date, gameplay leaks, and soon. 

Valorant Mobile release date?

Riot hasn’t disclosed the release date of Valorant Mobile but one thing we know is that the game might be released in the coming months if there is not any delay. We all know that porting a game like Valorant can be challenging, therefore many delays could happen along the track. In fact, some tipsters claim it may not be released this year.

However, insider tests in limited places indicate a playable early build is already available and this is a strong indication that the game may be released in the coming months.

Valorant mobile beta?

According to a tweet by DannyINTEL, a reliable Valorant leaker claimed that the beta testing was made available to selected users in China. In fact, he included some screenshots in the tweet dated April 2022. You can check the tweet below. 

Danny also unveiled many screenshots showing the UI design and the Agent pick screen, which includes Phenix, Breach, Jett, Skye, Killjoy, Phoenix, Reyna, and Sova. Nobody knows whether more agents will be included in the final game.

In September 2022, a new leak in a form of a screenshot revealed the initial Google Play Store Listing with new details signifying that selected gamers have access to the game which is all under a Nondisclosure agreement so nothing concerning the game was leaked.

One thing for sure is that when the official release date is announced by Riot we will update you guys.

How about the gameplay?

There is no official gameplay trailer by Riot. But there are leaks that show the game interface and short gameplay. Check the video below.

Based on the leaked gameplay all I can say is that this game is mobile-friendly. And there is going to be huge update and changes before the final release so expect what is more than what you saw from the leaked video. 

In order to keep the game mobile friendly and run smoothly on the mobile phone of course there are differences in the gameplay (based on the above video) from the original PC version VALORANT.

Will PC and mobile players cross-play?

Riot Games revealed that VALORANT would not support crossplay. And this reason is obvious because it is unfair for a mobile gamer to be competing against a PC gamer. Off course, PC gamers would have more graphics, smoothness, and control flexibility than mobile gamers. So in order to maintain a strong esports ecosystem and player experience that issue is ruled out.

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