AppSocial NGL: Ask Me Anything

NGL Mod APK v2.3.69 (Premium Unlocked) latest version 2024

NGL Mod APK v2.3.69 (Premium Unlocked) latest version 2024
App Name NGL: ask me anything
Latest Version 2.3.69
Last Updated
Publisher NGL App
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Social Social
Size 172.02 Mb
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (968) Votes


Have you ever wanted to ask or answer questions anonymously? NGL—”Not Gonna Lie.”—works that way. With NGL Mod APK you can do that! The app allows you to receive anonymous messages and compliments for honest feedback.

The simple but powerful idea of anonymous questioning and answering inspired NGL. A team of IT enthusiasts founded NGL, which immediately became popular among teens and young adults who enjoyed its freedom and safety.

How NGL Mod Apk Works

NGL Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) latest version 2024

Key Features of NGL Mod Apk

Not only is NGL anonymous, but it also has features that improve interaction between users. Anonymous feedback is enjoyable and engaging with NGL’s customizable profiles and seamless question-and-answer designs. Users can ask and answer questions, comment publicly or privately, and follow interesting conversations.

Setting Up Your Profile

NGL is easy to use. You create an anonymous profile after downloading the app. Enter some basic information and a profile picture (If you like) to get started. Your identity stays hidden, ensuring you can participate freely.


Start asking and answering questions after creating your profile. Anyone can send and receive anonymous questions. The best part? Answer questions on your profile publicly or privately. Because of this, NGL is very useful in many situations.

Engaging with the Community

NGL is more than just a Q&A site; it’s a community. Users can like and comment on replies and share relevant threads. All anonymously.

Compliments on NGL

Anonymous compliments are powerful. They give feedback that is honest and unfiltered, which can inspire and encourage. Being appreciated, even anonymously, can build confidence.

It’s simple to send compliments on NGL. You can message someone by visiting their profile. Users can openly or privately share compliments. This flexibility keeps users in control.

Viewing Responses

Viewing anonymous responses is an essential component of NGL. All responses can be viewed privately. This lets you get honest opinions and reviews without the sender revealing their identity. It’s like having a window into others’ genuine opinions.

Sharing Responses

You can choose to share responses on your social media. NGL users can share meaningful messages and opinions on social media or in the app. This feature helps make a lively and interesting community where people can talk about their experiences and find common ground through the thoughts they share.

Why Use NGL Mod APK?

NGL Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) latest version 2024

While anonymous messages aren’t new, NGL Mod Apk has elevated it especially among Instagram and Whatsapp users. Users enjoy the app because it is straightforward and free. Also when a user is Anonymous, he/she can share their sincere feelings and opinions.

Safe Space for Honest Opinions

NGL is one of the safest places a user can send you his honest opinion regarding a subject matter. This is because all messages are Anonymous and the fact that anonymity eases concerns about being scrutinized when sharing a secret or bad opinions.

Promotion of Authenticity

Ironically, anonymity boosts authenticity. When people aren’t worried about how others see them, they’re more authentic. This may encourage more authentic interactions.

Safety and Privacy on NGL

Ensuring Anonymity

Privacy is important to NGL Mod Apk. The app conceals users’ identities to ensure anonymous conversations. To create a safe and trusting atmosphere where individuals can freely express themselves, anonymity is essential.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

While NGL promotes positive interactions, negative feedback can occur. The app lets users report and block aggressive people, maintaining a respectful community. These tools are crucial for a good user experience.

Simple User interface

Clean Design

NGL’s sleek design is immediately noticeable. The basic app makes it easy to find what you want. This makes it easier for users to focus on what they need to do, which is sending and receiving anonymous messages.

Customization Option

Although simple, NGL offers several customization options. You can add a photo and basic information to your anonymous profile. What makes the app stand out is its mix of customization and anonymity.


NGL, which stands for “Not Gonna Lie,” is an app that lets users exchange messages and compliments anonymously. Without revealing their identities, NGL lets users speak their minds unfiltered. This app has become popular, especially among Instagram users who like to get honest reviews about a subject matter or about their products.

NGL has modernized anonymous messaging. Users have long been drawn to anonymous feedback. NGL excels at good interactions and compliments, building a friendly community.

Send and receive anonymous messages after creating your profile. Friends and strangers can complement or message you anonymously. Publicly responding to these messages on your profile keeps the interaction exciting.

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