MMlive Mod Apk v2.3.8 (Unlimited Money, Unlock Rooms) 2024

MMlive Mod Apk v2.3.8 (Unlimited Money, Unlock Rooms) 2024
App Name MMlive
Latest Version 2.3.8
Last Updated
Publisher Michael Makii
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 27 MB

Unlimited Money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

3.7 Rating (227) Votes


Livestreaming has transformed social media and how we connect and share. MMlive Mod Apk is a leading live streaming app in Vietnam that lets people broadcast live video to global audiences. Content creators and users love live streaming for its immediacy and communication, which builds community and real-time engagement.

MMlive promotes community creation and real-time audience engagement, just like other streaming platforms. MMlive makes it easy to make your live event, Q&A, or daily life broadcast interactive.

MMlive Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Unlock Rooms) 2024


Popular MMlive categories include gaming. Gamestreamers can stream live games, discuss tips, tricks, and interact with other gamers.


MMlive lets musicians perform live, share their process, and interact with fans. This gives artists and audiences a personal, engaging experience.


Lifestyle streams cover fashion, beauty, fitness, and travel. These streams offer useful advice, making them popular among a varied audience.


Educational content is important to MMlive. Tutorials, courses, and knowledge sharing from streamers can help viewers learn.

Social Causes

MMlive Mod Apk lets users promote social issues. Streamers can support charity, discuss critical problems, and inspire positive change.

Monetization On MMlive Mod Apk

MMlive Mod Apk live streaming gives content creators many income options. Live streaming allows for direct interaction and immediate feedback from viewers, making it a lucrative option for many.

Monetization features such as virtual gifts increase viewer engagement. Sending gifts makes viewers feel more connected to the streamer, which improves the viewing experience and encourages interaction.

Virtual gifting is MMlive’s main revenue source. It lets viewers buy and send streamers virtual gifts that can be converted into money.

Users use in-app currency to buy virtual gifts for their favorite streamers and send them to them during live shows. Streamers receive real money from these gifts. MMlive offers simple emojis to complex animations as virtual gifts. Each gift has a different value, so viewers can choose based on budget and preferences.

Another way of monetization is brand promotions. Brands can pay streamers to reach their audience. Product placements, sponsored content, and other brand collaborations are examples. Brand collaboration lets streamers reach new audiences and improve content quality while earning money.

Chat with Hot Girls

Like 69 Live, MMlive Live Streaming is also Engaging and offers the chance to interact with attractive girls from around the world. MMlive emphasizes live, interactive activities that connect people together more quickly than traditional social networking.

Chatting with gorgeous girls on MMlive is appealing. Real-time interactivity and personal engagement make these chats exciting and fun. This feature keeps fans coming back since they can connect with their favorite broadcasters and have interesting, interactive experiences. MMlive has much higher interaction with hot girls than other social media networks.

High-Quality Streaming On MMlive Mod Apk

MMlive Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Unlock Rooms) 2024

MMlive allows HD streaming and broadcasting. Your viewers will see your content clearly with this feature.

Real-time engagement requires low latency. With MMlive’s low latency streaming, there is almost no delay between your broadcast and the screens of your viewers.

MMLive Rooms

MMlive Rooms are online places where users can hold live events. You can ask your audience to join you in real time in these online spaces. Streamers can personalize each space to match their brand.

Building community needs rooms. They give people a place to talk to each other, which makes it easier to get and keep loyal fans. Hosting regular sessions in your room gives viewers a consistent and interesting experience.

MMlive’s Interactive Features

Chat Functions

MMlive’s extensive chat lets users communicate with streamers and other viewers during live broadcasts. Send messages, emojis, and join live polls.

Real-time Reactions

Real-time reactions make engaging with content fun. People who watch live streams can respond with different emojis, which makes the atmosphere lively.

Safety and Privacy on MMlive

To ensure user safety, MMlive offers streaming management tools and options. You can block or report undesirable users and restrict content access with privacy settings. Adjust your privacy settings to your liking. You can stream openly or to followers or groups.


One of the standout features of MMlive Mod Apk is its interactive streaming capabilities. Real-time comments, reactions, and interactions with the streamer make the experience lively and interesting.

Virtual gifting is another MMlive favorite. Fans can support their favorite streams by sending virtual gifts. Content creators can typically make money from these gifts.

MMlive excels in promoting a sense of community. Use follower groups, chat rooms, and participatory events to generate a dedicated following and a vibrant content community.

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