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Livmet Mod Apk v3.1.2.4433 (Unlimited Coins) Latest Version

Livmet Mod Apk v3.1.2.4433 (Unlimited Coins) Latest Version
App Name Livmet: VideoCall, Live Talk
Latest Version
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Publisher Livmet
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 60 MB

Unlimited Coins

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Livmet Mod Apk is a unique video chat app designed to connect users from around the world.

Livmet prioritizes authentic connections and it does that by checking users’ identities in a number of ways to make sure they are real people.

Livmet has millions of users from different backgrounds and cultures. It provides a global platform for genuine interactions to learn about new cultures, and languages, or to make international friends.

Livmet lets users create complete profiles with interests, hobbies, and more. This helps you find people who share your interests and makes the interaction of greater value. You can customize your profile to reflect your personality, making it easier to connect with others who share similar interests.

Video chat with real people

Livmet Mod Apk Unlimited Coins) Latest Version

Livmet offers lag-free, high-quality video chat so you can focus on the conversation.

Livmet’s real-time engagement is notable. The app’s reduced latency makes conversations feel natural, like in person. This makes it ideal for casual and formal interactions.

Livmet values user privacy and security. The app secures your data and interactions with strong encryption. Users can limit who can contact and view their accounts using privacy settings.

Beauty Effects and Filters

With Livmet’s beauty effects, you can improve your video call appearance. Smooth your skin, adjust lighting, and apply subtle makeup effects with these options to make you look better.

Livmet filters may make your video calls enjoyable and creative! From playful animal faces to vibrant color overlays, these filters make your conversations more entertaining and visually appealing.

Beauty effects and filters improve confidence, especially during important video calls. By making yourself look better, you can be more comfortable and pay attention to the discussion instead of how you look.

Global Appeal of Livmet

Cultures Connect

The ability of Livmet to link people from diverse cultures is exciting. Meet people from other backgrounds, discover their customs, and expand your perspectives. Like traveling the world from home!

Learning New Languages

Livmet Mod Apk is great for language practice. A fun and interactive way to improve your language skills is to communicate with native speakers. This strategy is more entertaining than standard language learning.

Sharing Experiences

You may share your stories with others across the world on Livmet. These conversations can be enriching, whether about your favorite hobbies, vacation, or day.

Smart Recommendations On Livmet Mod Apk

Livmet’s unique ‘Recommended’ tab suggests friends and contacts based on your interests, activities, and preferences. This clever tool helps you find and connect with like-minded people, making socializing easier.

The ‘Recommended’ tab evaluates your profile, chat history, and activity patterns with a sophisticated algorithm. It then recommends users with similar interests. This simplifies meeting new individuals. You get personalized suggestions instead of browsing several profiles. This saves your time and increases the chances of forming meaningful relationships, as you’re more likely to connect with people who share your passions.

Livmet Mod Apk Offers HD Video Quality

Livmet Mod Apk Unlimited Coins) Latest Version

HD videos are crisp and detailed, which enhances communication. It helps you see facial emotions, gestures, and other non-verbal signs, making conversations more enjoyable.

Livmet ensures HD video quality using cutting-edge technology. High-efficiency video coding (HEVC) and other innovative techniques are used by the app to give clear video, even in challenging conditions.

Livmet maintains HD video quality with adaptive streaming. The app monitors your internet connection and adjusts video quality in real time to avoid buffering and provide a seamless experience.

Livmet’s Safety and Security Measures

End-to-End Encryption

All video calls and texts on Livmet are encrypted end-to-end. Only you and the other person can read or see the content, thus keeping your chats private.

Regular security checks

Livmet regularly audits security to find and fix problems. These assessments keep the app secure and ahead of threats.

User Controls and Settings

You can control and handle your privacy and safety with Livmet’s many user controls and settings. You can restrict who can contact you, access your profile, and other options to improve safety.


Livmet is an innovative live chat app that brings people from all over the world together. It offers smooth communication with its high-quality video calls, real-time interaction, and user-friendly interface.

Video calls are crisp and uninterrupted with Livmet. The app optimises video quality for lag-free streaming based on your internet connection. This lets you have uninterrupted, natural conversations.

Livmet’s reduced latency makes discussions spontaneous and authentic. This feature is crucial for maintaining a natural flow in your chats, making them more engaging and enjoyable.

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