GameSimulation Idle Town Master - Pixel Game

Idle Town Master Mod APK v2.1.3 (Unlimited Everything)

Idle Town Master Mod APK v2.1.3 (Unlimited Everything)
App Name Idle Town Master - Pixel Game
Latest Version 2.1.3
Last Updated
Publisher Codigames
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 186.94 Mb
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Everything Unlimited
  • Unlimited Gems
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.0 Rating (783) Votes


Idle Town Master Mod Apk is a simulation game where you play the mayor of a growing village. The combines strategy, simulation, and idle gaming. By building, managing resources, and engaging with virtual residents, players grow a modest village into a big town.

Idle Town Master is about resource management and time-based progression. To construct buildings, hire workers, and improve infrastructure, players have to carefully allocate resources like gold, wood, and stone.

Idle Town Master is mainly about building and management. Players have the freedom to build their towns according to their preferences, choosing to build variety of structures such as houses, shops, farms, etc.

Build Your Village in Idle Town Master Mod APK

Idle Town Master Mod APK (Unlimited Everything)

Idle Town Master involves building structures such as houses and farms to marketplaces and pubs. Each building has a specific purpose, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the town. As you progress, you’ll be able to add new buildings and upgrades to your village, making it bigger and better.

Your village’s success depends on resource management. You’ll have to carefully balance how much of resources you use and how much you produce, like food, stone, and wood, so that your villagers are fed and your buildings are adequately supplied. Keep an eye on your resource levels and invest in upgrades to increase efficiency.

As your village grows, so will the demands of its villagers. You can expand your town bigger by adding new buildings, improving old ones, and exploring new areas. Every expansion presents new opportunities and challenges.

As you progress, you’ll acquire additional features and upgrades for your village. You can always discover something new in Idle Town Master, from special events and quests to unique buildings and decorations.

Village Improvement

In Idle Town Master, town improvement is about efficiency, productivity, and community vitality. Whether it’s resource management, infrastructure renovations, or strategic growth, every action affects your village’s prosperity.

Effective resource management maintains village success. Efficiently managing your resources—wood, stone, food, and gold—keeps your residents fed, your buildings in good condition, and your village growing.

Infrastructure and building upgrades improve village productivity. You can improve your village’s infrastructure in many ways, such as improving roads, creating new buildings to attract more residents, or adding decorative elements.

Gather Resources & gems

Idle Town Master Mod APK (Unlimited Everything)

Like in Settlement Survival, Resources form the basis of any successful village in Idle Town Master. Wood, stone, food, and gold are needed to create, upgrade, and feed your village. Your village would suffer without continuous resources.

There are many resources in Idle Town Master, and each one helps the town grow in its way. Wood and stone are utilized for construction, food sustains your inhabitants, money is the currency, and gems improve your community.

Village prosperity requires efficient resource gathering. Plan resource gathering to maximize production and avoid waste. It would be best if you bought upgrades and expansions to get more resources and work more efficiently. You should also check in often to get resources from your buildings.

Gems are exclusive to Idle Town Master and can enhance your village. Mining, questing, and special events can yield these stones. Gems unlock village enhancements, boosters, and bonuses. Remember that with Idle Town Master Mod APK you have access to Unlimited Gems so you don’t have to worry about these gems that are difficult to gather.

Gems are essential for community improvement, bringing several benefits. Gems can boost output and unlock exclusive structures and features, enhancing your village’s productivity.

Idle Town Master: Prepare Your Villagers

Battles with other small towns are common in Idle Town Master, where villages compete for resources, land, and power. Confrontation can range from quiet commercial agreements to mass battles and sieges.

Confrontation success requires preparation. You can prepare your villagers with the skills, resources, and strategies to fight other small towns.

Your Villagers’ Battle Training:

Your villagers need combat training to fight other nearby villages. Training your villagers in fighting, weapon proficiency, and tactical movements will improve their war performance.

Building Defensive Structures and Fortifications:

Fortifying and defending is another important preparedness step. Build walls, towers, and defensive barriers to defend your village.

Exploring New Technologies and Upgrades:

Explore new innovative technology and enhancements that improve your village. Maintain a competitive edge by researching new weaponry, armor, and defenses.

Diplomacy and Alliances:

Allies and diplomacy can change the outcome of battle. Develop alliances with neighboring villages, commercial deals, and diplomatic contacts to strengthen your position and win supporters in times of need.

Pixel Graphics in Idle Town Master

Idle Town Master MOD APK uses pixel art to create a charming, character-filled game world. Pixel graphics bring alive every aspect of the game, from cute villagers to elegant building designs.

Pixel art in Idle Town Master is exceptional for its detail. Each pixel has been carefully created to convey subtle details, improving players’ visual experience despite its plain appearance.

Pixel art makes Idle Town Master stunning. Players will love the game’s visuals, from the vibrant environments to the adorable characters.

Pixel art brings back memories of childhood video games for many players. Pixel visuals in Idle Town Master provide nostalgia and comfort, connecting with gamers on a deep level.


Idle Town Master MOD APK is a game town development and overcoming its challenges. Every successful town relies on its infrastructure. Players must carefully construct and improve a wide range of buildings, from cozy homes to busy businesses and lively recreation hubs, to promote prosperity and growth.

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