GameSimulation Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK v1.9.98 (Unlimited Money/carrots) 2024

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK v1.9.98 (Unlimited Money/carrots) 2024
App Name Tsuki's Odyssey
Latest Version 1.9.98
Last Updated
Publisher HyperBeard
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 577.87 Mb

Unlimited carrots

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (338) Votes


The game Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK takes place in a magical world. The game is both charming and relaxing. Tsuki’s Odyssey may be the perfect game to relax and explore a gorgeous world.

Social interactions are crucial for progressing in Tsuki’s Odyssey. Building strong relationships with villagers unlocks new quests, special items, and unique storylines.

Tsuki’s Odyssey Storyline

In Tsuki’s Odyssey, the protagonist (A rabbit) goes on a quest for self-discovery. After getting a farm from a family member, Tsuki decides to start a new life in the countryside. Along the way, Tsuki meets many eccentric villagers with unique stories.

The World of Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK (Unlimited Money/carrots) 2024

Setting and Atmosphere

Tsuki’s Odyssey Mod Apk takes you to a peaceful village where the sweet rabbit starts a new life. Beautiful foliage, flowing waterways, and rustic charm make every area of the village inviting.

Visual/Audio Design

The game’s hand-drawn visuals are charming. From the characters to the scenery, everything is carefully crafted to create a warm, storybook-like atmosphere. A soothing soundtrack complements the visuals, making the game extremely immersive.

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Controls

It’s simple to use Tsuki’s Odyssey controls. User-friendly controls let you focus on the experience rather than the mechanics when navigating the village or interacting with objects.

Daily Activities

Daily activities form the core of Tsuki’s Odyssey. There is always something to do, from farming to mingling with villagers. These games are relaxed so you may play at your own leisure.

Exploring Tsuki’s Village

Key Locations

There are lots of cool places to visit in the village. Each site offers distinct experiences and opportunities, from the charming noodle store to the noisy marketplace. Exploring these locations develops the story and introduces new activities and items.

Tsuki’s Home

This is where you start: Tsuki’s house. Here, you can customize your space, store items, and plan your next adventure. The pleasant, welcoming place evolves as you progress in the game.

The Noodle Shop

The noodle shop is a popular place to meet villagers, eat well, and sometimes get quests. A terrific location to learn and make friends.

The Market Square

Market Square is the village’s commercial center. Trade resources, buy and sell products, and connect with merchants here. Seasonal events and unique activities are common there.

The Forest and River Areas

Forest and river exploration yield many resources and secrets. Fishing, foraging, or just enjoying the environment, these natural places provide many discoveries.

Interacting with NPCs

The villagers in Tsuki’s Odyssey are a quirky bunch, each with their own personalities and stories. You’ll enjoy discovering their secrets, receiving tasks, and becoming friends with them. These interactions make the village feel dynamic and alive in the game.

Establishing connections requires consistency. Regularly chat with villagers. These interactions, no matter how small, contribute to deepening your bond with them. As you interact overtime, the Villagers will reveal more about their lives.

Tsuki’s Home and Farm

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK (Unlimited Money/carrots) 2024

Customizing Tsuki’s Home

Tsuki’s Odyssey’s house customization is fun. You can show off your style in Tsuki’s room by changing the furniture and decorations. This makes your home more appealing and inspires creativity and ownership.

Farming and Harvesting

Farming is crucial to the game. Plant and harvest crops to use or sell for money. Farming is simple and gratifying, keeping your playing routine steady.

Fishing is a relaxing activity in Tsuki’s Odyssey Mod Apk. Take your fishing rod to the river to catch a variety of fish.

Foraging provides resources too. You can discover mushrooms, berries, and other valuable stuff throughout the village. These goods can be crafted and utilized for quests.

Earning and Spending Carrots

Ways to Earn Carrots

The main currency in Tsuki’s Odyssey is carrots. You can earn them by completing tasks, selling crops, fishing, and foraging. To keep you motivated, the game gives you lots of different ways to collect carrots. Remember that with Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK you have access to Unlimited Carrots as such you don’t have to worry about gathering them or spending your real money.

What to Spend Carrots On

You can buy house decor and village items with your carrots. Choosing which carrots to invest in adds strategy to the game.

Special Events and Seasons

Seasonal Changes

The gameplay of Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK changes with the seasons. Each season adds new activities, objects, and events, keeping the game fresh and entertaining.

A Special Game Event

The game also has special events with exclusive rewards and experiences. Break the norm and enjoy something fresh and exciting by attending these events.

Building Relationships in Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK

Befriending Villagers

A big part of Tsuki’s Odyssey is getting to know the villagers and making friends with them. Give them gifts and connect with them regularly to develop your bonds and unlock extraordinary prizes.

Special Gifts and Interactions

Each villager has unique tastes and stories. Pay attention to their likes and dislikes to give meaningful gifts that strengthen your relationship. A lot of the time, these unique interactions show us more about the people and the world they live in.

Types of Social Quests

Villager tasks are often about getting along with other villagers. These can be anything from setting up a neighborhood event to helping a villager find something they’ve lost. Complete these tasks to develop your relationships and earn important items.

Rewards for Helping Villagers

If you help the villagers, you might get rare items, new ways to customize your character, or even the key to a secret area in the village. Plus, the sense of community you build is a reward in itself.

Quests and Achievements

Tsuki Odyssey Mod APK (Unlimited Money/carrots) 2024

Quest Types

In Tsuki’s Odyssey Mod Apk, quests can be as simple as delivering items or as complicated as moving the story forward. Quests give you carrots and items and reveal new game features.

Achievements and Rewards

As you play, you’ll unlock different rewards that push you to discover and use various aspects of the game. Milestones are rewarding and motivate players to keep playing.


Tsuki’s Odyssey Mod Apk is a beautifully designed adventure game that takes you through the life of Tsuki, a rabbit living in a charming village. Players can explore, interact with other characters, and complete tasks in the simple but fascinating gameplay. The game’s slow pace and peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal escape from daily life.

The art style of Tsuki’s Odyssey is unique. Hand-drawn graphics give the game a pleasant, storybook atmosphere. Its graphic style distinguishes it from other mobile games and enhances its attractiveness.

Unlimited resources are another draw of Tsuki’s Odyssey Mod APK. You can play without worrying about running out of carrots, the game’s money. You can buy items, upgrade your farm, and more with these carrots.

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