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House Chores Apk v17.2 (MOD, Unlocked Everything) Latest version

House Chores Apk v17.2 (MOD, Unlocked Everything) Latest version
App Name House Chores
Latest Version 17.2
Last Updated
Publisher Siren's Domain
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category NSFW NSFW
Size 1 GB


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3.8 Rating (847) Votes


Gaming has expanded into many genres and experiences. Adult simulation games have become popular nowadays. Among these House Chores Apk stands out because it perfectly incorporates sexual acts within its gameplay.

House Chores is an adult simulation game designed to provide a realistic and interactive experience revolving around household tasks and intimate relationships. The game targets adults focusing on explicit themes and scenarios.

Adult relationships and household management are realistically simulated in the game. Everyday house chores activities and intimate relationships provide a unique blend of tasks and pleasures.

House Chores specializes in interactive stories. The story is affected by the choices players make, which can lead to different endings.

House Chores’ exquisitely crafted characters and behaviors enhance gameplay.

House Chores APK is a Visual Novel game

House Chores Apk (MOD, Unlocked Everything) Latest version

House Chores Mod Apk is a Visual Novel game about a young man’s summer vacation. Unlike traditional games, it emphasizes narrative and character development, letting players influence the story based on their choices. The game takes place in a beautiful town and is completing house chores, relationships, sexual encounters, and finding out more about yourself.

The narrative drives House Chores. The Twists and turns will keep you engaged as you guide the protagonist through various scenarios.

The game’s characters are all well-rounded, with unique characteristics and stories. As you progress, the protagonist and supporting characters grow, making your interactions with them important.

There are many choices in the game that change the story and outcomes. Because these choices can lead to different ends, the game should be played more than once to see all of them.

The Storyline

House Chores Apk (MOD, Unlocked Everything) Latest version

Plot Overview

The story of House Chores Apk is about a young man’s vacation during the summer. It starts out as a simple break from routine, but it quickly turns into an adventure full of chores and sexual encounters.

Key Story Arcs

Several story arcs cover different areas of the protagonist’s life. These arcs add complexity and variety to the story, from relationships to conflicts.

Character Interactions

Character interactions are the game’s appeal. Your choices affect these relationships and the story as a whole.

Main Protagonist

The main character is a young man who is likeable and going through the ups and downs of summer break. Players can easily connect with him because his journey is one of finding out more about himself and growing as a person.

Supporting Characters

The game’s secondary characters have distinct storylines and personalities. These characters enhance the story and offer important interactions.

Gameplay Mechanics

House Chores Apk (MOD, Unlocked Everything) Latest version

Making Choices

At its core, House Chores Apk is about making choices. Your choices influence the story and its ending.

Managing Conflict

Managing conflicts comes up a lot in the gameplay. Conflict resolution and building relationships are included in the game.

Exploring Environments

The protagonist’s residence and local landmarks are accessible in the game. Exploration improves immersion and reveals some aspects of the storyline.

Managing Relationships

Building and maintaining Relationships with other characters is essential. Choosing to interact might lead to friendship, romance, or conflict.

Experience Realistic Household Tasks in House Chores Apk

The realistic domestic chore simulation is a highlight of the game. Cleaning up, cooking, and organization are designed to replicate real-life chores.

You must do household activities in the game. Each work is challenging and yet satisfying.


From dusting and vacuuming to dishwashing, cleaning requires attention to details of dirt. Keep your virtual house clean.


Simple to complex recipes can be cooked. Gather ingredients, follow recipes, and manage your kitchen to cook wonderful meals.


Arranging objects and managing storage are some of the organizing tasks.

Enjoy Complex Relationship Dynamics

House Chores Mod Apk is more than just completing house chores, it offers Complex Relationship Dynamics. Its fascinating gameplay offers players a chance to build and manage complex relationships. The game includes realistic situations and emotional exchanges that give you a deep look into how relationships work.

A highlight of the game is its deep character interactions. Some of your interactions and choices will require empathy, understanding, and strategy.

Real-life relationship challenges and scenarios are simulated in the game. These scenarios teach life skills including resolution of conflicts and handling relationships.

House Chores’s Relationship Dynamics is aimed to trigger various emotions. The game’s story and characters captivate gamers.

The Role of Sexual Acts in House Chores Mod Apk

House Chores Apk (MOD, Unlocked Everything) Latest version

House Chores Apk smoothly incorporates sexual activities and scenes into the story. Player choices and character development drive these acts, making them significant occurrences.

Every player’s choice has consequences. This keeps the gameplay interesting and unpredictable, with sexual behaviors influencing relationship dynamics.

The game depicts sexual acts realistically and carefully. The gameplay is fascinating and thought-provoking due to this realism.

A significant feature of the sex encounter is the emphasis on consent and boundaries. The game’s consensual interactions teach players about respect and understanding in relationships.

There are different interactive scenarios that players can go through that are all meant to explore different parts of relationships and intimacy. Immersive and educative settings are designed.

Exploring the House Chores’s Mature Content

Different Sexual Acts

The game depicts sexual acts with great detail. The realistic and respectful acts ensure a good experience for players.

Character Interactions

The game revolves around character interactions. Interact with different individuals with varied personalities and interests to form relationships, have conversations, and explore intimate encounters.

Consequences and Rewards

Players’ decisions determine the game’s consequences and rewards. Respectful and mutually agreed upon choices lead to good results, while disregarding limits can lead to bad outcomes.


House Chores Mod Apk is a fascinating simulation game developed by Siren’s Domain. The gameplay starts as a household management simulator where players perform daily activities in a virtual home. However, its explicit content, including sexual acts, is integrated into the story and character relationships.

The main goal of House Chores is to organize and finish different chores around the house. The main character is a young man who is on summer break and trying to figure out what to do with his life. The chores range from cleaning and organizing to more sophisticated character interactions.

The point-and-click style of the game lets players explore different parts of the house, interact with items, and talk to characters. Unlike other household simulators, sexual activities add depth to the gameplay.

House Chores’ mature content includes several sexual encounters between the protagonist and other characters. The story uses these scenes to reward players for accomplishing chores or reaching game milestones.

The sexual content is presented as part of the narrative and character development. It aims to add depth to the relationships between characters, creating a more immersive and adult-oriented experience.

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