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Permit Deny Mod Apk v1.1.7 (Unlimited Money) Unlocked

Permit Deny Mod Apk v1.1.7 (Unlimited Money) Unlocked
App Name Permit Deny
Latest Version 1.1.7
Last Updated
Publisher Mew games
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category NSFW NSFW
Size 16 MB

Unlimited Money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

3.8 Rating (985) Votes


Imagine being the royal advisor of a Kingdom that is doing very well. Every choice you make could make things better or worse. Permit Deny Mod Apk offers you this kind of realistic experience by putting you in a key position where your strategic decisions determine the fate of the Kingdom.

Permit Deny is a compelling strategy game by Mew Games from 2023. The game puts players in the shoes of a royal advisor and immerses them in a rich story. You must balance diplomacy, military strategy, and economic management to lead the kingdom through challenges.

Permit Deny Mod Apk Story

Permit Deny Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Unlocked

A fascinating story keeps players engaged. In Permit Deny Mod Apk, the stories give players a reason to keep going through the challenges and discover the world of the game. The story and gaming are very closely connected, so every action you take affects the overall story.

Main Plot of Permit Deny

The main storyline of Permit Deny revolves around a kingdom in turmoil. You play as royal advisers who must restore order and prosperity amid political intrigue, military dangers, and economic issues. Drama, alliances, betrayals, and moral challenges fill the main plot.

Protagonists and Antagonists

Each character in Permit Deny has a unique motivations and backgrounds. The main characters, led by the royal advisor, work to make the kingdom a better place. On the other hand, enemies are major threats, and each has their own complicated objectives.

Character Arcs and Growth

Player decisions shape Permit Deny characters. The plot becomes more relatable and compelling with this dynamic development. Character arcs are satisfying to see.

The Role of the Royal Advisor

Agnar, a mysterious Kingdom surrounded by mountains and forests has Dynamic towns, stunning castles, and vast landscapes.

As a Royal advisor, your position is important to the Kingdom. You advise the monarch on key issues. You can control political alliances and economic policies with this position.

Your choices can directly or indirectly affect the kingdom’s future. Can you lead it to prosperity chaos? Game’s dynamic storyline makes every choice have long-lasting consequences.

Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Controls

Users can easily traverse complex menus and execute instructions in Permit Deny. The user-friendly interface simplifies strategic planning for decrees and resource management.

Primary Goals

Most important is kingdom stability and growth. Manage resources, form alliances, and prepare for battles. You help the realm prosper with each assignment or duty.

Game Modes in Permit Deny Mod Apk

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode weaves a story through interconnected missions. Plan and execute each task carefully because each is unique.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode presents scenarios with objectives. Successfully completing these strategic challenges rewards you.

Multiplayer Features

Player collaboration and competition are possible in Permit Deny’s multiplayer mode. To show your strategic skills, form alliances, trade resources, or fight.

Character Development

Permit Deny Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Unlocked

Developing Your Royal Advisor

Your royal advisor develops as you progress in the game. Complete missions and make smart choices to get experience. Gain new powers and strengthen your advisor with these points.

Interactions with Others

Interact with kings, diplomats, and military leaders. Characters’ motivations and personalities bring complexity to the plot and require delicate diplomacy.

Kingdom Management

Controlling Resources

Management of resources is important. Optimize resource allocation, balance the kingdom’s budget, and invest in infrastructure and military.

Strategizing Decisions

Making smart choices is what Permit Deny is all about. Determine the kingdom’s needs, anticipate problems, and make smart decisions for long-term prosperity.

Diplomacy and Alliances

Forming Alliances

Form alliances with neighboring kingdoms. Mutually beneficial alliances might result from diplomatic negotiations..

Building and Managing Armies

A strong military is essential for defense and expansion. Build fortifications, train soldiers, and develop new weapons to defend the kingdom.

Executing Battle Plans

Expertly plan and execute military campaigns. Strategize to defeat opponents on the battlefield.

Economy and Trade in Permit Deny Mod Apk

Economic Growth

Improve transportation, manufacturing, and innovation to boost economic growth. Kingdom success depends on a thriving economy.

Partners and Trade Routes

Open trade routes and form partnerships. To sustain the monarchy, export surplus items and purchase the essential items.

Cultural Development

Promoting Arts and Education

Increase the kingdom’s cultural diversity by investing in arts and education. Promote artists, libraries, and research.

Conflict Resolution

Handle issues diplomatically or militarily. To safeguard the kingdom’s interests, each scenario requires a unique approach.

Social Issues in Permit Deny

Identification of Social Issues Within the Game

Permit Deny deals with a number of social problems, including unfairness, corruption in politics, and differences between people. In the game, these problems affect character relationships and plot.

Impact of Social Issues on Gameplay and Narrative

In Permit Deny, social issues affect gameplay and story. Players’ moral choices affect the kingdom and its people.

Responsibilities of the Player in Addressing Social Issues

You influence kingdom policy and social standards as a royal advisor. You decide the kingdom’s social policy and citizens’ well-being.

Social Choices and Consequences

Every permit deny decision has repercussions. Social choices can impact character relationships, kingdom stability, and morality.


The graphics in Permit Deny are amazing and bring the kingdom to life. Immersion is enhanced by detailed environments and characters.


Permit Deny Mod Apk is a strategy simulation game by Mew games. Players become royal advisors and make crucial political, military, and economic decisions in this game. Strategic planners and decision-makers will like the game’s complexity and depth.

Permit Deny involves economics. Your resource allocation, trade, and financial policies can boost or hinder growth. If your economy is strong, you will have the money you need for security, growth, and diplomacy.

Sustained prosperity requires economic planning. The kingdom’s ability to thrive and adapt depends on its economic strategy, whether you’re developing infrastructure, supporting military wars, or negotiating trade deals.

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