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FaceTool AI Mod Apk v1.1.39 (Premium Unlocked) Latest version

FaceTool AI Mod Apk v1.1.39 (Premium Unlocked) Latest version
App Name FaceTool: Face Swap & Generate
Latest Version 1.1.39
Last Updated
Publisher SuTV
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 90 MB

Premium Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (86) Votes


Face-swapping technology, which lets users smoothly switch faces in images and videos for amusement and creativity, has grown in popularity. FaceTool AI Mod Apk, one of many face swap apps, enables face swapping and also generates creative photos that can used as social media profile pictures.

FaceTool AI app uses AI algorithms to swap faces and generate photos. With FaceTool AI, you can unleash your creativity in many ways, whether you want to make funny memes, turn pictures into works of art, or make realistic deepfake videos.

In addition to face swapping, FaceTool AI has many other tools for creating content that let users edit and enhance pictures and videos. From morphing features to background replacement options, the app provides ample opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

Create A Talking Face With FaceTool AI Mod Apk

FaceTool AI Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest version

Talking face technology generates lifelike human faces from speech and animation. This technology has been around for years where users create simple animations of lipsyncing to ones that can make complex facial expressions and gestures.

FaceTool AI Mod Apk is the leader in talking face technology, allowing users to animate static images with dynamic facial expressions and synchronous speech. FaceTool AI makes creating talking faces easy with its intuitive UI and powerful algorithms.

FaceTool AI uses advanced speech synthesis technology to make voice recordings that sound real. These recordings are then put together with facial animation algorithms to make it look like a face is talking. By analyzing facial features, FaceTool AI syncs the movement of the lips, eyes, and brows with the spoken words and matches them to the audio.

With many facial expressions and changeable voices and accents, users can customize their animations. This makes it suitable for social media content, educational tutorials, etc.

Face Swap

Face swapping involves digitally substituting faces in photos or videos, creating funny and strange results. Face swap technology has changed a lot over the years, thanks to progress in AI and computer vision algorithms.

FaceTool AI allows users to express their creativity by swapping faces in photographs with its simple interface and powerful capabilities.

FaceTool AI Mod Apk uses facial recognition and AI algorithms to swap faces in photos. Since it analyzes facial features and expressions, the app effortlessly blends swapped faces with the original image for realistic and appealing results.

No matter your editing experience, FaceTool AI makes it easy to create spectacular face swaps with a few touches.

FaceTool AI: Voice Changer

The Voice Changer feature lets users change their voices. This gives you the freedom to be creative, whether you want to sound like someone else or give your voice a unique twist.

FaceTool AI’s Voice Changer changes a user’s voice using powerful speech synthesis and modulation technology. By analyzing speech patterns and inflections, the app can copy nuances of different voices, letting users make voice replicas that sound real.

One of the best things about FaceTool AI Voice Changer is that it lets you generate voices and accents that you can customize. This allows imitating celebrities’ voices for cartoons or having fun with friends. Also, FaceTool AI’s Voice Changer provides versatility in content creation, making it suitable for various applications, from entertainment to voiceover work.

FaceTool AI: Photo Generator

FaceTool AI Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest version

The Photo Generator feature on FaceTool AI lets users generate personalized photos using AI-powered algorithms. FaceTool AI makes it easy for anyone to generate high-quality images that meet their needs with its intuitive interface and powerful image synthesis.

Photo Generator by FaceTool AI uses advanced image synthesis algorithms to generate new photos based on user input (Text commands). By analyzing input text and applying AI-based image generation techniques, the app can generate realistic photos that resemble the input text while also incorporating unique artistic elements.

FaceTool AI has editing tools for every need, from brightness and contrast to facial retouching and background removal.

FaceTool AI allows you to generate custom avatars, create social media artwork, or simply express your creativity. FaceTool AI’s Photo Generator may also create placeholder photos for designer and website projects.


FaceTool AI Mod Apk Premium is more flexible than other face swap apps because it lets users not only swap faces but also make entirely original content.

FaceTool AI’s realistic face swaps and content generation are notable. The app’s AI algorithms sync swapped faces with the original image for realistic compositions.

With FaceTool AI, users can be as creative as they want and try out new ways to make digital content. FaceTool AI allows you to express yourself artistically as an aspiring artist, social media influencer, or photo and video enthusiast.

FaceTool AI’s ease of use, extensive functionality, and realistic results have garnered good recognition. Users have posted their creative works on social media, demonstrating the app’s potential and inspiring others.

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