AppPhotography AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor

Fotor Mod Apk V7.6.8.0 (Unlimited Credits/Pro Unlocked)

Fotor Mod Apk V7.6.8.0 (Unlimited Credits/Pro Unlocked)
App Name AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor
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Publisher AI Art Photo Editor | Everimaging Ltd.
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 116 MB

Pro Unlocked

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Fotor Mod Apk is an innovative photo editor that automatically enhances photos. Its features and tools are designed for photographers. It’s the most effective app for photo enhancement.

From AI-powered editing tools to complex filters and effects, Fotor: AI Photo Editor has everything you need to create stunning photographs. Fotor: AI Photo Editor lets even beginners create gorgeous results with a few clicks.

Features of Fotor: AI Photo Editor

AI-powered editing tools:

Fotor: AI Photo Editor features outstanding AI-powered editing tools that automatically enhance your photos using the latest AI technology. Fotor’s AI algorithms optimize your photos’ brightness, contrast, and color balance.

More advanced filters and effects:

Fotor Mod Apk has several frames and effects to enhance your images. There are vintage filters and abstract effects. Change the sharpness and apply many filters at once to fully adjust how your images look and feel.

Templates & Collage Maker:

Fotor: AI Photo Editor allows you to create amazing collages in a few simple steps with sophisticated editing options. Choose from numerous themes, layouts, and backgrounds to create a collage that precisely captures your memories.

Looking at the User Interface:

Fotor: AI Photo Editor’s clear, easy-to-use design makes it easy to navigate and use the app’s features. On the main screen, filters, effects, and the collage maker are located.

Making Beautiful Collages Without Much Work:

Fotor: AI Photo Editor’s collage builder makes amazing collages easier than ever. Choose a template or style and drag & drop photos to place them. To personalize your collage, modify the style, and spacing, and add text or stickers.

Get Rid of Unwanted Objects With Fotor Mod Apk

Fotor Mod Apk (Unlimited Credits/Pro Unlocked)

With Fotor Mod Apk you can remove unwanted objects from images without impacting the quality. Fotor’s AI-powered technology can quickly and reliably locate and remove unwanted objects like a branch in the way, the background of the photographer, or an unpleasant location. With the real-time preview and simple interface, users can make expert-looking adjustments rapidly.

Removal of Unwanted Objects is simple to use. Open the app and select the photo to edit. Next, select “Remove Unwanted Objects” and indicate the areas you want to remove with the brush tool. Fotor’s AI technology automatically erases what you choose without leaving markings, creating a clean, polished image. Users can also adjust the background color and brush size to achieve their desired intention.

Fotor: Improve the quality of photos

Enhance Photo Quality by Fotor is a powerful tool that employs sophisticated algorithms and AI to improve your photos automatically. Fotor’s AI-powered enhancement tools make it easy to get professional-quality results in a few clicks, whether you want to improve colors, or remove noise.

Nowadays, your photos’ quality could impact how others see and react to them. Whether you’re uploading them on social media, showcasing your business’s products, or preserving memories, high-quality images always stand out.

Retouching Tools Powered by AI

Fotor Mod Apk (Unlimited Credits/Pro Unlocked)

Fotor’s AI-powered editing capabilities automatically increase photo quality, which is fantastic. Fotor’s clever algorithms smooth skin and lighten eyes in a few clicks making your photographs appear great.

Advanced editing options:

Fotor: AI Retouch features advanced editing AI capabilities to make your photographs appear great by tweaking the exposure, colors, or filters.

Professional results:

Fotor: AI Retouch’s AI-powered retouching tools and advanced editing options offer professional-quality results comparable to high-end desktop photo editing applications. Fotor makes sure your photos appear great whether you’re editing them for fun or professionally.

Fotor Mod Apk: Text-to-Image

Fotor Mod Apk (Unlimited Credits/Pro Unlocked)

Fotor is an intelligent tool that creates attractive images from text. It uses sophisticated AI. The cutting-edge technology lets users turn ordinary words into intriguing pictures, giving them lots of creative freedom.

The app employs advanced algorithms to analyze text and choose picture styles for stunning graphics.

Fotor Mod Apk does more than transform the text into images. You can also edit photographs in complex ways. To create personalized graphics, users can modify layouts, colors, fonts, and more.

Cartoon Yourself With Fotor

Fotor employs advanced AI techniques to quickly cartoonize photographs of faces. The app creates personalized cartoons by looking at your face and adding cartoon effects.

It provides automated cartooning and many modification options to improve cartoonized photos. Users can adjust cartoon sharpness, line thickness, and color saturation to achieve their desired look.

You can utilize cartoonized images to personalize social media and make unique gifts for loved ones.


Fotor: AI Photo Editor has various features for beginners and professionals. This app’s AI-powered editing capabilities can immediately correct and improve photos with amazing precision. Fotor’s AI-powered features make it versatile for all shooters. It can cut, resize, and remove spots, and wrinkles.

Fotor: AI Photo Editor has several benefits. Its AI-powered capabilities make editing faster and easier and generate results as excellent as pricey PC editing tools. Fotor lets you modify photos for fun, work, or social media to stand out.

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