AI Mirror Mod Apk v3.2.0 (Premium Unlocked)
AI Mirror Mod Apk v3.2.0 (Premium Unlocked)

AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor APK + MOD Unlocked v3.2.0

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Overview Information

Name AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor
Publisher Polyverse Inc
Category Photography
Version 3.2.0
Size 88.11 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Updated On
AI generate magic avatar&Video maker design. Seeu ai art photo meets ai artist

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AI Mirror Mod Apk is a Free photography app that has many creative AI filters. They can transform you into a Ghibli character or Naruto ninja. You’ll never run out of filters to try.

AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor has a three-day trial and weekly and annual subscriptions. Subscribers get ad-free, limitless image production. However, with AI Mirror Mod Apk Premium Unlocked you don’t have to spend a dime and you will enjoy all the premium features for free.

AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor is an innovative application that utilizes AI algorithms to enhance and transform your photos into stunning works of art. It leverages the power of deep learning and neural networks to analyze and manipulate your images, providing you with a wide range of artistic filters, effects, and editing features. In case you are looking for a similar AI app check out AirBrush Ai but if you want to use Ai for videos try out Zoomerang and thank me later.

What is an AI Mirror Mod APK?

An AI Mirror Mod APK is an application package file that contains a modified version of a mirror app, enriched with AI capabilities. This modified version utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to enhance your selfies, offering a range of features such as beauty filters, virtual makeup, and hairstyling, try-on options for accessories and clothing, and even background removal and replacement.

AI-generated photos let non-artists create professional-looking artwork by simply inputting a prompt. AI can also make you an anime or cartoon character. AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor enhances selfies and pushes this technology to the max for the best possible result. Filters include “Anime,” “Digital Art,” and more.

Category-specific filters. “Anime” has “Ninja Storm” and “Maid Dressing,” while “Digital Art” offers “Legend Warrior” and “Cartoon 3D.” After choosing a filter, you can use a photo from your gallery, snap a new one, or use the sample photos. From there, you may select aspect ratios and change the Imagine Value bar.

The more expensive the bar, the more innovative the product. Image processing can take seconds to minutes due to the app’s queue. After processing, save the shot to your gallery or press “Redraw” if you’re unhappy.

AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor allows you to play with any filter for a cartoon or ninja selfie, with the Imagine Value bar determining originality. Choose an aspect ratio. The app’s intrusive advertisements and low-quality photographs may turn off some users. This is why it is important to download the modified app where we remove the ads and unlocked all the premium features.

Features of AI Mirror Mod APK

1. Enhanced Selfie Experience

AI Mirror Mod APK takes your selfie game to the next level by providing an array of features specifically designed to enhance your photos. Whether you want to smooth out skin imperfections, add a touch of glamour, or experiment with unique effects, this app has got you covered.

2. Beauty Filters and Effects

With AI Mirror Mod APK, you gain access to a vast collection of beauty filters and effects. From natural enhancements to artistic transformations, you can instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your selfies with just a few taps.

3. Real-time Makeup and Hairstyle Suggestions

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually applying makeup or struggling with complicated hairstyles. The AI-powered makeup and hairstyling suggestions in this app enable you to visualize different looks in real-time, helping you find the perfect style that complements your features.

4. Virtual Try-On for Accessories and Clothing

Ever wondered how a particular accessory or outfit would look on you? AI Mirror Mod APK allows you to virtually try on various accessories like sunglasses, earrings, hats, and even clothing items. This feature gives you the freedom to experiment with different styles and make confident choices before making a purchase.

5. AI-powered Background Removal

Tired of cluttered backgrounds spoiling your perfect selfie? With AI Mirror Mod APK, you can effortlessly remove and replace backgrounds using AI algorithms. This feature enables you to isolate yourself or create captivating scenes that take your photos to a whole new level.

Tips and tricks for using AI Mirror Mod APK effectively

To make the most out of AI Mirror Mod APK and elevate your selfie game, consider the following tips and tricks:

1. Adjusting Filters and Effects

Experiment with different filters and effects to find the ones that enhance your features and match your desired style. Don’t hesitate to fine-tune the settings to achieve the perfect balance between enhancing your selfie and maintaining a natural look.

2. Customizing Makeup and Hairstyles

Use the virtual makeup and hairstyling feature to customize your look. Try different makeup styles and experiment with various hairstyles to find what suits you best. Feel free to mix and match different options to create unique combinations.

3. Experimenting with Virtual Try-On

Take advantage of the virtual try-on feature to explore different accessories and clothing styles. Use it as a fashion guide to see how different pieces complement your overall appearance. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

4. Mastering Background Removal

If you want to add a touch of creativity to your selfies, learn how to effectively use the background removal and replacement feature. Experiment with different backgrounds, whether it’s a scenic landscape or a solid color, to enhance the mood and visual impact of your photos.

5. Adjusting the intensity of filters

Each filter and effect in AI Mirror comes with adjustable parameters. Take advantage of these controls to fine-tune the intensity of the effects and ensure they complement your photos perfectly.

6. Combining multiple editing features

AI Mirror allows you to combine multiple editing features to create unique and personalized effects. Try layering different filters, overlays, and textures to add depth and complexity to your photos.

7. Adding personal touches to your photos

While AI Mirror offers powerful AI-driven enhancements, don’t forget to add your personal touch to the editing process. Experiment with different compositions, cropping techniques, and creative elements to make your photos truly unique.

How does AI Mirror enhance your photos?

  • Transforming photos into artwork: AI Mirror can turn your photos into various artistic styles, including famous art movements like Impressionism, Cubism, or Pop Art. With just a few taps, you can give your photos a unique and artistic touch.
  • Applying artistic filters and effects: The app offers a vast collection of filters and effects that can dramatically change the look and feel of your photos. From vibrant color palettes to dreamy watercolor textures, AI Mirror allows you to experiment and find the perfect artistic treatment for your images.
  • Creating unique collages and compositions: AI Mirror enables you to create stunning collages and compositions by combining multiple photos and applying artistic effects to each element. You can effortlessly blend images, adjust their positioning, and add stylish frames to create visually captivating compositions.
  • Smart photo editing features: AI Mirror goes beyond simple filters and effects. It provides advanced editing features like automatic photo enhancement, intelligent cropping, and intelligent object removal. These features leverage AI algorithms to analyze your photos and make intelligent adjustments to improve their overall quality and composition.


Just like in Photoleap Mod Apk, AI Mirror Mod APK brings the power of artificial intelligence to your fingertips, enabling you to enhance your selfies in creative and captivating ways. With features like smart filters, virtual makeup, hairstyling, try-on options for accessories and clothing, and background removal, this app opens up a world of possibilities for expressing your unique style. However, it’s important to balance the benefits with considerations such as privacy, algorithm dependency, and device compatibility. Embrace the potential of AI Mirror Mod APK to elevate your selfie game and create stunning visuals that truly stand out.


Is AI Mirror Mod APK available for iOS devices?

Currently, AI Mirror Mod APK is primarily available for Android devices. However, there may be alternative versions or similar apps with similar features available for iOS users.

Are the beauty filters in AI Mirror Mod APK customizable?

While AI Mirror Mod APK provides a range of pre-set beauty filters, some apps may allow you to customize the intensity or specific aspects of the filters to suit your preferences.

Can I use AI Mirror Mod APK with existing photos in my gallery?

Yes, AI Mirror Mod APK typically allows you to import photos from your gallery and apply various enhancements, filters, and effects to them.

Does AI Mirror Mod APK require an internet connection to function?

The basic functionalities of AI Mirror Mod APK usually work offline. However, certain features, such as accessing cloud-based filters or AI models, may require an internet connection.

How can I ensure the privacy and security of my data when using AI Mirror Mod APK?

To protect your data and privacy, it’s recommended to download AI Mirror Mod APK from reputable sources. Additionally, review the app’s privacy policy to understand how your information is handled and consider using secure networks when sharing your data.

Are the edited photos saved in high resolution?

AI Mirror retains the resolution of your original photo and saves the edited version in the same resolution. You can enjoy your artwork in high quality and share it with others without any loss in detail.

Can I share my edited photos directly from AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor?

Yes, AI Mirror allows you to share your edited photos directly from the app to various social media platforms or messaging apps.

What's Mod: AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor


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We've added tons of new features to our app, including Hi-Res the generated image, a mysterious template, and support for multiple languages. Get ready for an even better experience!

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