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ZaZa Remote Mod Apk v5.1.9 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

ZaZa Remote Mod Apk v5.1.9 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)
App Name Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remot
Latest Version 5.1.9
Last Updated
Publisher Tiqiaa Co., Ltd
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 15 MB
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (502) Votes


You no longer have to use different remotes for your TV, sound system, and streaming devices. ZaZa Remote Mod Apk is a simple app that lets you control almost any smart home appliance with your Android phone, which is always in your hand. Imagine watching your favorite show and switching channels or adjusting the volume without digging the couch cushions for the remote.

ZaZa Remote Mod Apk controls numerous brands of electronics. It’s easier to use one universal remote to handle all of your electronic devices than juggling several remotes for each device. It’s not just about making things easier; this tool will change the way you use your home electronics.

Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remot is a good universal remote that is compatible with a wide range of devices and brands. It works with different brands of TVs, ACs, set-top boxes, projectors, DVD players, fans, SLR cameras, and lamps.

Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remot allows you to Customize your remote control layout and functions. This allows you to customize the remote to your requirements and tastes for a genuinely personalized experience.

Extensive Compatibility on ZaZa Remote Mod Apk

ZaZa Remote Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

ZaZa Remote Mod Apk will work with almost any device because it has a database with over 300,000 appliance remote controls. It doesn’t matter if you have the newest smart TV or an older one; the remote is likely going to be compatible with it and you can control it seamlessly.

Technology evolves quickly, and fresh devices are always coming out. A huge database lets your remote adapt to new devices without periodic updates.

The more devices your remote can control, the more convenient it becomes. The app simplifies your life, you won’t have to deal with compatibility problems or juggle multiple remotes.

As mentioned above, Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remot Mod Apk has a large database whohc means it can support as many devices as possible. A universal remote with a large database can control TVs, stereo systems, appliances, and smart home gadgets. This broad support is beneficial. Here are some popular ones:


Control all TV brands, from smart TVs to CRT models. Change channels, adjust volume, and use other TV control features easily.

Air Conditioning Control

Control your air conditioner’s temperature, modes, and timers. With ZaZa Remote Mod Apk you can even track energy use.

Operating a Set-Top Box

Navigate set-top box menus, record shows, and switch channels easily. The universal remote simplifies the TV viewing experience.

Controlling Projectors

Control your projector’s power, input source, and settings like brightness and contrast. This is useful for home theaters and presentations where there is no remote close by.

DVD and Media Players

Play, pause, and browse your DVD or media player’s menu easily with Universal TV Remote. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies without the need to have multiple remotes.

Lamp and fan control

Turn your fans and lamps on or off, adjust fan speed, or dim the lights to create the perfect ambiance. This feature is great for people who like smart homes.

Audio Systems

Control your home theater or audio system easily. Adjust volume, inputs, and equalizer from one remote.

Smart Home Devices

For a smooth smart home experience, integrate your lights, thermostats, and security systems into the universal remote.

Customization & Advanced Features

ZaZa Remote Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

Once you’ve set up your remote, you can use its advanced features and make it your own.

Macros and Automation

Create macros to perform multiple actions with a single button press. A macro can turn on your TV, switch to your preferred station, and adjust the volume with one click.

Voice Control Integration

Voice control is a spectacular feature that is available on this universal remote. This provides convenience, especially for smart home integration.

User-Friendly Interface

What makes Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remot UI user-friendly? Check out the key features below:

Intuitive Layout

An intuitive layout places the most commonly used buttons in easily accessible locations. Power, volume, and channel controls are the most visible options on the remote layout.

Clear Icons and Labels

The app has clear titles and icons, users can quickly figure out what each button does. This helps users who struggle with small print or unfamiliar symbols.

Minimalist Design

Clutter-free designs help you focus on the important controls. User experience is enhanced with fewer multifunctional buttons.

Why ZaZa Remote Mod Apk is a must-have app

What are the benefits of using a universal TV remote instead of a traditional one? There are several benefits.

Simple and Convenient

No more scrambling to find the right remote. A universal remote app lets you control your TV, air conditioning, and lamp without leaving your couch.

Cost Savings

Consider the cost of replacing lost or broken remotes. Universal remote app is free to download on your Android device.


A universal remote can control your high-end projector or a simple smart bulb. This adaptability gives you full control over your living environment without brand or device restrictions.


ZaZa Remote Mod Apk is a simple app that replaces all your remotes. It easily controls TVs, sound systems, and smart home devices. The app’s popularity is due to its user-friendly interface and ability to control many devices.

Its intuitive design makes the software easy to use. It’s simple to install and use even for non-techies. A clean and simple UI makes all functions easy to use.

Its wide compatibility with devices is a key highlight. This app works with Samsung, LG, Sony, and other unpopular brands.

Personalization is another big draw. The app lets you personalize the remote layout, establish macros for complex commands, and create custom buttons for specialized operations. This customization ensures the app suits your needs and preferences.

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