Turbo FAST Mod Apk V2.1.20 (Unlocked All)
Turbo FAST Mod Apk V2.1.20 (Unlocked All)

Turbo FAST APK + MOD Unlimited Money v2.1.20

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Overview Information

Name Turbo FAST
Package com.pikpok.turbo
Publisher Pikpok
Category Racing
Version 2.1.20
Size 97 MB
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Turbo FAST Mod Apk is an old snail-racing game that still some users find interesting. The game is so hilarious because in this game snails are the world's fastest invert...

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Turbo FAST Mod Apk is an old snail-racing game that still some users find interesting. The game is so hilarious because in this game snails are the world’s fastest invertebrates.

The game’s intuitive touchpad controls let you guide snails on nine different tracks. You’ll race other snails and the main goal is to reach the finish line first as fast as you.

You also have to manage impossible jumps to show off your snail acrobatic skills.

After wining each race you earn money and rewards that you can use improve and customize your snail.

Even though it is an old game Turbo FAST Mod Apk has great visuals and a well-implemented touch control system that I liked and I am sure it will still appeal to all gamers that played the game before.

Description of Turbo FAST Mod Apk

If you have watched the movie Turbo then you will understand that this game is based on cartoon movies. Turbo Fast Mod Apk is basically a kart racer that emphasizes track design and simple gameplay rather than crazy and action racing games like Asphalt 9 Mod APk.  Its own unique style will definitely amuse players of all ages despite the annoying gameplay flaws here and there.

Just like in Movie 9 (i.e if you have watched it) the game starts by introducing Tito. Tito basically helps with character creation and the necessary tutorial for newcomers and regularly checks in to update you on the gameplay. The first thing that you are gon to do is character design and begins the game. Each snail type has advantages and disadvantages, so players must choose what will best work for them. After the selection of the character, If a user doesn’t like their character after some time, they can customize them with a variety of upgrades.

After all the necessary character creation and selection, Tito races the snail and explains the gameplay. The good thing about this game is that it has many kart racing elements. As you race You’ll slide around different curves, get a start boost, and ride over speed-boosting arrows. Only a few control issues affect these features. Tilt, touch, thumb stick, and buttons can be used to control your snail. Tilt controls let you slide and turn easily. However, the slides mechanic’s sensitivity and unpredictability are the game’s biggest flaws that I didn’t like.

Different game modes

Thank Goodness this game offers various race modes ranging from time trials to endurance fuel races. However, most of the race modes are basically like time trials. Players are rewarded for sliding between flags in downhill races, but it’s still possible to win many games without concentrating on the game objectives. However  Sticking to the objective earns higher rewards, but it’s not always essential from what I experienced. But one thing for sure is that the tracks are designed in such a way that achieving the objectives is easy because the tracks are large and empty (No challenging obstacles)

As you play the races you are expected to gather tomatoes which serve as the game currency that you can use to upgrade your snail’s abilities. Besides, when you win races you will be rewarded with tomatoes. These tomatoes can also be used for championship entries. After winning three races, players can advance to the next stage of the game.  Stat boosts and bodily attachments improve each racer’s performance. Players who want to proceed to harder stages should upgrade their snail abilities and boosters.

Fun & addictive game

If you have played Asphalt 9 you will understand that…., anyway never mind… No matter what I am about to say this game has the reverse monetization strategy as Asphalt 9. The tomato is Turbo Racing’s main currency, and it’s everywhere: on the track just like in Subway Surfer. You also get it abundantly after winning races and from your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you share the game. You can buy them, but only if you’re a terrible player or impatient in gathering the abundant Tomatoes. After playing for just 3 hours, I unlocked the snail bumpers and exhaust systems. As you rise, so do prices increase abundantly. Ford Fiestas are cheaper than Mustangs.

But the truth must be told, you get tomatoes easily by directly paying for abundant ads. Ads are everywhere in the game in fact they dominate the game. Sometimes there are two ads between races, and many are so tiny it’s hard to hit the X in the corner. I don’t know if I like ads but  I’m sure they annoyed me less than seeing the best gear in the game and knowing I’ll never be able to buy it without playing too long or spending my own money. Thus it is a win-win strategy for the developers. They basically earn from ads.

Game design

The track design has great images and variety. Some resemble snail-sized racetracks. Others resemble the work of a mentally crazy snail racing officer, with cardboard roads and hand-drawn ads on the walls. Grind rails, which are shortcuts, can change every run very fast. Snails can spin and front flip off huge leaps on many tracks. However, the game would have been much better if the racing tracks have a variety of obstacles that will alone improve the gameplay and make it more thrilling and challenging. I just love a game that challenges me what bout you? You should! if you are truly a season mobile gamer!

Turbo FAST Mod Apk is a different type of racing game

The game offers Nine distinct tracks. Some tacks have sharp turns, hills, loop-de-loops, and bumps. They’re entertaining visually and physically. As mentioned earlier,  These tracks feature one-on-one races, slaloms, fuel tests, and time trials. Fuel challenges are fascinating because you need to pick up fuel around the track in order to keep going, but a taken can of fuel does not reappear on your next lap, so you need to plan carefully and pick up the one you see as much as you can. I think this is the race mode I enjoyed the most because it challenges the most.

Turbo FAST Mod Apk progresses like other racing games and offers tasks that award stars based on completion. When all tasks are completed you earn a three-star. Stars are required to advance to the next racing level. So win stars otherwise you have to repeat levels before progressing to the next level; After earning the three stars, another challenge emerges. If a challenge is vexing you, this gives you some choices. If you can’t three-star a challenge, you won’t advance to the next racing level. Play other game modes like Run a time trial on any track in that level, practice, and win enough tomatoes to upgrade your racer in order to win the stars and advance to the next level.

Just like in other racing games, Your snail starts out plain with zero abilities. Tomatoes will be awarded for winning races and picking them on race tracks. These tomatoes can boost your snail abilities, buy new shells, and more. Buying new snails takes a lot of tomatoes. I found out that you have to buy upgrades again as you move up in racing classes which is a very annoying feature.

Early on, tomatoes are very easy to gather, but as you advance the game from Class 2 on, they become more difficult, so you may have to play often and upgrade your snail in order to better your stats. If you don’t want to waste your time playing again and again then you have to stick to daily challenges which can net you a few more tomatoes, but not many. Given enough exercise and skill, the game gradually increases in difficulty, so even if you don’t want to buy the game upgrades with real money, you should be able to progress without getting stuck.


All I can say is that Turbo FAST Mod Apk has enough entertaining content to keep you hooked for some hours. However, the sliding mechanic is one of the greatest flaws after the lack of obstacles in the racing tracks. There’s enough content to keep things intriguing despite those flaws. The game looks great, most kart racing principles are intact, and upgrades can be bought easily as you play the game without spending your real money.

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