Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk V4.9.9 (Unlimited Gold, Gems)
Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk V4.9.9 (Unlimited Gold, Gems)

Super Tank Rumble APK + MOD Unlimited Money v4.9.9

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Overview Information

Name Super Tank Rumble
Publisher Smilegate Holdings, Inc
Category Action
Version 4.9.9
Size 85 MB
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Players from all over the world await your challenge! Build your own Super Tank and join the global battle today!

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Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk is a really fun action video game in which you construct your combat tank and then step into the arena just to battle with tanks that are controlled by other players.

In this game you buy or unlock different parts/components of a Tank In order to turn it into a devastating fighting machine, you will need to gear it with all of the components that you consider to be required and at the same time lethal to other players. Don’t worry, you have access to a huge garage that contains a huge collection of Tank gear and weapons. The garage basically allows you to customize your tank with any weapons that can be mounted on a tank and hi you can also do some paint jobs. Paint your Tank with crazy teeth stickers or naughty sticker faces just like what some military guys do for fun.

You must first know how to operate your tank if you really want to have any chance of surviving the battle against tough opponents so that you can destroy them and win the battle.  Fire a missile at your adversary in this battle. game  As soon as you start winning battles, you’ll begin to accumulate money, and you can put that money toward purchasing excellent upgrades for your tank, which will in turn increase the power of your tank and even earn you more money. it is a vicious circle. That is all the basics you need to know about the game but if you need full details continue reading below.

Description of Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk

It would appear that the Super Tank Rumble game is created with the intention of encouraging players to be hungry for more and keep coming back to play as they make their way through the game and achieve their mission of becoming the ultimate Super Tanker! Participating in head-to-head battles against other players in the full player-versus-player (PVP) mode of the game is required in order to achieve this accolade. When this is done, Super Tank Rumble allows its players to post their battle replays and blueprints online, challenging other people to do so if they have the guts.

The last time I checked, there are more than one hundred distinct weaponry and tank equipment just waiting to be purchased by players so that they can create a tank that is completely unique. To construct a powerful tank, you must first upgrade the various components, and if you meet your daily objectives, you will never have to go into a battle with an overly cautious mindset.

It was quite cool that there wasn’t even a single advertisement in this game when I played, which was something I really loved. Microtransactions of course, you can not escape from those if you really want to upgrade but in my opinion, you may not require such purchases unless you truly want to test your skills against the very best and most dangerous tank players. But dont worry even if you don’t make any purchases because the game is simple and the great majority of players’ experiences will not be altered in any way by the in-app purchases that they make.

Game modes

When you play Super Tank Rumble, it seems very much like you’re playing a game that combines Legos and tank games. Apparently, you are able to create your own tanks using the components at your disposal.

In Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk, you can choose between two incredible game modes. The most popular mode is the campaign mode, which has an incredible plot. In addition, each campaign is broken up into several stages, and in each stage, you will be tasked with completing assignments that can be simple or hard. To succeed in the campaign, you must complete each stage.

The other mode is called “random mode”, which you can play all by yourself or compete against other players. When you participate in real-time multiplayer games on the internet, you will truly have the opportunity to destroy the tanks of other players. In the event that you are not interested in competing against other players, there is also a mode where you can play the game on your own without having to compete with anybody else.

Super Tank Rumble gameplay

Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold, Gems)

The incredible video game that is Super Tank Rumble puts you in charge of a tank as it engages in ferocious combat with other players. The game gives you a ton of different ways to personalize your deadly Tank by applying crazy or funny stickers. 

As usual with every game of this genre, you will begin the game with s wacky tank, which as you play will eventually become eligible for upgrades in order to construct a monster tank. Ah. good news, if you totally lack ideas for the construction of an amazing you can have access to design plans developed by other players in the game, which you will be able to download and use to design your tank from the ground up. You also have the option of designing your own tank and uploading the blueprint for other gamers to download and use too.

As stated earlier, the garage/hanger is where you make all your tank upgrades and it offers you an almost infinite variety of personalization choices. You only need to make one tap in order to improve any component of your tank at all. Each component of your tank can be customized and upgraded thereby allowing you to construct a monstrous Tank that is ready for the kill!

I almost forgot, not all blueprints work. Only specific blueprints that are relevant to the specific upgrade you want to do on your tank can work other wise just forget it. How do you get these blueprints? There are 3 ways: by playing the game, fulfilling its tasks, and winning battles against its other players. When you finally get your hands on a blueprint, you’ll be able to apply the upgrade by using the gold coins you’ve collected throughout the game.

Do not forget to collect resources and make upgrades because this is the only way you can create a Super Tank.

Super Tank Rumble offers simple controls

The controls in Super Tank Rumble are simple and user-friendly. To maneuver your tank in the desired direction (forward/backward), all you need to do is hit the directional keys that are displayed on the screen. Tap the button that appears on the screen in order to make adjustments to the turret’s angle. In a similar fashion, you have access to a button labeled “attack” that enables you to fire at your adversary. The winner of the game is determined by which player eliminates their opponent first.

In this game, there is a vast range of different milestones, each of which can be unlocked in order to obtain a different set of incredible prices, such as money, free upgrades, and even tank blueprints. You need to reach a specific goal in order to complete each milestone.

Clean graphics

Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold, Gems)

The graphics in Super Tank Rumble are extremely top-notch and impressive. You’ll notice that the game is really vibrant, and it has some stunning visual effects. The overly realistic sound effects of the tanks opening fire and wrecking carnage help to give the impression that the game is actually taking place.


Step into the arena and engage in battle with other players with your Super Tank and share your combat clips and Blueprints to flaunt your talents on social media.

When everybody else wants what you have, you will know that you have reached the level of undisputed Super Tanker!

Fight other players using your super tank and find yourself at the top of the game’s rankings. Super Tank Rumble Mod Apk is without a doubt an entertaining game that gives you the freedom to play it anywhere and upgrade your tank whenever you want.

What's Mod: Super Tank Rumble

Unlimited Gold & Gems

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