Soul Knight Mod Apk V5.3.2 (All Unlocked/Free Shopping)
Soul Knight Mod Apk V5.3.2 (All Unlocked/Free Shopping)

Soul Knight APK + MOD All Unlocked/Free Shopping v5.3.2

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Overview Information

Name Soul Knight
Package com.ChillyRoom.DungeonShooter
Publisher Chillyroom
Category Action
Version 5.3.2
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features All Unlocked/Free Shopping
Updated On
Pixel roguelike RPG. Intriguing dungeon, crazy weapons, and endless adventure.

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Soul Knight Mod Apk is an action-packed dungeon crawler that takes players on an adventurous journey through various realms and dungeons. Players assume the role of brave heroes on a mission to retrieve the magical stone, the essence of which maintains the balance of the world. The game is characterized by its fast-paced combat, where players encounter hordes of enemies, cunning bosses, and challenging obstacles.

One of the game’s defining features is its diverse selection of characters and weapons. Each character class possesses unique abilities and skills, allowing players to adopt different playstyles. Whether you prefer the sturdy Knight, the agile Rogue, or the spellcasting Wizard, Soul Knight offers a hero to suit every adventurer.

Storyline and Gameplay

At the heart of Soul Knight lies a captivating storyline set in a world where the magical stone that maintains the balance of the universe is stolen by aliens. The players, known as Knights, embark on a quest to retrieve the stone and restore harmony. The game’s gameplay involves exploring procedurally generated dungeons, defeating waves of enemies, and collecting resources to strengthen the character.

The controls are simple and intuitive, with a virtual joystick for movement and buttons for attacking and using special abilities. The game’s developers have crafted an array of unique enemies and obstacles to keep players on their toes. From swarms of alien creatures to devious traps, each dungeon presents a fresh set of challenges that test the player’s skills and strategy.

Features of Soul Knight Mod APK

1. Unlimited Gems and Coins

One of the main attractions of the Soul Knight Mod APK is the unlimited supply of gems and coins. With these resources, players can freely unlock characters, purchase skins, and upgrade their equipment without the constraints of scarcity.

2. Unlocking All Characters and Skins

In the regular version of Soul Knight, players must complete specific tasks to unlock new characters and skins. However, the mod APK grants immediate access to all characters and skins, allowing players to experiment with different playstyles effortlessly.

3. Ad-Free Experience

Unlike the regular version, where players encounter occasional ads, the mod APK ensures an ad-free gaming experience. This enables players to immerse themselves fully in the game without interruptions.

4. Character Selection and Abilities

Soul Knight offers a diverse roster of characters, each with its own distinct playstyle and abilities. From the gun-wielding Rogue to the elemental magic-wielding Wizard, players can choose characters that best suit their preferred approach to combat. As players progress and collect energy crystals, they can unlock additional abilities for each character, enhancing their combat prowess and survivability.

5. Weapons and Equipment

The game boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, ranging from futuristic firearms to medieval melee weapons. Each weapon has its own unique attributes, and players can carry up to two weapons at a time, enabling them to switch tactics on the fly. In addition to weapons, players can find various equipment and power-ups, such as shields, healing items, and temporary buffs, which prove crucial in surviving tough encounters.

6. Levels and Boss Fights

Soul Knight offers a wide variety of levels, each with its own distinct theme and challenges. Players must navigate through forests, dungeons, futuristic laboratories, and more, battling hordes of enemies and powerful bosses at the end of each stage. Boss fights are intense and demand strategic thinking, as each boss has its own attack patterns and weak points.

7. Multiplayer Mode

One of the standout features of Soul Knight is its multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up with friends or other online players. The cooperative multiplayer mode encourages teamwork and coordination, making the gameplay even more thrilling as players strategize together to conquer difficult levels and defeat formidable bosses.

8. In-Game Currency and Shop

Soul Knight uses an in-game currency called “Gems,” which players can earn by completing levels or watching ads. Gems can be used to purchase characters, skins, and various items from the in-game shop. While the game is free to play, it does include optional in-app purchases that provide convenience and cosmetic enhancements.

9. Regular Updates and Events

ChillyRoom actively supports Soul Knight with frequent updates, introducing new characters, weapons, levels, and events. Special events often come with exclusive rewards, enticing players to engage with the game regularly. This commitment to providing fresh content ensures that players always have something new to look forward to.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Soul Knight Mod Apk

To thrive in Soul Knight, players should consider the following tips:

  1. Manage Resources Wisely: Efficiently use ammunition and consumables to maximize survival chances.
  2. Master Character Abilities: Familiarize yourself with each character’s abilities to optimize combat strategies.
  3. Explore Thoroughly: Look for hidden rooms and treasure chests to uncover valuable loot.
  4. Teamwork in Multiplayer: Coordinate with your teammates during multiplayer missions to achieve victory.
  5. Dodge and Roll: Utilize the dodge and roll mechanics to evade enemy attacks effectively.
  6. Upgrade Wisely: Focus on upgrading weapons and equipment that align with your preferred playstyle.
  7. Learn Enemy Patterns: Study enemy attack patterns and adapt your tactics accordingly to minimize damage taken.


Soul Knight’s thrilling adventure, diverse characters, and captivating gameplay make it a standout title in the mobile gaming landscape. With its continuous support and an active fanbase, the game remains an ever-evolving and immersive experience. Whether you’re a fan of action games or simply seeking an enjoyable mobile gaming experience, Soul Knight promises hours of excitement and strategic fun.


Can I use Soul Knight Mod APK without rooting my Android device?

Yes, you can use Soul Knight Mod APK on Android devices without rooting them.

Will using the modded version affect my in-game progress?

No, using the modded version will not affect your progress in the regular version of the game.

Are there regular updates for Soul Knight Mod APK?

Updates for the mod APK may not be as frequent as the official game updates, as they depend on the developers who modify the APK.

Can I play Soul Knight offline?

Yes, Soul Knight can be played offline, allowing players to enjoy the game without an internet connection.

Are there any plans for a sequel to Soul Knight?

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding a sequel to Soul Knight, but the game’s success makes it a possibility in the future.

Can I change my character’s class in the game?

No, once a character class is chosen, it cannot be changed. Players can, however, unlock and play with different characters of varying classes.

Is the game free to play, or are there in-app purchases?

Soul Knight is free to play, but it offers optional in-app purchases for convenience and cosmetic enhancements.

What's Latest New

[Tweaks] Skins will be automatically unlocked after getting enough fragments from Gashapon Machine. Difficulty-6 in Rosemary Island has more powerful monsters. Golem - Ancestor's rolling stones will be cleared when he enters a new phase. [Bugs fixed] Golem - Ancestor cannot be damaged in some cases. Abnormal skill performances of certain characters. Fire rate glitch of Cassandra's initial weapon. Abnormal game complete display of Difficulty-6 in Rosemary Island. Abnormal end-game gem reward.

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