Smash Cricket Mod Apk v1.0.21 (Unlimited money)
Smash Cricket Mod Apk v1.0.21 (Unlimited money)

Smash Cricket APK + MOD Unlimited money v1.0.21

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Overview Information

Name Smash Cricket
Publisher Moonfrog
Category Sports
Version 1.0.21
Size 19.9 MB
Requires Android 2.3.3
MOD Features Unlimited money
Updated On
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Smash Cricket Mod Apk is an old cricket game in which players can choose from up to 15 teams in the world to compete in different cricket competitions. These teams include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nepal, and more. There are over Over 40 real cricket batsmen and bowlers to unlock and play with in the dream team. 

Just like most cricket games, the gameplay in Smash Cricket is very easy to understand, and in fact, it offers a quick tutorial when you first play the game after the installation. In this game, You can easily control the power of your bowls by just pressing the button on the right and then can target your bowls with the virtual joystick located on the left. The game offers Realistic bat physics like no other.

After a successful bowl, your opponent can now be able to hit the ball depending on how you hit the bowl; if they do, however, everything is in the hands of your squad from that point on. They will have to make an effort to catch the ball, or at the very least, throw it as quickly and intensely as they can to the middle of the playing field. You really need to train and upgrade your team if you want to play better in this game because most of the opponents that you will play in an online match are very good.

Description of Smash Cricket Mod Apk

Moonfrog is the developer behind the creation of this simulation cricket game. This game does not cost anything to play, and it gives you the opportunity to compete in cricket matches as a member of a national squad. There are up to twelve different teams available for selection that you can use to take part in both local and international competitions, such as Premier League,  World Cup 2015, Premier League, Champions Cup, Challengers Cup, Super Series, and World Cup 2019!

It is important to note that you can play the game with your friends in an online game or simply choose to play offline with the game’s AI opponents. You can play the offline mode without creating an account, but doing so will only allow you to participate in quick matches. You will need to sign in and establish an account before you can save your cricket team combination and overall progress and also play with other players from all over the world. 

Unlike Epic Cricket, Smash Cricket Mod Apk features 6 game modes ranging from casual matches known as “friendlies” to the most exciting World Cup tournaments.

Smash Cricket is one of the oldest and best cricket games that you can discover for Android. It features fantastic 3D graphics as well as a large number of teams, players, and game modes. Even though the game hasn’t received updates for more than 6yrs it is worth trying especially if you have played it before when it was a success. But I highly doubt new gamers will recognize this old game.

Features of Smash Cricket Mod Apk

  1. Unlimited Coins and Gems: With Smash Cricket Mod Apk, you have access to unlimited coins and gems, which can be used to unlock premium items, upgrade players, and enhance your team’s performance.
  2. Unlocked Levels and Tournaments: Unlike the original version, the modded apk unlocks all levels and tournaments from the beginning. You can jump into thrilling matches and compete in prestigious tournaments right from the start.
  3. Enhanced Gameplay Experience: Smash Cricket Mod Apk offers an enhanced gameplay experience with improved graphics, realistic animations, and smooth controls. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of cricket and feel the excitement of every shot and delivery.
  4. Customizable Teams and Players: The modded version allows you to customize your teams and players according to your preferences. Create your dream team, choose their jerseys, and assign unique skills to each player to build a formidable squad.


Smash Cricket Mod Apk (Unlimited money)

After installing the game, you must first create an account that will save your progress and allow you to play with other online players. Also  If you want to compete in the international championships, you will need to do that. After that, you will begin the game by playing a short tutorial training that will give you insights on the basis of the game.

You select the game mode you want to play. If you choose to play the challenge model (which is the best mode), you start at level 0 and work your way up through the ranks by earning experience through gameplay and moving up through the levels. In a manner identical to the original IPL game, you will gradually gain access to additional game options as you continue to play and win matches. Just like in WCC Lite Mod Apk, as you play you earn money and unlock new cricketers that will help you win even more matches.

To determine which side goes into the batting order first at the beginning of each game, you will flip coins and this feature is top-notch because it adds something to the realism of the overall game.  Because of this, you must always prepare to immediately modify your strategy appropriately regardless of whether or not your squad bats first. In either case, the objective of every game is to win the game by finishing with a higher number of points than the person you are competing against. 

Tips and Tricks for Playing Smash Cricket Mod Apk

  1. Mastering the batting techniques: Practice different batting shots, time your shots perfectly, and aim for the gaps to score maximum runs. Utilize power-ups strategically to hit massive sixes and dominate the game.
  2. Effective bowling strategies: Experiment with different bowling styles and lengths to confuse the batsmen. Use spinners to exploit the pitch conditions and take crucial wickets at crucial moments.
  3. Utilizing power-ups and special abilities: Make the most of power-ups and special abilities to gain an advantage over your opponents. Use them strategically to turn the game in your favor and achieve higher scores.
  4. Team management and player upgrades: Pay attention to team management by selecting the right players for each match and assigning appropriate roles. Invest in


Smash Cricket is an old yet outstanding cricket game that replicates the experience of playing a real cricket game as closely as possible. It comes with a large number of different clubs that you can select and play with your friends. In addition to that, it comes with a variety of control options, a selection of camera views, and even 6 different game modes. Unlocking the levels is a bit of a slow process that requires patience, and even the easier segments are challenging to complete.


Is Smash Cricket Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, Smash Cricket Mod Apk is safe to use if you download it from a trusted source. Make sure to research the source and read user reviews before downloading the modded apk to minimize any potential risks.

Can I play Smash Cricket Mod Apk offline?

Yes, Smash Cricket Mod Apk can be played offline. Once you have downloaded and installed the game, you can enjoy it without an internet connection, making it perfect for on-the-go gaming.

How can I update Smash Cricket Mod Apk?

To update Smash Cricket Mod Apk, you need to download the latest version of the modded apk from a trusted source. Follow the installation process as you did initially, and it will update the game to the latest version without losing your progress.

Are there any limitations in the modded version?

Smash Cricket Mod Apk eliminates many limitations present in the original version. You have access to unlimited coins, gems, unlocked levels, and customizable features. However, it’s essential to note that certain features or functionalities may not be available in the modded version, depending on the specific mod.

Can I use Smash Cricket Mod Apk on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Smash Cricket Mod Apk on multiple devices as long as you download and install the modded apk on each device separately. Keep in mind that your progress and in-game purchases may not synchronize across devices unless the modded apk supports cloud saves or account synchronization.

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