GameSimulation School Girls Simulator

School Girls Simulator Mod Apk v1.7 (Unlimited money) Unlocked

School Girls Simulator Mod Apk v1.7 (Unlimited money) Unlocked
App Name School Girls Simulator
Latest Version 1.7
Last Updated
Publisher Meromsoft
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 70 MB

Unlimited Money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (404) Votes


School Girls Simulator Mod Apk is a game that mixes school activities with unexpected fun. It simulates high school girl life. The game takes place in an extremely active school and lets you attend classes and participate in extracurricular activities while overcoming unique challenges.

Your main goal is to interact and make new friends, complete tasks, face unforeseen challenges, and fight zombies.

The first step is creating your character. From hairstyles to clothing to accessories, you can customize anything. Customise your avatar to match your personality.

Realistic School Life Elements in School Girls Simulator Mod Apk

School Girls Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited money) Unlocked

This game stands out for its realism. You’ll be able to handle normal school tasks while making friends, keeping track of time, and dealing with both normal and extraordinary events.

First, build your character. With comprehensive customization options, you may create a character that matches your style and personality. Make your avatar distinctive with different costumes, haircuts, and accessories.

Once your character is ready, master the controls and enjoy the game’s wonderful quests.

Daily School Life

Class attendance is key to the game. Each subject has mini-games and challenges to make learning entertaining and improve your character. Everything from math puzzles to linguistic activities will keep you engaged.

Building class relationships is key. Participate in group activities, chat, and help with schoolwork. These interactions enhance your game experience and provide fresh possibilities.

Extracurricular Activities

The game offers extracurricular activities beyond the class. Join clubs, do sports, or make crafts. These activities are fun, teach new skills, and make new friends.

Special events and festivals occur during the school year. These activities provide unique challenges and rewards to break the routine. School fairs and cultural events are always thrilling.

Relationship Building

Friendship is key in the game. Explore diverse characters, and their tales, and make connections. Making friends can lead to additional tasks and adventures, making school more fascinating.

The game offers romantic relationships for romance seekers. Choose a companion, date, and experience high school love’s ups and downs. A nice addition that deepens your experience.

Managing Responsibilities

Academics and extracurriculars are difficult to balance. Schedule your time well to succeed in class and have fun. Game success requires good time management.

RPG Elements in School Girls Simulator Mod Apk

School Girls Simulator Mod Apk has many plots. Your choices shape the plot, making each one unique. Engage with different characters and make decisions that influence the outcome of the game.

Every decision has repercussions. Whether you befriend someone or handle a crisis, your choices will affect your character’s path and the game’s story.

Customization Options

You’ll start the game by creating a character. You may choose hair color, clothing, and more. Create a unique character with this feature.

You’ll unlock clothing and accessories as you progress in the game. These things are more than cosmetic upgrades—they improve your character’s gameplay.

Also, customize your environment. You can show off your style by decorating your room, setting up your desk, and even changing the way the school looks. The game feels more personal and immersive with these options.

Exploring the School Grounds

School Girls Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited money) Unlocked

There are many interesting places on the school grounds, which are very big.


Classrooms are where you learn, play minigames, and socialize. Every classroom has its vibe and activities.


You can eat, chat with friends, and hear interesting rumors that could lead to new missions in the cafeteria.


Sports are played at the gym. Play games, practice, and compete in school.


The rooftop is ideal for private chats. Hidden treasures and hidden meeting are also possible there.


The library is a storehouse of knowledge. You can study, do tasks, and find secret missions in books and documents here.

Science Lab

The science lab allows experimentation and science-related activities. It offers study and adventure.

Art Room

Creative activities can be done in the art room. Spend time painting, sculpting, or crafting with other artists.

School Yard

Casual hangouts and outdoor games are great in the school yard. You may rest and interact in this lively location.

Sport Fields

The fields host athletic events and practices. These fields are action-packed for soccer, track, and other sports.

Fight Zombies In School Girls Simulator Mod Apk

The zombie invasion begins unexpectedly, adding a layer of urgency to your school day. One minute you’re in class, the next you’re preparing to fight zombies.

Your first reaction matters. Run, hide, or fight? Every minute is challenging and exciting as the game demands your fast thinking and decision-making.

Weapon selection is the initial zombie invasion preparation step. You can choose baseball bats, knives, guns, and grenades to fit your combat style.

Teaming up with friends improves your survival. Coordinate strategies, collaborate on tasks, and watch each other on school grounds.

Boss zombies present a significant challenge with their enhanced strength and abilities. These situations demand strategy and coordination.


School Girls Simulator Mod Apk goes beyond school simulation. It blends boring school life with interesting zombie fighting, offering players the chance to experience school life while engaging in a host of unexpected zombie fights. This blend of realism and fantasy keeps players hooked.

The game has character customisation, interactive environments, and many activities. There’s something for everyone, whether you like school, sports, or even fighting zombies.

In School Girls Simulator, relationships matter. Making friends, dating, or impressing teachers all help you improve and earn new opportunities and in-game money.

A lot of things in the game depend on how you interact with characters. Positive relationships can create allies, while negative ones can cause problems.

Lastly, Use the virtual reality mode to get even more into the experience and interact with the environment like never before with this feature.

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