GameSimulation Lovely Pet

Lovely Pet Mod Apk v1.19 (Unlimited Money & Coins) Latest

Lovely Pet Mod Apk v1.19 (Unlimited Money & Coins) Latest
App Name Lovely Pet
Latest Version 1.19
Last Updated
Publisher DigiWards
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 17 MB

Unlimited Money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.9 Rating (843) Votes


Lovely Pet Mod Apk is a game that simulates the experience of owning a pet, particularly a dog. This virtual experience teaches responsibility and empathy.

Lovely Pet has many dog breeds with distinct personalities. There is a breed of dog that will fit your tastes, whether you want a playful puppy or a calm adult dog. Explore and choose a dog that suits you.

Lovely Pet emphasizes personalization. Choose colors, patterns, and accessories to personalize your dog. This gives your virtual pet a personal touch and makes the game creative.

Daily Care for Your Dog

Lovely Pet Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Coins) Latest


Your virtual pet needs food and water like a real dog. Lovely Pet offers a selection of foods that affect your dog’s health and energy. Provide your dog with balanced meals and fresh water to keep them happy and healthy.

Exercise regularly

Your dog needs exercise for mental and physical health. Lovely Pet offers fetch, walks, and agility training. These exercises promote dog fitness and bonding.

Grooming and Hygiene

Lovely Pet Mod Apk features grooming such as brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. Regular grooming prevents health risks and keeps your dog looking lovely.

Training Your Dog

Basic Commands

Training is an important part of having a pet. Lovely Pet lets you train your dog to sit, stay, and come. Regular training improves your dog’s behavior.

Advanced Tricks

After your dog learns the basics, you can teach advanced tricks. These can involve fetching specific items, performing playful stunts, and learning to recognize objects. Advanced training engages and entertains your dog.

Positive Reinforcement

Lovely Pet offers positive reinforcement in training. Your dog will repeat positive behavior if you praise and treat them.

Socializing Your Virtual Dog

Interaction with Other Pets

A well-rounded pet needs socialization. Lovely Pet’s multiplayer modes let your dog play with other virtual pets. These interactions help your dog socialize and enjoy the company.

Dog Park Visit

The game offers virtual dog parks for your pet to play with others. Your dog can play and exercise in these parks in a safe and controlled environment.


Playdates with friends’ virtual pets are fun. Lovely Pet Mod Apk makes it easy to schedule these meetings, giving pets a fun way to mingle and pet owners a chance to connect.

The Joys of Virtual Dog Ownership

Emotional Connection

Your emotional bond with your virtual dog is one of Lovely Pet’s most satisfying features. Daily interactions create a sense of attachment and affection, like genuine pets and their owners.

Enjoyable Activities

Lovely Pet features fetch, obstacle courses, and contests. These activities engage your dog and make you happy.

Achievements and Rewards

Game progress unlocks achievements and rewards. New personalization possibilities, exclusive features, and unique items are examples. Achievements build enthusiasm and keep you playing.

Task System in Lovely Pet Mod Apk

Lovely Pet Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Coins) Latest

Lovely Pet has an effective task system that is meant to keep you engaged. Daily tasks reset every day, weekly assignments offer higher rewards, and special event tasks correlate with in-game events or holidays. Each activity presents new challenges and rewards.

Daily and Weekly Tasks

Daily tasks are simple and meant to be done in a day. They may include feeding, walking, or playing with your pet. However, weekly tasks are harder and need more effort. They usually require completing a set amount of daily chores or reaching game milestones.

Special Events Tasks

Special event tasks in Lovely Pet are thrilling. These jobs come during in-game events and give unique prizes. Special events, such as holiday-themed or seasonal challenges, are a terrific way to win distinctive rewards and progress in the game.

Completing Tasks

Keep your pet happy and receive rewards by completing routine tasks. Start by checking the task list every day. Simple tasks include feeding, grooming, and playing with your pet. Complete these tasks to cheer up your pet and get points and rewards.

Types of Rewards

Basic Rewards

Basic rewards come from daily and weekly tasks. Rewards may include in-game currency, food, toys, and pet care supplies. Basic rewards are common but necessary for pet health and game success.

Exclusive Rewards

Events and milestones typically trigger exclusive rewards. Unique pet attire, uncommon objects, and gameplay-enhancing powers are examples. Exclusive awards demand more effort, but they give players considerable gaming benefits.

Plan ahead to maximize Lovely Pet rewards. Watch for high-value events and tasks. Prioritize these chores to maximize points. Plan your games to earn points and get the finest prizes.

Remember that some of these rewards which you get as in-game coins can be redeemed into real money. So keep playing the game and complete all tasks to make real money from Lovely Pet Mod Apk.


Lovely Pet Mod Apk is a compelling smartphone app that simulates the experience of owning a pet. It lets you adopt, care for, and interact with virtual pets while carrying out gameplay-enhancing tasks. Complete tasks to obtain rewards, making the experience enjoyable and gratifying.

Pet upgrades are crucial to game progress. Gathering rewards can strengthen your dogs and help them overcome tougher challenges.

Daily challenges are fun ways to get extra rewards. Different challenges pleasantly test your talents. Completing them earns valuable rewards and money which keeps the game interesting.

Prioritize tasks by difficulty and reward to maximize your earnings. Start with high-reward tasks, then go on to simpler ones. This approach optimizes time and resources.

Lovely Pet requires good time management. Schedule time to log in and complete your tasks. Having a routine allows one to stay on track and avoid missing important tasks and rewards.

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