AppSports Real Cricket™ 24

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk v1.18 (Unlimited Money & Tickets) Unlocked

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk v1.18 (Unlimited Money & Tickets) Unlocked
App Name Real Cricket™ 24
Latest Version 1.18
Last Updated
Publisher Nautilus Mobile
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Sports Sports
Size 623 MB

Unlimited Money & Tickets Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

3.8 Rating (889) Votes


Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk has realistic gaming mechanics that reflect the essence of cricket on mobile devices.

The game offers interesting game modes like Multiplayer mode. With realistic graphics of players, the stadium, the jersey, and the crowd the game will never bore you. The game is fun to play but basic controls like batting, bowling, and fielding must be mastered to succeed and enjoy the game. Also, you need to master timing, aiming, and execution.

Real Cricket 24 introduces advanced gameplay features that improve the game’s realism. So every run scored or wicket taken depends on split-second decisions and precision in timing and stroke selection. Cricket fans can use deception as well as speed to outwit their opponents.

600+ Batting Shots

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Tickets) Unlocked

The unique “600+ BATTING SHOTS.” distinguishes Real Cricket 24 from other cricket games. You can use more batting shots with this breakthrough, making gaming more dynamic and engaging. With more than 600 shots to choose from, you can create your batting style.

Real Cricket 24’s 600+ batting shots benefit players. Players can exploit field gaps, counter opponent strategy, and optimize scoring by diversifying their shot selection. Shot variation provides depth and complexity to gameplay, keeping players engaged and challenged match after match.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode has something for everyone, from easy encounters with friends to tough competitions against expert opponents. You can customize multiplayer challenges by changing duration, squad makeup, and difficulty.

Real Cricket 24’s multiplayer mode is easy to access. The game menu’s multiplayer area offers public matches, private matches, and friend invitations.

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk Challenger Mode

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Tickets) Unlocked

Real Cricket 24 Challenger Mode has many features to make gaming fun and demanding. With realistic match simulations and distinctive rewards and milestones, Challenger Mode lets you enjoy cricket games like never before.

You have to complete difficult scenarios and objectives in Challenger Mode. Challenger Mode matches are distinctive and thrilling, from pursuing tough run targets to defending against intense bowling attacks. Competing in Challenger Mode involves talent, strategy, and determination to adapt to changing scenarios and overcome obstacles.

Dynamic Stadiums in Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk

Dynamic Stadiums offer unmatched cricket excitement with a variety of creative features. Dynamic Stadiums bring the game to life with realistic weather effects and interactive crowd reactions that reflect the match’s ebb and flow.

The Dynamic Stadiums mimic real-life cricket stadiums. Weather conditions like rain, wind, and sunlight change throughout the match, making gameplay more challenging. Interactive crowd behavior increases authenticity by having spectators react to the field action.

Manual Fielding & Catching

The addition of manual fielding and catching in Real Cricket 24 revolutionizes the way players engage with the game. Manual mode lets players 100% control fielding and catching, thereby needing players’ skill and strategy.

This feature mimics cricket’s intensity thereby offering players direct control over fielding and catching.

It may sound difficult but Manual Fielding & Catching has many player-friendly features. The Manual mode helps players strengthen their fielding skills thanks to its straightforward controls and realistic animations.

Remember, the game settings let players switch between auto and manual fielding, letting players play their way.

Real Cricket 24 customization

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Tickets) Unlocked

Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk offers many customization options to allow gamers full control over their gaming experience. From player avatars to stadiums, the game can be customized to individual interests.

Player Customization Options:

You can customize your avatars’ faces, haircuts, and outfits. You can customize your avatar to look like you or create unique designs with the in-game editing tools.

Team Customization Options:

Selecting Cricketers from around the world and putting them on custom teams is how team customization lets you make your dream team. You can customize team logos and jerseys to personalize their team.

Equipment Customization:

Real Cricket 24 lets you customize your gear to suit your playing style. You can customize your bats, gloves, helmets, and pads to gain an edge on the field.


Real Cricket 24 captures cricketing drama like never before with lifelike player expressions and reactions. From joyful fist pumps to sad walks back to the pavilion, every emotion is accurately captured.

Real Cricket 24 looks more authentic because the developers pay attention to the details of the environment. From beautiful green fields to crowded stadiums, everything feels alive and vivid, thereby immersing players.


Batting, bowling, and fielding are Real Cricket 24’s basic mechanics. Touch controls let players manage their team’s actions, making it easy to start playing and enjoy the game

in addition to basic mechanics, the game has advanced mechanics including player fatigue, weather, and pitch deterioration This adds dimension to the game and requires players to adjust how they play.

Real Cricket 24 is known for its realistic and immersive gameplay. Everything from player movements to ball dynamics is designed to recreate the intensity and thrill of real cricket matches. From the sound of leather on willow to the thrill of diving for a catch, players experience cricket like never before.

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Real Cricket 24 Mod Apk v1.18 (Unlimited Money & Tickets) Unlocked
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