GameSimulation Police Department Tycoon

Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk v1.0.17 (Unlimited Everything)

Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk v1.0.17 (Unlimited Everything)
App Name Police Department Tycoon
Latest Version 1.0.17
Last Updated
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 133 MB

Unlimited Resources

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4.5 Rating (194) Votes


Have you wondered how to run a police department on your Android phone? Well, Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk may appeal to simulation gamers. This game puts you in charge of a busy police department, solving crimes and keeping the city secure.

Also, You oversee a police agency’s resources, recruit & train officers, build structures, do administrative work, crime-solving, and community engagement.

Efficient department management is crucial for good officers’ employment and updating infrastructure. Strategic decisions are needed to balance resources and manage your department successfully.

As you progress in the game, Expanding your department is essential. Build new and upgrade existing structures to improve your department’s capabilities.

Manage your Police department

Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything)

As police chief, you have several crucial duties that ensure your department’s success.

Build Structures

Effective management relies on well-built divisions in the department. Building required structures and updating infrastructure will boost your department and earn you more in-game cash.

First build offices, training centers, and holding cells. Add forensic labs and tactical response teams to handle more difficult cases.

Regular upgrades keep your facilities efficient and effective. Better services and department performance result from upgraded facilities.

Recruit Officers

Your cops are your department’s frontline. A strong team requires good recruitment and training.

Use their abilities and expertise to decide who to hire as an officer. A talented and diversified workforce can manage a variety of scenarios better, enhancing department effectiveness.

Improve your officers’ skills with comprehensive training. Regular training enhances efficiency, morale, and job satisfaction.

Manage resources

Running a department requires resource management. Effective resource allocation and use can make a big difference.

Divide your budget between staff, infrastructure, and equipment. Prioritizing key upgrades and services improves operations.

Train your police officers and develop your pets

Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything)

Officers need training to improve their capabilities. Well-trained cops handle difficult situations more efficiently and effectively.

Officers can learn and improve skills through training. This includes everything from basic police skills to highly advanced investigative skills.

Trained police respond faster and operate more successfully. Your team keeps sharp and ready for any challenge with continuous training.

Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk offers various training programs to cater to different needs. Effective training requires a well-equipped facility. This involves building and renovating training centers.

Build a basic training center. This facility will host all training. It needs appropriate tools and resources.

Upgrade your training facilities to accommodate additional officers and offer advanced classes as your police department grows. Training resources and facilities improve with upgrades.

Pets help with several tasks in Police Department Tycoon. Training and developing pets improves their performance.

The comments pet is the police dogs which help with search and rescue, drug detection, and suspect apprehension. Your department benefits from their distinct skills.

The game has pets with different talents and duties. Select pets that suit your department.

Pets need training like officers. Many pet training programs exist.

All pets need basic obedience training. Pets learn to follow orders and act responsibly with this training.

Chase Down Criminals In Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk

The game offers simulator missions to test your Tapping skills. These duties, which range from patrols to high-speed pursuits, offer unique challenges.

The most exciting part of Police Department Tycoon is the missions where you have to chase down criminals. Understanding the dynamics of these missions is crucial for success.

Criminals range from petty thieves to violent offenders. Each type demands a distinct method and strategy to catch. The best strategy is tapping fast to easily reach and catch the criminal.

Catching offenders while minimizing property damage and protecting officers is the major goal. Your score increases as you finish the mission faster and more efficiently.

Officers require the correct gear and equipment for these missions. Equipping your crew properly can make all the difference.

Unique officers and detectives

Building a great police department starts with hiring the appropriate personnel. Recruitment is vital because it builds your team’s capabilities.

Start by identifying the qualities you need in your officers. To add versatility to your team, seek applicants with diverse talents and backgrounds.

Officers need initial training after hiring. Patrolling, emergency response, and investigation skills are included in this course. Proper training prepares police for their tasks.

Patrol officers

Patrol personnel are your department’s frontline. They patrol areas, respond to emergencies, and interact with the community. They contribute to public order and safety.

Your cops can handle unique tasks beyond patrols. Undercover operations, surveillance, and high-profile security are examples. Success depends on assigning the correct officers to these jobs.

Specialized Detective Units

Detectives are crucial to solving complex situations. Detective specialization boosts investigation efficiency.

Homicide detectives solve murders. To prosecute criminals, they gather evidence, question witnesses, and assemble cases. Their skill is essential for investigating high-profile cases.

Narcotics detectives investigate drug crimes. They fight organized crime, follow drug traffickers, and operate undercover. They are crucial to protecting communities from illegal narcotics.


Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk is an idle game where you can live out your dream of managing a lively police department. Strategic planning, resource management, and crime-fighting make this game rich and interesting.

Building and expanding your police department headquarters is your first priority. Choose a headquarters location.

Facility expansion is needed to accommodate more officers and specialized units as your department grows. Build new offices, training rooms, cells, and tech laboratories.

Successful departments need well-rounded officers. Recruitment entails finding and choosing the ideal applicant for your team. Look for diverse skills and experiences.

Mission completion rewards you with money, gear, and recruits. Use these rewards to improve your department. However, with Police Department Tycoon Mod Apk you have access to Unlimited Money as such you may not worry much about those rewards.

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