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Parrot AI Mod Apk v2.6.11 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Parrot AI Mod Apk v2.6.11 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version
App Name Parrot: AI Voice Generator
Latest Version 2.6.11
Last Updated
Publisher Parrot Ai Voice Generator
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 50 MB

Premium Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (97) Votes


Ever wanted to sound like your favorite celebrity? You can now thanks to Parrot AI Mod Apk. Parrot, is an AI celebrity voice maker, that lets users add popularity to their audio content by changing their voices to the one of celebrities (Hundreds of Celebrities to choose from).

Parrot uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze and replicate celebrity voices. Its powerful AI algorithms produce unmatched realism and authenticity. For content creators, podcasters, and comedians, Parrot allows endless creative expression.

Understanding Parrot AI (How Does it Work?)

As briefly mentioned above, Parrot AI analyzes and mimics celebrities’ voices using advanced artificial intelligence to emulate famous speech patterns, intonations, and nuance.

Voice analysis and replication are what Parrot AI does. It carefully examines the voices of celebrities to find patterns. Then, it uses complex algorithms to replicate these voice traits and make a new voice that sounds a lot like the celebrities.

Selecting Celebrity Voices

Parrot AI Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Parrot AI has a lot of celebrity voices, so users can pick from a lot of well-known public figures. Parrot AI has what you want if you like Hollywood stars, artists, or politicians. It’s easy to find the right voice because all the celebrities have their pictures attached.

Imitating someone’s voice is all about quality and realism. The voices of the parrots sound real and are just as good as the originals. It always does a great job, whether you’re recording professional audio or audio from a casual conversation. Parrot makes all of its voice imitating sound natural, not like a robot.

Customization Options

Customization is an important part of voice mimicry because it lets users make changes to the voice making it even more unique. Parrot AI lets you customize speech characteristics, effects, and filters. You can customize the voice changes  (that the AI might have missed) with such flexibility.

Adjusting Voice Parameters:

Customizing celebrity voice characteristics like pitch, tone, and pace is a crucial feature of Parrot AI. Whether you want a deep, powerful voice or a high-pitched, fun tone, users can adjust these options. Users can build voice alterations for any occasion by experimenting with different parameter combinations.

Add Filters & Effects:

In addition to altering the voice parameters of celebrities, Parrot AI offers effects and filters to improve the overall voice. Users can play with reverb, echo, pitch correction, and distortion to obtain the desired sound. These effects enrich voice customization, making them more lively and interesting.

Creating Custom Voice Modulations:

The capacity to generate unique voice modulations is an interesting feature of Parrot AI. If you are not interested in using the voice of any of the celebrities you can create customized voice modulations that suit your personality. Parrot AI lets you express yourself through voice Modulation, whether you want a hilarious cartoon voice or a serious movie trailer voice.

Generate images from text with Parrot AI Mod Apk

Apart from mimicking celebrity voices, Parrot AI can also analyze and interpret text to generate dynamic video presentations using powerful artificial intelligence algorithms. It can create captivating videos for a variety of purposes.

Creating videos from text with Parrot AI is easy. Users can type their words into the app and choose images, animations, and background music. Parrot AI turns words into attractive, inspiring videos with a few clicks.

Parrot AI Mod Apk generates high-quality videos that rival traditional methods. From sharp images to smooth animations, the AI-generated videos look professional.

Simple User Interface

Parrot AI’s User Interface is simple. Users can easily access and use the app from the start due to its intuitive structure.

Due to its simple menu and controls the app’s features and functions are easy to use. It makes customizing voice parameters, choosing celebrity voices, and adding effects easily.


Parrot AI Mod Apk is a simple app that turns users’ voices into popular celebrity voices using AI algorithms. It has many celebrity voices and personalization options to help you sound like a Hollywood star or your favorite singer.

Parrot analyzes and mimics celebrity voices using advanced algorithms. Users can magically modify their voice in real-time by entering a sample recording and choosing a celebrity voice from the app’s collection. Everyone can use the straightforward user-friendly interface.

Parrot allows users to express themselves creatively and beyond entertainment. Voice modification provides new opportunities for comedy, professional work, and personal enjoyment. So, it can help content creators create engaging audio content.

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