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Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK v1.0.6 (Unlimited money)

Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK v1.0.6 (Unlimited money)
App Name Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing
Latest Version 1.0.6
Last Updated
Publisher Battle Creek Games
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Racing Racing
Size 868.89 Mb

Unlimited money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

2.7 Rating (810) Votes


Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK is an offroad racing game that offers realistic physics that makes the experience more engaging and lets players face an array of realistic terrain in different weather conditions.

A lot of people like this game because it lets you build & customize your vehicle in great detail and has an intense multiplayer mode. Offroad Outlaws has something for everyone, whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer.

Build Your Vehicle in Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK

Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK (Unlimited money)

Picking out the right base vehicle is the first thing you need to do when building your off-road vehicle. Be aware of the racing track. ATVs and dirt bikes are best for certain types of terrain, while trucks are great for all kinds of terrain.

Visual Customizations

A fresh paint job can individualize your vehicle. Discover your style by mixing colors and finishes. Choose a glossy or matte finish.

You can add even more customization with decals and wraps. Racing stripes and elaborate patterns can make your vehicle unique. They also increase vehicle recognition in multiplayer races.


Adding roof racks, bull bars, and lights to your vehicle can make it look better and make it work better.

Performance Upgrades

Optimizing engine power is important. It boosts acceleration and top speed, giving you an edge in drag races and off-road excursions. Consider high-performance parts that offer the right amount of strength and reliability.

Offroad racing needs good suspension. Upgrading your suspension enhances handling and stability, especially on rocky terrain. Adjustable suspension systems allow you to fine-tune settings for different race conditions.

Tire Selection

Tires are an important part of how well your car runs. Pick tires that are right for the track you’ll be racing on. When it comes to grip, mud tires are better in muddy conditions, while all-terrain tires can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Nitrous and Turbo

Consider adding nitrous oxide systems or turbochargers for an additional boost. These improvements can boost your vehicle’s speed and acceleration, giving you an edge in races.

Fine-Tuning Your Vehicle

Your car’s handling can be improved by proper suspension tuning. Adjusting the stiffness and damping of your suspension allows you to optimize performance for different terrains and racing styles.

Weight distribution can improve vehicle stability and handling. Change configurations until your car is stable and responsive.

Tire Pressure Adjustments

Adjusting tire pressure might also improve vehicle performance. High pressure minimizes rolling resistance on smooth surfaces, whereas low pressure grips rocky terrain.

Testing and Adjusting

Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK (Unlimited money)

Test Runs

You should test your vehicle before racing. Your tweaks and enhancements can be tested in roaming mode. Check for areas that require improvement.


Make vehicle adjustments based on test runs. Whether it’s tweaking the suspension, changing tire pressure, or upgrading engine components, continuous improvement is key to staying competitive.

Vehicle Shows in Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK

Different Exhibitions

Player-customized vehicles are displayed at Offroad Outlaws vehicle shows. These exhibitions are themed and performance-based. Each type offers a unique opportunity to highlight different aspects of your vehicle.

Exhibition Criteria

For each show, cars must meet certain requirements. Some of these requirements include appearance, performance, and how well it fits with the theme of the exhibition. Participants must understand these conditions to succeed.

Entering Your Vehicle

You can join an exhibition by going to the game’s event area and choosing the right exhibition. Follow the prompts to enter your vehicle, ensuring it meets all the criteria.

Competing with Other Racers

After you enter your car, it will be up against the designs of other players. Exhibitions may involve visual displays and performance challenges, so show off your vehicle.

Judging and Criteria

In vehicle shows, performance and appearance are judged. Design, creativity, and practicality will be judged on your vehicle. High scores and praise can be yours if you meet or beat the show requirements.

Online Multiplayer Races

Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK offers different types of online multiplayer modes. There are simple drag races, time trials, and more difficult off-road challenges that you can take part in. Each type of race has its own challenges and opportunities to show off your racing skills.

Joining an online race is straightforward. Select your race type in multiplayer and wait for the matchmaking system to pair you with other players. Try to keep your internet connection stable during the race.

Familiarity with the race track gives you a significant advantage. Spend some time getting to know the layout, including the turns, jumps, and possible hazards. If you know what to expect, you can make good plans for your strategies.

The setup of your vehicle can greatly affect your race performance. Based on track conditions adjust your vehicle suspension, tire pressure, and weight distribution. Try out different setups until you find the one that works best for you.

Realistic Graphics in Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK

Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK (Unlimited money)

Immersive Experience

Visuals have to be realistic to create immersion. Realistic visuals make Players feel like they’re in the game. Each Offroad Outlaws race seems real thanks to its rich terrain and lifelike vehicles.

Vehicle Models

In Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK, the cars are very well-detailed. Each model is designed to reflect real-world counterparts, complete with intricate textures that show wear and tear, dirt, and mud splashes. Detail boosts game realism.

Terrain and Environment

The landscapes in the game are also very impressive. High-resolution textures and realistic dynamics define each environment, from rocky mountains to muddy roads. Besides looking beautiful, this impacts vehicle handling, adding strategy to the game.

Realistic Movements

Offroad Outlaws’ animations reproduce real-life movements. They make racing more realistic by showing how a vehicle’s suspension reacts to bumps or how dirt flies off the tires.

Dynamic weather effects

The game’s weather affects gameplay. Weather can make tracks slippery and fog impedes vision. The beautiful animations of these changing weather conditions make the game feel more real and challenging.


Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK is a thrilling offroad racing game that lets players explore wide landscapes, tackle challenging tracks, and race intensively in multiplayer. The realistic mechanics, various vehicle options, and significant customisation make the game popular.

A highlight of Offroad Outlaws is its open-world. Free roaming across deserts, forests, and mountains presents unique challenges and stunning views.

Customization is at the core of Offroad Outlaws. Your vehicle’s paint, decals, suspension, engine, and tires can be customized. You can change these settings to make your ride fit your style and the terrain you are racing.

Offroad Outlaws’ multiplayer mode lets you race friends and other people worldwide. Competing inspires you to improve your skills and enhance your vehicles.

With Offroad Outlaws Drag Racing Mod APK you have access to Unlimited Money which you can use to unlock all items for your vehicle customization. No need to spend your real money.

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