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LooksMax AI Mod Apk V1.0.38 (Premium Unlocked) Latest 2024

LooksMax AI Mod Apk V1.0.38 (Premium Unlocked) Latest 2024
App Name LooksMax AI - Get Your Rating
Latest Version 1.0.38
Last Updated
Publisher Mnkybrain Labs
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Lifestyle Lifestyle
Size 36 MB

Premium Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (137) Votes


LookingMax AI Mod Apk, which combines advanced AI technologies with simple user interfaces, gives people more control over their appearance than ever before. We all know that looking good is vital because others judge you by what they see on your profile.

LooksMax AI uses a comprehensive facial recognition and analysis system to identify essential facial attributes and assess proportions and symmetry. The app uses machine learning algorithms to recommend ways to improve your face, such as smoothing out your skin, tweaking your face shape, or adjusting your eyes and lips.

LooksMax AI offers many elements to suit different aesthetic preferences. Change face characteristics, improve body proportions, and try out numerous hairstyles and makeup looks with tools for small to large adjustments.

LooksMax AI: Take A Selfie And Get A Personalized Analysis

LooksMax AI Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest 2024

The adaptable LooksMax AI application empowers anyone to improve their appearance. The app uses superior facial recognition technology to provide users with extensive information about their appearance.

LooksMax AI analyzes the user’s appearance using advanced facial recognition algorithms. The application analyzes facial characteristics, symmetry, skin tone, and texture of the uploaded selfie and delivers a detailed report.

Uploading a selfie yields a complete analysis of facial attributes, including symmetry, skin tone, and attractiveness. The application also provides individualized skincare and cosmetic procedure advice.

LooksMax AI Mod Apk has many perks. The tool encourages self-awareness and informed appearance decisions by delivering tailored feedback and recommendations. Additionally, it can improve selfies and assist users obtain their ideal look.

LooksMax AI: Key Areas of Analysis

Analysis and Enhancement of Face: Virtual facial analysis can identify possibilities for enhancement. LooksMax AI offers simple solutions for smoothing wrinkles, correcting face contours, and enhancing eyes and lips.

Hairstyle and Makeup Ideas: Never has it been easy to try new haircuts and makeup. LookingMax AI can offer flattering hairstyles, cosmetics colors, and accessories based on a photo.

Body Transformation Options: LooksMax AI helps users achieve their ideal figure with adjustable weight management and muscle definition features. The app offers workout and diet advice for slimming, bulking, or sculpting certain muscle areas.

Clothing and Fashion Advice: Improve your style with LooksMax AI’s fashion suggestions. Explore popular styles, mix and match clothing, and find new looks that suit you.

LooksMax AI: Get recommendations on How To Look Better

LooksMax AI Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest 2024

As mentioned, this groundbreaking LooksMax AI app empowers anyone to improve their appearance. Get Recommendation On How To Look Better differentiates itself by using innovative recommendation algorithms to give people personalized improvement tips.

LooksMax AI makes personalized look recommendations based on facial traits, skin tone, and style choices.

After entering personal data and preferences, users obtain a comprehensive set of appearance-enhancing recommendations. These recommendations may include skincare, hair care, dress, posture, Improving Body Proportions, dressing, and body language mentoring.

LooksMax AI: Become a Chad

LooksMax AI Mod Apk helps people improve their appearance. With the Become a Chad function, LooksMax AI helps users achieve the masculine, confident, and beautiful Chad archetype.

A “Chad” is a man who exudes masculine appeal and social authority. Chads are beautiful, athletic, charismatic, and assertive.

For those looking to become Chads, LooksMax AI has a complete toolkit. LooksMax AI helps people improve their appearance and confidence with comprehensive facial analysis, style suggestions, and confidence-building exercises.

Actual User Experiences After Using LooksMax AI Mod Apk

The efficiency of LooksMax AI is best shown by real users. Many users have shared their success stories and testimonies, describing how the app changed their lives. From self-esteem boosts to praises from friends and coworkers, LooksMax AI’s positive feedback proves its usefulness and popularity.

Its user-friendly interface, powerful functions, and amazing results have impressed customers who wish to look their best in everyday images or prepare for a big occasion. LooksMax AI can smooth out defects, refine facial characteristics, and build the perfect figure to boost confidence and attractiveness.


LooksMax AI Mod Apk Premium is similar to UMax Pro and Hiface because it uses artificial intelligence to improve appearance and self-confidence. LooksMax AI provides a complete solution for people who want to simply improve their look and style in the digital age, where self-image is important in social interactions and personal branding.

LooksMax AI correctly measures users’ faces and bodies. Uploading a selfie or full-body shot lets customers get personalized recommendations and enhancements to attain their desired look. LooksMax AI optimizes physical proportions, facial shapes, skin tone, and fashion styles for holistic self-improvement.

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