Lingokids Mod Apk V8.24.0 (Premium Unlocked)
Lingokids Mod Apk V8.24.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Lingokids - English Learning For Kids APK + MOD Premium Unlocked v8.24.0

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Overview Information

Name Lingokids - English Learning For Kids
Package es.monkimun.lingokids
Publisher Lingokids - English Learning For Kids
Category Education
Version 8.24.0
Size 132 MB
Requires Android 7.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Updated On
Spark success with 1200+ fun, interactive activities! Academics and modern life skills come together in the Lingokids universe, where kids can explore exciting adventures in learning to help them t ...

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Lingokids Mod Apk is an app that provides children with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of English through the use of numerous methods. This app is ideal for parents who want their children to learn English.

This app provides children with a wide variety of educational modules, allowing them to learn at their own leisure and explore any number of topics that they choose. As a result, children are able to acquire knowledge on a variety of topics, including animals, foods, colors, objects, the natural world, and locations… each section contains a great number of games and activities that help children learn while having fun.

You can have full trust in the educational strategy that is provided by Lingokids because the plan of study that is provided by this application was developed by education specialists and received approval from Oxford University Press.

Description of Lingokids Mod Apk

At the beginning of the app, you will be guided through the process of creating an account for your child and choosing a membership package.

Your child will immediately begin playing once they have all they need. The course is determined by the parameters you select during the account setup process, with the primary consideration being the child’s current level of vocabulary knowledge. This fun educational app is divided up into ten different units, and each of those units contains six different topics.

The app can be navigated primarily through tapping, sliding, and sketching, making it accessible to children. It is possible that younger children will require some early instruction; but, any child who is familiar with phones may not need that.

You will be able to monitor your child’s progress and assess how well they are doing on each of the topics via the parent dashboard, where you will also be able to keep track of their progress. There are additional links to activities and songs that can be returned to in order to aid in assisting your child in reinforcing what they have learned in each course. 

Excellent for learning English

Lingokids Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Lingokids Mod Apk is an app of very excellent quality that will help children as young as three years old to play with English words and phrases. It consists of a wide variety of different kinds of interactions, vibrant animations, and interesting sound effects. One important thing to know, the developers incorporated some straightforward advice for parents to help them get the most out of the educational experience they share with their children.

LingoKids Mod Apk provides excellent Curriculum

This application provides a wide range of leveling possibilities, which will direct children into the appropriate activities. Parents are given the option to select the child’s age as well as the amount of previous exposure they have had to the English language when the app first starts up. The app makes use of a special technology that adjusts itself based on whether the information that has been picked is too simple or too tough. I guess AI.

The free demo version of this app provides access to five different categories of courses, while the full edition of the app provides access to a total of twenty lessons. In addition, parents are able to view records of their child’s performance, use the app with many learners at the same time, download additional activities, and enable offline play for periods when they do not have access to the internet.

Within the Games area, there are age-appropriate, straightforward, interactive games. For instance, in the Animals part, farm animals are named as they are pulled into the bathtub, and users are given the option to wash, dry, and brush each animal in turn.

The Video section presents appealing music accompanied by animation, and the My Teacher section presents a real-life instructor going over the lesson’s vocabulary words. The Writing section enables children to track down related alphabet letters. There is a Printables section that can only be accessed by the Parent and it directs them to the website of the app, where printable pdfs can be downloaded so that the child can continue the educational fun in the absence of an internet connection.

Lingokids is filled with fun for children

No doubt the included activities (1,200+ interactive learning activities) in Lingokids Mod Apk are likely to be enjoyable for children. They are very engaging, and children will find that they are very familiar. The animations and sound effects are entertaining, and the characters provide comedic relief. The artwork is uncomplicated and full of vivid colors, making it appealing to children as young as toddlers. There is a wide range of different forms of interactions, but they are all quite easy to understand. 

Benefits of Using Lingokids Mod Apk

Using Lingokids Mod Apk offers several benefits for children’s language learning:

  1. Engaging and interactive learning: Lingokids combines educational content with interactive games, videos, and songs, keeping children engaged and motivated throughout the learning process.
  2. Personalized learning path: The app adapts to each child’s individual progress, providing a personalized learning path that suits their needs and abilities.
  3. Culturally diverse content: Lingokids offers lessons in multiple languages and introduces children to different cultures, fostering global awareness and appreciation.
  4. Parental involvement: The app allows parents to track their child’s progress, providing insights into their learning journey and facilitating active involvement in their education.
  5. Fun and effective language acquisition: Through its gamified approach, Lingokids creates a fun and enjoyable learning environment where children naturally acquire language skills while having a great time.

Tips for Maximizing Learning with Lingokids

To make the most out of Lingokids and support your child’s language learning, consider the following tips:

  1. Establish a routine: Set aside dedicated time each day for language learning activities with Lingokids to create a consistent learning routine.
  2. Participate together: Engage in activities alongside your child, providing guidance and encouragement throughout their language learning journey.
  3. Explore additional resources: Supplement Lingokids with books, songs, and other language-learning materials to reinforce concepts and expand vocabulary.
  4. Practice in real-life situations: Encourage your child to use their newfound language skills in everyday situations, such as ordering food or greeting people in the target language.
  5. Celebrate milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s progress and achievements to keep them motivated and excited about their language learning journey.


Lingokids Mod Apk provides access to a sizable library of straightforward games and activities, all of which have an emphasis on learning English. It is possible for parents to take an active role in working through the modules, and the application itself has the potential to serve as the foundation for more formal English language instruction. You are able to monitor and see how your child’s progress is through each unit by using the parent section, which requires numbers to be entered in order to access and is something that any child over the age of seven can easily have access to, so be informed of this! Additionally, you are able to access forums and articles on ESL learning for children and can connect with other parents. 


Can I use Lingokids Mod Apk on multiple devices?

Yes, Lingokids Mod Apk can be installed and used on multiple devices, allowing children to continue their learning seamlessly.

Are there any costs associated with accessing premium features in the modded version?

In the modded version, premium features are typically unlocked without any additional costs, providing a comprehensive language learning experience.

How does Lingokids ensure the privacy and safety of children using the app?

Lingokids places a strong emphasis on child privacy and data security. The app follows strict privacy policies and adheres to COPPA regulations to safeguard children’s personal information.

Can children learn multiple languages with Lingokids Mod Apk?

Yes, Lingokids Mod Apk supports the learning of multiple languages, allowing children to explore and acquire proficiency in different languages simultaneously.

What age range is Lingokids suitable for?

Lingokids is designed for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years old, catering to various language learning levels and developmental stages.

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