GameCasual Legend Of Mushroom: Rush - SEA

Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk V2.0.35 (Unlimited Money/No ads)

Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk V2.0.35 (Unlimited Money/No ads)
App Name Legend of Mushroom: Rush - SEA
Latest Version 2.0.35
Last Updated
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Casual Casual
Size 436.34 Mb

Unlimited  Money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (601) Votes


Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk formerly known as Maple Rush Mod Apk is an idle Role-playing game about restoring a magical island to its former glory (before Dragon Invasion). This game blends exploration, strategy, battle, and creativity with beautiful graphics.

Your most important goal is to restore a decaying island. You have to explore the island, recruit companions, fight battles, and protect the Island from further attacks.

Defend Your Island

Legend of Mushroom is a mix of strategy, action, and tower defense. You must defend their islands from dragon attacks. The game gets harder as you progress, requiring fast thinking and creative strategy to win.

Success in Legend of Mushroom depends on your defense methods. There are several ways to defend against dragons such as powerful companions, sturdy defenses, watchtowers, powerful weaponry, and traps. Find the best island defense by trying different methods.

Dragon Encounters: Expect a range of dragons with different strengths and abilities. Every battle brings fresh challenges. Study each dragon type’s behavior and adjust your defenses to survive.

Weapons and Powerups: You can defend against dragons with a variety of weaponry and power-ups. Catapults, cannons, magical spells, and charmed arrows are all means to fight the invaders. Find power-ups on the island or buy them to get an advantage and win battles.

Manage Resources: You must defend against dragons and manage their island’s resources. Build defenses and enhance structures with wood, stone, and other resources. Resource allocation should be balanced to ensure enough supplies for extended battles.

The Power of the Magic Lamp

The magic lamp is a mythical object with immense power. Players can summon powerful items and gear by stroking the lamp. The magic lamp unlocks legendary weapons and enchanted armor that can win battles.

Playing with the magic lamp is easy and enjoyable. The game’s user interface lets you activate the lamp using a specific coin. When ignited the lamp will reveal a random epic item that players can take and keep. Players can repeat the process to gain strong items and gear.

The magic lamp can reveal epic gear with special abilities and qualities. There’s something for every style of play and taste, from weapons that have elemental powers to armor that protects better. The magic lamp has gear for warriors and wizards.

Use the magic lamp strategically to maximize its benefits. Save money and activate the lamp during special events and battles to boost your chances of getting rare and strong items. Choosing certain gear or traits can also help you match your loadout to your playstyle and goals.

The Role of Pets in Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk

Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/No ads)

Pets are important in Legend of Mushroom because they assist you in battles. Pets help you explore dungeons, fight enemies, and complete objectives. After all, most of these objectives can not be completed solo.

Types of Pets: Legend of Mushroom has many pets with unique abilities and traits. Pets for every playstyle and preference, from strong fighters to cunning spellcasters. You can select wolves, dragons, and legendary beasts.

Recruitment Process: Legend of Mushroom pet recruitment is simple. Pets can be found in the wild, earned through quests, or bought from the in-game store. Some pets require certain things or conditions before being recruited, making the process more challenging yet exciting.

Bonding and Training: Once recruited, you may interact with and train your pets to improve their talents. By bonding with your pets and doing activities together, you can gain additional powers and bonuses. Training pets takes time and work, but the results are worth it.

Pet Skills and Abilities: Pets have many abilities that help players win battles. Pets participate in combat with powerful attacks, defensive movements, utility skills, and boosts. Players can win tough battles by skillfully using their pets.

Versatility of Battles in Legend of Mushroom

Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/No ads)

In Legend of Mushroom, combat is dynamic and needs versatility. Switching character classes helps players adapt and overcome obstacles. A wide skill set is important for battlefield success, whether in physical combat, ranged support, or unleashing strong spells.

Warrior Class: Warriors use heavy weapons and armor to defeat enemies. Warriors are good at drawing aggro and safeguarding others due to their high health and melee skills. Warriors are vital to battlefield control, whether charging into battle or holding the line against swarms of adversaries.

Archer Class: Archers use bows and arrows to damage. Archers can kill foes from afar and help other companions with their accurate aim and quick reflexes. Their ability to target adversaries and regulate battle flow makes them invaluable in every engagement.

Mage Class: Mages use magic to cast destructive spells and control the situation. Mages may use fireballs and lightning storms to annihilate enemy forces and change the game in an instant. Mages can do massive damage to single targets or groups of adversaries due to their versatility.

Switching Mechanics: In Legend of Mushroom, you can effortlessly switch character classes throughout battles to react to changing conditions and exploit enemy weaknesses. Switching from a mage to a warrior for close-quarters combat or from a warrior to an archer for ranged threats gives you unmatched flexibility and agility.

Leveling Up

Legend of Mushroom requires leveling up to enhance characters, increase abilities, and unlock new skills. You will face progressively difficult adversaries and tasks, ending in spectacular boss battles. Leveling up gives players a fighting chance against formidable enemies by boosting their stats and skills.

Complete objectives, battle opponents, and collect experience points to level up. Leveling up gives you additional abilities and skills that can help you defeat bosses. Leveling up your characters regularly prepares you for future challenges.

Boss Battles: Ultimate Test

These powerful opponents are frequently larger, stronger, and more resilient than regular enemies and, therefore very challenging for gamers. Destroying bosses rewards players with rare loot, experience points, and game progression.

Draw Rewards

Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/No ads)

Draw rewards unlock gear, resources, and rare collectibles. You gain a lot from drawing rewards by improving your characters, getting powerful weapons, or accessing exclusive content.

Draw rewards in Legend of Mushroom range from common to ultra-rare. Draw rewards include gear, consumables, money, and special cosmetics. Gamers like draws because they can get valuable rewards.

Free draw gifts in Legend of Mushroom can be earned in numerous ways. Event participation, accomplishment completion, and game milestones award free draws. You can also earn free draw opportunities from daily logins and special promotions, giving a continual supply of goodies.


in Legend of Mushroom Mod Apk, you play a brave hero who must restore harmony to a once-thriving island. As you play you will discover many mysteries, fight powerful adversaries, and restore the island to its former glory.

The game flawlessly blends exploration, battling, and strategy.

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