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Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.26.0 (Menu/Free Craft/Unlimited Money)

Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.26.0 (Menu/Free Craft/Unlimited Money)
App Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Latest Version 1.26.0
Last Updated
Publisher KEFIR
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Action Action
Size 817 MB
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Craft
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (216) Votes


Last Day on Earth MOD APK commonly known as LDOE Mod Apk is a classic survival action-adventure game where every choice matters to survive a harsh environment. Every turn in this post-apocalyptic world brings difficulties, dangers, and opportunities.

In Last Day on Earth – Survival, society has collapsed and only the strongest and most resourceful can survive. A terrible environment full of zombies, hostile survivors, and environmental hazards awaits you in this open-world survival game. Your every move might be life or death due to limited resources and endless dangers.

Explore the game’s huge diverse locations. Gather wood, stone, and metal to make tools, weapons, and shelters. Kill Zombies and other wild animals which are continual threats to your survival.

Character Creation

Last Day on Earth MOD APK (Menu/Free Craft/Unlimited Money)

Create your survivor to start your journey. Tailor your character’s appearance and skills to your play style. Choose from a range of qualities and abilities to live in Last Day on Earth – Survival’s harsh wilderness.

Decide Your Specialization: Last Day on Earth – Survival lets you customize your hero’s skills. Combat, crafting, exploration, and diplomacy each have their own merits. Your specialization will affect your gameplay and strengths and weaknesses, so consider your playstyle and objectives.

Ability and Skills: The Last Day on Earth – Survival skill tree has many talents to unlock and master. Each skill improves survival, from warfare to resource collecting to base building. Maximizing your hero’s potential and overcoming challenges requires strategic skill selection. The skills are categorized into active (Self-healing, auto mode, sneaking, rolling, etc), passive (Cold survivor, Motorcycle driver< trader, burglar, robber, etc), and temporary skills ( like companionship, etc)

Equipment and Gear: Your hero needs the correct gear to survive. From guns and armor to tools and supplies, your gear can save your life. Adjust your loadout to suit your playstyle and goals, whether stealthy infiltration, violent fighting, or diplomatic negotiation among other survivors (By joining Guild)

Building Your Shelter in Last Day on Earth MOD APK

Last Day on Earth MOD APK (Menu/Free Craft/Unlimited Money)

Finding the right place is the first step in building a safe shelter. Consider resource closeness, defensibility, and accessibility while choosing a shelter site.

Construction of Basic Shelter: After finding a good spot, build your shelter. Start with a solid foundation and walls. Build your home with durable, stable materials like wood, stone, and metal. Focus on functionality and practicality when designing your shelter. Try to upgrade the walls to avoid a horde of zombies from destroying your shelter or other players from breaking it and stealing your items.

Fortifying Your Shelter: Increase your shelter’s defenses to ensure your safety. Extra layers of material can strengthen walls and entrances against attackers. To keep intruders out, install spikes, barricades, and traps. With a strong shelter, you may rest easy knowing you’re safe from attackers.

Resource Management: Last Day on Earth-Survival shelter construction requires resource management. Get wood, stone, and metal for construction, and look for uncommon resources to strengthen your shelter. Use effective resource-gathering methods to ensure a consistent flow of materials, and stockpile emergency supplies like first aid boxes, guns, and food.

Crafting in Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth MOD APK (Menu/Free Craft/Unlimited Money)

The crafting system lets you combine materials and components to make new objects and constructions. Before crafting, you must gather basic items resources wood, stone, and metal from the environment. These resources can be utilized to make everything from tools and weapons to complex equipment and constructions.

Advanced Crafting Recipes: You can obtain complex crafting recipes that need rare materials and components as they progress in the game You can manufacture powerful weapons, armor, and equipment with these recipes to gain an advantage in combat and exploration. Also, you can get uncommon blueprints and recipes to improve your crafting by exploring and completing tasks.

Crafting Specialized Equipment: The advanced crafting mechanism is used to make player-specific equipment. The crafting mechanism can provide you with powerful weapons to fight zombies or durable armor to shield you from other survivors/stronger zombies. By accumulating materials and components, you can create weapons, armor, and tools to suit their playstyle and goals.

Vehicle Assembly In Last Day on Earth MOD APK

Last Day on Earth MOD APK vehicle assembly procedure is difficult. Planning, resource management, and craftsmanship are needed. You must gather the right parts and materials for the vehicle before starting to build it.

Assembling a Chopper Motorcycle: Chopper motorcycles are popular in Last Day on Earth – Survival. The sleek, fast, and agile chopper can navigate tough terrain and outrun enemies. You must acquire chassis, wheels, engines, and other pieces to build a chopper motorcycle.

Building an ATV: ATVs are essential for rough terrain and long-distance remote exploration. The ATV’s strong design and off-road skills make tough terrain easy to navigate. You need a frame, wheels, motor, and other pieces to build an ATV.

Crafting a Motorboat: Motorboats are best for exploring wide waterways. A motorboat lets you easily explore inaccessible islands and coastal locations due to its speed and maneuverability. You must gather vessels, engines, propellers, and other elements to build a speedboat.

Finding and Obtaining Vehicle Parts: Locating car assembly parts and supplies might be difficult. You must explore, scavenge, and fight other survivors to get parts. Vehicle parts are found in abandoned vehicles, military camps, and other locations.


Last Day on Earth MOD APK takes place in a world where a mysterious disease has turned most people into brutal zombies. You must survive in a huge, deadly world by exploring resources, fighting zombies, and creating shelters.

Before Starting your journey, you have to create your survivor. You can customize your character’s appearance and skills to play your way. Choose from many qualities and abilities to survive this harsh environment.

Survival in Last Day on Earth requires exploration. Explore forests, abandoned buildings, and other places for important resources. Gather wood, stone, and other resources for tools, weapons, and shelters.

Combat is essential to gameplay. Knowing how to defend yourself against zombies or hostile survivors is vital. Fight other survivors and zombies with machetes, handguns, and shotguns.

Fortify your base and build shelters to shield yourself from the weather and zombies. 

Overall this is an interesting game with content that is worth for weeks before you get bored.

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