GameHorror Haunted Dorm

Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.7.13 (Unlimited Money/Gems) 2024

Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.7.13 (Unlimited Money/Gems) 2024
App Name Haunted Dorm
Latest Version 1.7.13
Last Updated
Publisher Mihuan
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Horror Horror
Size 45 MB

Unlimited money/Gems

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (978) Votes


Haunted Dorm Mod Apk is a horror-themed tower defense game that is one of the most interesting in the genre. This game has become a must-play for horror and strategy game fans alike due to its scary atmosphere and unique ways to play.

In this game, you find yourself in charge of defending against supernatural forces, you have to use clever tactics and quick thinking to escape from the Dorm and make it through the night. Since Haunted Dorm has a scary atmosphere and addictive mechanics, it’s no surprise that it has a committed following of both horror and strategy fans.

The Game has a creepy atmosphere with disturbing graphics and sound design that puts you in a world of otherworldly horror. You must prepare for unknown dangers as night falls in the dormitories.

Game mechanics

Haunted Dorm Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) 2024

Essentially, Haunted Dorm is a tower defense game with a dark twist. To defend the dormitories from waves of supernatural monsters, you have to strategically install defenses and traps. Your defenses include mystical wards and turrets, each having strengths and weaknesses.

Defending Against the Unknown:

You will battle waves of progressively dangerous supernatural opponents throughout the night. Restless ghosts, evil specters, and many entities will challenge your defenses. To defeat these otherworldly invaders, you must adjust your strategy and defenses.

Unraveling Mysteries:

Hidden underneath the haunting dormitories are dark secrets and ancient mysteries. You will discover the dormitory’s ghostly tales and its past as you play. With each new clue or hidden artifact you find, you get closer to solving the puzzle of the dorm’s dark past.

Leveling Up:

Facing rounds of supernatural monsters will earn you experience points and money, which you can use to unlock powerful defense upgrades. Haunted Dorm Mod Apk requires progression to survive the night, from improving traps to unlocking stronger skills. Leveling up unlocks new challenges and higher dangers keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.

Exploring the Dorm:

The game takes place in a hostel with several rooms and surprises. Each place is carefully constructed to evoke a haunted mood, from dusty libraries to darkly lit passageways. There is more depth to the exploration experience thanks to interactive objects and secret passageways.

Facing the Supernatural

You will encounter a variety of strange monsters with different strengths and weaknesses. To defeat ghostly wraiths and voracious ghouls, you must be flexible. To prevail over the supernatural, you need to be smart and able to work with your teammates, whether you’re using physical weaknesses to your advantage or planning attacks with them in multiplayer mode.

Turret Building in Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Survival in Haunted Dorm requires turret building. To repel evil spirits, you must strategically deploy fortifications throughout the dorm. Each sort of turret has its strengths and expertise. You can use projectile turrets, wards, and traps to fight the otherworldly creatures.

Types of Turrets:

In Haunted Dorm, different turrets specialize in different defenses. Projectile turrets deal damage from afar, while trap turrets immobilize and weaken attackers. Support turrets buff adjacent defenses, whereas elemental turrets use the elements to vanquish Evil spirits.

Strategies for Defense:

Success in Haunted Dorm requires good turret placement. You must carefully examine the dormitory layout and the strengths and weaknesses of each turret type when building defenses. Projectile turrets near entry points can thin enemy waves, while trap turrets in choke points can immobilize and weaken incoming spirits.

Upgrading Turrets:

As you progress in the game, you can upgrade the turrets for more effectiveness. Upgrades can boost damage, shooting speed, or abilities. However, upgrading turrets requires money and gems but with Haunted Dorm Mod APK you have access to Unlimited Money & Gems So that won’t be a problem for you.

Facing Evil Spirits

You are going to face evil spirits with different strengths and weaknesses along your adventure. You must adjust your defenses to fight restless ghosts and evil demons. Some spirits are weak to certain turrets, while others require many strategies to be defeated.


Haunted Dorm Mod Apk has sparked the interest of gamers all over the world with its exciting premise and immersive gameplay. Explore this haunted dormitory to find secrets, avoid spirits, and solve puzzles.

Haunted Dorm is a horror-themed mobile game about navigating a haunted hostel with supernatural entities. Its compelling storyline and engaging gameplay have won over a passionate fanbase eager to explore its dark passageways and solve its puzzles.

The game of Haunted Dorm involves exploration, puzzles, and survival. To advance, players must interact with objects and solve puzzles in rooms and hallways. They’ll face evil forces that require cleverness and quick reflexes to avoid or defeat.

As you play, you’ll gain experience and unlock new powers to help you. With each level, you get more adept at discovering ghosts and interacting with them. This makes you one step closer to figuring out the Haunted Dorm’s secrets and getting away from it.

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