GameAction Granny Horror Multiplayer

Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk v1.9 (All Characters Unlocked)

Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk v1.9 (All Characters Unlocked)
App Name Granny Horror Multiplayer
Latest Version 1.9
Last Updated
Publisher DarkGamesSCB
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 130 MB

All Characters Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (425) Votes


The terrifying atmosphere and fierce gameplay of Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk have captured gamers’ interest in the long-abandoned Horror genre.

Granny Horror is a survival horror game about escaping the evil Granny. Simple goal: live five days at Granny’s house and find clues to escape. This may seem simple but it is difficult to achieve.

Survival means escaping Granny’s house and avoiding her relentless pursuit. You’ll need stealth, cunning, and quick reflexes to outwit Granny and escape. Look for hiding places, weapons, and secret passageways to escape.

Granny’s origins

Granny fear captivated gamers with its distinct terror and tension. Granny Horror, developed by DarkGamesSCB, became popular for its creative gameplay and eerie atmosphere. The villainous Granny dominated the game with her vicious attitude.

Ganny is no ordinary grandmother. She terrifies anyone who crosses her way with her hunching physique, gnarled hands, and piercing gaze. Granny is terrifying because of her hungry bloodlust and unrelenting pursuit of her victims. Her bone-chilling cackle and footsteps in the halls might scare even the toughest players.

Granny Horror requires stealth, cunning, and fast thinking to escape Granny’s attacks. From hiding in closets to outwitting Granny with ingenious distractions, every encounter with Granny is a thrilling game of cat and mouse. However, Granny is always one step ahead, and one mistake move could eliminate the player.

Storyline Overview

Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk revolves around a crazy elderly woman named Granny. Players must escape her massive scary estate before it’s too late. They must discover her motives by searching for hidden secrets while they find ways to escape. As players explore, they are confronted by dangers.

Over five terrifying days, you must navigate Granny’s house and avoid her unrelenting pursuit. Finding keys, solving puzzles, and unlocking doors are some of the challenges you face. Granny’s terrible past is slowly revealed as you gradually uncover her twisted goal of being terrifying.

Setting the Scene: Granny’s House

Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk (All Characters Unlocked)

Granny’s house, is a huge, dark mansion, with scary passageways, chambers, and secrets. The house is expertly designed to evoke dread and suspense, from the decaying furnishings to the flickering candles.

Scary sounds are important to Granny Horror’s immersive environment. From frightening footsteps to Granny’s blood-curdling screams, every sound builds tension and keeps players on edge. Sound is crucial to generating a tense atmosphere throughout the game.

Interactive Elements:

As you explore, you will find many secrets and surprises in Granny’s mansion. With hidden passages, secret chambers, interactive objects, and puzzles, Granny’s house is always full of surprises. Interactive components provide dimension to the environment and help you find clues and progress.

Dynamic Environment:

The dynamic environment is thrilling. No playthrough is the same due to randomization and layout variations. This keeps players on their toes, never knowing what horrors await them. Gameplay is more unpredictable and difficult due to the changing environment.

Puzzles In Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk

Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk (All Characters Unlocked)

Many puzzles in the game test players’ reasoning, observation, and problem-solving capabilities. The game has puzzles for everyone, from logic to object-based which demand players to interact with the environment.

Puzzles of logic:

Granny Horror logic puzzles need critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Figuring out codes, manipulating objects, or going through mazes and finding the right passageway.

Object Puzzles:

Here you interact with Granny’s house’s objects to proceed. Object puzzles encourage you to investigate and try multiple solutions, such as locating keys to unlock doors, disabling traps, or making weapons.

Hidden Secrets:

Along with puzzles that determine your progression in the game, Granny Horror hides surprises throughout the game. Explore every corner of Granny’s house to find hidden places, clues to her background, or shortcuts to escape.

Multiplayer – Play With Friends

Granny Horror Multiplayer Mod Apk (All Characters Unlocked)

The Multiplayer mode has something for everyone, from cooperative modes where players must work together to survive to competitive modes where they must race to escape.

Players must collaborate to avoid Granny and thrive in the house. Survivors of Granny’s horrors have to work together to share supplies, plan escapes, and provide moral support.

Multiplayer adds depth and replayability with timed challenges that need fast thinking and teamwork and hidden mysteries and rewards throughout the house.


In Granny Horror Mod Apk, players must escape a scary house and dodge a cruel grandma. The game’s creepy atmosphere and challenging gameplay keep players on edge throughout.

Granny Horror is a survival horror game about avoiding Granny in rooms and passageways. Players must utilize stealth and intelligence to outwit her and discover the house’s secrets.

Unlock new regions and learn about Granny’s background by collecting items and keys placed throughout the surroundings.

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