GameAction Gangstar Vegas: World Of Crime

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk v7.3.1h (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/VIP 10)

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk v7.3.1h (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/VIP 10)
App Name Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime
Latest Version 7.2.4e
Last Updated
Publisher Gameloft SE
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Action Action
Size 2.6 GB
  • Vip active
  • Unlimited diamond
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (254) Votes


Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk is a popular open-world action-adventure game developed by Gameloft. The game immerses players in crime, corruption, and an interesting storyline all in Las Vegas. This storyline is the most interesting aspect of the game as it leads the protagonist deep into the city’s dangerous underworld.

In Gangstar Vegas, you play Jason Malone, a skilled MMA fighter who arrives in Las Vegas for a living but finds himself in a web of deceit, crimes, and betrayal. Mafia, street gangs, and corrupt law enforcement rule the city. As Jason, you must survive this deadly world while unveiling its mysteries and seeking revenge against those who wronged you.

Main character: Jason Malone

Gangstar Vegas’ protagonist is Jason Malone. As briefly explained above, finds himself in the underworld of crimes after being framed on a false accusation. Jason faces violence, betrayal, and unexpected friendships as he finds ways to clear his reputation and seek justice.

Jason faces several enemies from different Mafia groups. The Mafia, led by powerful criminal bosses with their ambitions, threatens Jason’s redemption. Apart from these mafias, Jason also faces street gangs, crooked cops, and other wicked organizations fighting over power in Las Vegas.

The Gangstar Vegas storyline has many twists and turns. As Jason explores the criminal underworld, he discovers dark secrets and hidden agendas that could destroy him. The game’s primary storyline missions include thrilling vehicle chases, heits, shootouts, and so on.

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk lets you customize and grow your character. From appearance and costume to skill and ability upgrades, you can customize Jason to suit your playstyle. Character progression is enjoyable and compelling with a variety of customization options and skill improvements.

Combat System

Gangstar Vegas has a fast-paced, action-packed fighting system with many weapons and styles. You use different weapons and strategies to defeat other gangs whether in firefights or brutal street confrontations. Combat is nearly limitless with a varied array of firearms, explosives, and melee weapons. Check them below:

Firearms: Modern warfare relies on firearms, and Gangstar Vegas has several options for you. You can pick pistols for fast, accurate shots or assault weapons for distant & sustained firepower.

Melee Weapons: Melee weapons are useful in close quarters. Melee weapons are harmful and effective, whether it’s a razor-sharp knife for concealed takedowns or a big baseball bat for bone-crushing hits.

Explosives: Gangstar Vegas has an arsenal of explosives for dangerous circumstances. Explosives can change the game with grenades knocking out strong gangs and rocket launchers dealing massive damage.

Weapon customization: You can upgrade and customize your weapons for a unique fighting experience. Weapon customization lets you maximize your loadouts by adding a scope for accuracy or a suppressor for stealth.

Getting Weapons: Gangstar Vegas offers various weapon options. You can buy them from Pawn shops all across the game, randomly pick them in the streets, or get them for completing quests.

The Vast Open City of Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas’ large open city is full of life, action, and exploration. Discover and conquer Las Vegas. It never disappoints with its various environments, historic sites, and hidden treasures.

Exploration Mechanics: Gangstar Vegas’s easy navigation and controls make exploring easy. You can go to the city by foot, car, or plane. You will always find something fresh and thrilling around every corner, whether you’re driving down the Strip in a sports car or flying above the city in a helicopter.

Dynamic Day/Night Cycle: Gangstar Vegas’ dynamic day/night cycle enhances immersion and changes the gameplay. The city comes alive with neon lights, crowds, and nightlife as the sun sets. You may explore the city at night or during the day, each with its own mood and adventure opportunities.

NPC interactions: Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk offers a broad array of NPCs to interact with in addition to exploring the city. The city has many personalities to meet, from kind civilians offering guidance to criminal underworld figures. Your NPC interactions can affect the game, so choose allies and foes carefully.

Criminal Mission Types

Unlike Vice Online, Gangstar Vegas has a variety of criminal tasks that enhance the story and gameplay. You can explore the main story and side missions, each with distinct challenges and chances.

Main Story Missions: The main storyline of Gangstar Vegas’ narrative revolves around tasks that explore crime, betrayal, and revenge. The dirty underworld of Las Vegas is explored in these missions, from high-speed vehicle chases to dramatic shootouts. Every choice has implications and influences the story itself.

Side Missions and Activities: Gangstar Vegas has many side missions and activities in addition to the main storyline. From transporting smuggled products to joining underground fight clubs, these side activities offer plenty of stuff to enjoy outside of the main storyline. Complete side tasks to earn resources and unlock new features.

Cars in Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

You can choose from elegant sports cars to rough off-road vehicles in Gangstar Vegas. There are cars for every playstyle, from speed and agility to raw force and durability. Las Vegas streets are yours to explore in style with classic muscle vehicles and exotic supercars.

Gangstar Vegas’ straightforward driving mechanics and realistic physics engine make driving cars easy. To navigate Las Vegas’ busy streets, you must master driving first, from tight turns and sharp curves to high-speed pursues and adrenaline-fueled escapes from the cops. You can customize controls and advanced driving aids to fit your skill level and preferences.

Graphics Quality in Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/VIP 10)

Gangstar Vegas’s high-quality visuals bring Las Vegas’s busy streets to life on your phone. From detailed character models to outstanding surrounding effects, the game is deliberately designed to immerse players in its vibrant world. The graphics enhance the game’s realism and immersion, making it visually stunning.

Visual Enhancements: Gangstar Vegas has many graphic upgrades that increase its immersion. From dynamic lighting and realistic shadows to rain and fog, every aspect is carefully created to create a magnificent world for players to explore. Gameloft gave the game depth and realism, making every moment more immersive and intriguing.

Character and Vehicle Design: Gangstar Vegas’ realistic characters and vehicles stand out. Every detail of Las Vegas’ underworld is carefully crafted, from the gritty gangsters to the flashy sports vehicles. You can alter the characters and vehicles to personalize their game.

Dynamic Environments: Gangstar Vegas has dynamic surroundings that change as you play. Interactive components and destructible things make every area feel alive and dynamic, from busy city streets to vast deserts. This dynamic setting immerses gamers in Gangstar Vegas’ reality.


Gameloft’s open-world action game Gangstar Vegas has captivated gamers with its immersive gameplay and unique dynamics.

The intuitive touchscreen and gamepad controls make navigating the busy streets easy. The controls are responsive and easy to understand, allowing smooth exploration of the game’s vast world on foot or by car.

Gangstar Vegas’ fighting system has weapons and strategies for every play style. You can fight adversaries with handguns, assault weapons, grenades, and rocket launchers. Melee attacks, cover-based shooting, and vehicular combat give depth to combat dynamics.

All in all, it is an interesting open-world grand theft auto-style game that is 20 times bigger than Real Gansta Crime. Download and enjoy the Mod with Unlimited Money.

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