FreeTone Mod Apk V3.34.15 (Unlimited Credits)
FreeTone Mod Apk V3.34.15 (Unlimited Credits)

FreeTone Calls & Texting APK + MOD Unlimited Credits v3.34.15

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Overview Information

Name FreeTone Calls & Texting
Package com.textmeinc.freetone
Publisher Textme, Inc.
Category Social
Version 3.34.15
Size 126.27 MB
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Credits
Updated On
FREE calling and texting (SMS texts + MMS) in US & Canada with FREE phone number

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FreeTone Mod Apk is a simple app that lets you make a virtual phone number of different countries and make phone calls to any phone number worldwide. Finally, you can make calls with US or Canadian phone numbers at cheap rates while you are located in another country.

In order to use this app you must first Create an account that is free. This is a quick process that only requires your valid email or you can authenticate with your  Facebook account to create an account. After registering, you can start making calls with the 10 free credits that come with the free account.

FreeTone Mod Apk is a simple app that makes international calls cheap. Calls typically cost one credit per minute. As stated, creating an account gets you 10 free credits so you already have 10 min worth of free calls. The app also sells points. You can also watch annoying ads or invite friends to earn credits without using your real money. But this process is very hectic and not easy because it will take you a long time before you can gather enough coins or even convince your friends to join.

Just like Numero e-SIM, FreeTone is a great phone app that lets you call anywhere at a cheap rate. The app’s interface is easy to use, so you’ll be able to make phone calls quickly. Also, it comes in handy for small online businesses that want to have international virtual numbers for their international clients. It looks professional in that case.

Description of FreeTone Mod Apk

I know your local telecom might be enough for you because you might have subscribed to unlimited texts and thousands of minutes, but there are many reasons to have a virtual international/local phone number. The reason could be as simple as avoiding unwanted texts and marketing calls or making a work-related phone line that serves as a support line for your international customers. FreeTone is a basic VoIP app that gives you a second line with unlimited US and Canadian calls and texts for your personal or business use.

As far as the free account is concerned you won’t enjoy this app Unless you upgrade your account to premium otherwise you have to buy coins before you can make calls or text messages. After registering and adding your basic contact details, you will receive a new text and call number from FreeTone. With the  Free plans you only get a max of 500 outgoing minutes and unlimited incoming minutes. That plan includes unlimited texts but does not support multimedia such as photos or videos. So even if you have coins you must upgrade to premium in order to fully enjoy the app.

One thing I like the most is the ability to change the area code which is a great idea. At the beginning of registration, you can choose an area code that is ideal for business owners who want to have a local phone number for their clients. If you want to have numerous numbers for your business just create multiple accounts. If you use numerous numbers using this app can be difficult because you have to sign out first before using the other phone number which is not user-friendly so you need to have multiple phones but the app supports multiple devices. You can easily access your account on multiple devices.

Features of FreeTone Mod APK

  1. Unlimited Free Calls: With FreeTone Mod APK, you can make unlimited free calls to any number, both domestic and international. Connect with your friends, family, and loved ones without any limitations.
  2. Unlimited Text Messaging: Send unlimited text messages to anyone, regardless of their location. Stay in touch with your contacts, share important updates, and engage in seamless conversations.
  3. Virtual Phone Number: FreeTone Mod APK provides you with a virtual phone number, which can be used to receive calls and texts. This number ensures your privacy and allows you to maintain a separate line for personal or professional purposes.
  4. HD Voice Quality: Experience crystal-clear voice quality during your calls. FreeTone Mod APK utilizes advanced audio technology to ensure your conversations are smooth and uninterrupted.
  5. Group Messaging: Create group chats and communicate with multiple contacts simultaneously. Plan events, coordinate activities, or simply stay connected with your social circles.
  6. Customization Options: Personalize your messaging experience with various themes, wallpapers, and notification sounds. Customize the app’s appearance to suit your preferences and add a touch of personality.
  7. No Ads: Say goodbye to intrusive advertisements that interrupt your communication. FreeTone Mod APK removes ads, providing an ad-free user experience.

FreeTone Mod Apk is a Simple Texting/calling app

FreeTone Mod Apk (Unlimited Credits)

FreeTone’s UI resembles WhatsApp Messenger. After verifying your email you can view your messages, compose a new one, view your contact book, or call using the phone app.

You can send photos, videos, voice notes, your location, and Dropbox files in a text chat provided you are a premium user.

Since it is a VoIP app, occasionally your messages may be sent in duplicates, even though you only sent them once. Sometimes your texts will never go through all this can be due to internet connections or server problems and this is why  It’s hard to suggest FreeTone or other related apps VoIP over famous chat apps like Whatsapp.

The dial pad is used to dial a number and all the Calls I made during my tests were clear but occasionally delayed or echoed. FreeTone Mod Apk allowed me to make a separate phone number for my Craigslist account where I dont want to share my real phone number.

The Phone call quality entirely depends on the strength of your internet connection. Older smartphones with poor internet signals may slow calls. As long as you have a strong internet connection it will work on most gadgets and provide clear phone calls.

Even though I was not impressed with the free edition but I think it should suit most users if you intend to use this app for your business then a premium account should be your bet.


Though the app makes it difficult to make texting and calling absolutely free without watching ads or inviting your friend but the free 10 Credits that was given to me after signup did not last as it was claimed and gathering free credits from watching ads is also not what is claimed by the app because it is almost impossible to accumulate enough credits.

As promised by the app, most calls and SMS are free for selected regions

Speaking about credits. First off, only international calls and messages require Credits. In-app purchases of 40 credits cost around 1$.

The FreeTone Shop sells sticker packs, alert sound bundles, and color themes for credits. So you need credits to make basic customizations that are free on Whatsapp but that is not completely new because even the LINE app charges its users for basic customizations. 

Your credit balance is prominently displayed atop your inbox.

On the subscription page, you can buy credit packages for foreign calling/texting or become a premium subscriber to remove ads, get call forwarding, and never lose your number after inactivity for some time.

Service Nations

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, South Korea, Indonesia, Colombia, Mauritius, Netherlands, Poland, UK, US.

Privacy and Security

In an era where data protection is paramount, FreeTone takes privacy seriously. The app employs encryption to safeguard your conversations, ensuring that your messages and calls remain confidential. The app provides privacy controls, allowing you to manage who can contact you and who can’t. Filters for blocking spam and unwanted messages contribute to a seamless communication experience.


FreeTone Mod Apk is a good VoIP app but its occasional message delivery issues and lack of real multi-device support make it hard to recommend replacing your actual phone number it is great if you want an additional phone number or want to have a virtual US or Canada phone number.

FreeTone is handy but shouldn’t replace your actual calling app. If you can avoid the ads, you can call and text and use it as a secondary number when you don’t want your recipient to know your true number. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does FreeTone cost?

FreeTone offers a range of affordable options, including free features and low-cost international calling rates. You can tailor your usage to fit your communication needs and budget.

Can I use FreeTone without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use FreeTone without Wi-Fi by relying on your cellular data. However, Wi-Fi calling is a prominent feature that enhances call quality and minimizes data usage.

Is FreeTone available in countries other than the US and Canada?

Currently, FreeTone primarily focuses on providing phone numbers and services within the United States and Canada.

How do I block unwanted contacts?

FreeTone provides privacy controls that allow you to block unwanted contacts and filter out spam messages. You can manage these settings within the app.

What is the difference between FreeTone and other communication apps?

FreeTone distinguishes itself through its provision of free US and Canadian phone numbers, competitive international calling rates, and a user-friendly interface that caters to various communication needs.

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Fix an issue leading to purchases sometimes being allocated to the wrong phone number
Stability fixes

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