Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk V2.1.3 (Unlimited money)
Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk V2.1.3 (Unlimited money)

Fiona's Farm APK + MOD Unlimited Money v2.1.3

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Overview Information

Name Fiona's Farm
Package games.ace.fionasfarm
Publisher Ace Academy Teknoloji A.Ş.
Category Puzzle
Version 2.1.3
Size 188 MB
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Solve puzzles to unlock adventures & turn the farm into a paradise!

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I am back with another puzzle game but with a gorgeous farming theme. Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk is a game that has the taste of Candy Crush. it is basically comparable to home scape but here you build and maintain a farm while you play puzzles.

Your main goal in this game is to help Fiona’s grandmother renovate her old farm. In order for you to accomplish this objective, you have to go through hundreds of exciting journey that is jam-packed with puzzle challenges, targets, and unique areas to explore. As you play the game and advance to higher levels, new levels will be added again and again. It is just like candy crush you can not see the end of the game.  Enjoy finding hidden family secrets, acquiring resources, and building unique structures and you advance higher levels.

As you installed the game and start playing, the first person that you will meet is Fiona’s granny who is a modest lady that abandoned the family farm. She’ll give you the farm’s renovation guides after informing you about what happened to it in the past few years. You basically learn all the basics about the farm from her and after that, you can start rebuilding the old family farming business. Just like other puzzle games, you’ll need the energy to play and therefore farm and upgrade structures in the farm and collect resources. Only solving harder puzzles will provide this energy to rebuild the old abandoned farm. So play hard!

In each level of the game you basically Join pieces of the same colored cubes and at the same time fulfill certain objectives. You can use power-ups within the puzzles that make stages easier for you. You get these powerups when you join a lot of the same cubes. After completing levels, you’ll get the energy that you can use to complete the objectives of the farm such as rebuilding structures, crushing rocks, cleaning, adding decor, planting, harvesting crops, unlocking new areas, exploring storylines, and so on. Read more below.

Description of Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk

Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk is a fun brain-teasing puzzle game that was developed by Ace Academy Teknoloji A.Ş.

Fiona’s Farm is a superb puzzle and adventure game for Android in which you explore Fiona’s life, solving colorful puzzles and discovering secrets in her grandmother’s farm while you complete objectives. Are you  Ready for an adventure? Then download Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk.

You are about to embark on an exciting farming journey after you went to visit your grandmother. Give her a rustic taste as you help her rebuild her abandoned farm and cheer her up by completing a variety of objectives. Play Puzzles to earn coins and boosters that you can use for your adventures and the revival of the abandoned farm. Relax and let the game stories captivate you.

One thing about Puzzle games is that they challenge your brain and enhance your thinking. But the good thing is that you can get power-ups and rewards in each level that you play that will soften the puzzle for you. You can also your real money to buy these powerups.

And mind you there is life in this game with a timer for each life that will be added to you. This life is basically the key that will allow you to play the game. If you fail to complete a level you basically lose a life and if you don’t have any life you just have to wait for the timer to regenerate and add life to you.

Also as you play each level, you will be introduced to new characters with unique stories. Most of the stories revolve around rebuilding the farm and generating revenues and finding clues regarding Fiona’s father. This game is just amazing. I almost forget as you play the game and complete levels, the game will fairly reward you with coins and boosters. The coins can be used to refile your life or replay a failed level.

Simple gameplay

Fiona's Farm Mod Apk (Unlimited money)

Download Fiona’s Farm Mod Apk if you are really interested in a game that combines the mechanics and elements of a town builder with a block-breaker puzzle.

As you are in the quest to restore Fiona’s grandma’s family. You will meet with your different childhood friends and unlock new and interesting storylines.

Gameplay requires energy which can only be gotten when you complete levels of the puzzle game. To gather resources or unlock fog-covered locations of the farm, you’ll have to cut down trees and smash rocks in order to clear the path. The size of the area determines the energy that is needed to unlock and transform the new farm area. For example, a rock wall requires more energy to demolish than a stone pile. As you play puzzles, your energy increases. Also as you play the puzzles make sure you earn decent star grades. A 3-star grade will earn the best bonuses. As you unlock new areas you can renovate old structures or build new ones. Clear the area, plant your crops, feed your animals, and sell the end products such as corn, wheat, eggs, milk, and so on.

This game is mostly about solving puzzles. This game uses block-breaker puzzles. Just join 3 or more same-colored cubes. Finding cube clusters that are connected is easy and the game even highlights some. Clearing the board and completing objectives on the other hand may not be easy. Just like in candy crush some of  These cubes have color-related symbols.

Grouped cubes change symbols. This suggests that eliminating the group from the round will yield a useful power up so dont miss the opportunity. These power-ups differ some remove a line of blocks, some break cubes within a short radius, some remove a color from the board, some clear all same-colored cubes, and so on Each of the power-ups has a satisfying effect. When you combine similar or two different power-ups, they create a different effect that is strong and therefore clears many cubes. You’ll use these combos and powerups more as you play the game.

There are Other block-removing power-ups that you get when you finish levels or complete objectives. You can also buy them with coins or through event rewards. There are many of them for example  A spade removes cubes in a straight line, a pick removes cubes in a cross-shape, and a wheelbarrow removes all single-color cubes from the board. Remember you can use only what you have and don’t waste them only use them when you find it necessary.

Fiona’s Farm is ad-free

Not all games feature ads. I have played a lot of games that are completely free of ads without paying a dime and this game is no different. I really liked this game’s ad-freeness because these days developers are only after money as such it is a big thumbs up from the developers of this game. The puzzle-matching effects are amazing, even though some of the game’s levels take days to complete, however, the life timer is annoying for me because I’m always hungry to play more. It’s awful to wait for hours just to get a life refill. I really enjoyed this game, however, it would be wonderful if the developers added a community feature where you add your friends and share lives.

What's Mod: Fiona's Farm

Unlimited money

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