AppCommunication Eyecon Caller ID & Spam Block

Eyecon MOD APK v4.0.518 (Premium Unlocked) latest

Eyecon MOD APK v4.0.518 (Premium Unlocked) latest
App Name Eyecon Caller ID & Spam Block
Latest Version 4.0.518
Last Updated
Publisher Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Communication Communication
Size 40.85 Mb

Premium Unlocked

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (423) Votes


Nowadays, digital communication is very important and it is vital to manage who can reach you. Eyecon MOD APK is a multipurpose tool that blocks spam and scam calls and improves your calling experience. It transforms the way you interact with your contacts, making your communication safer and more efficient.

Frequent spam and scam calls can be frustrating. These spam/scams pose security threats. With Eyecon, you can regain control of your phone and only receive legitimate calls.

Eyecon uses sophisticated algorithms to identify spam and fake calls. It compares incoming calls to a huge database of known spammers and scammers. This way, sketchy calls or messages are automatically blocked.

Eyecon lets you see a lot of information about the caller, like their name, picture, and social media accounts. The call history feature keeps track of all your calls, making it easy to review past interactions.

Eyecon makes managing contacts easy. This app does a great job of organizing your contact list, merging duplicate entries, and getting information from social media profiles.

Caller ID With Photos on Eyecon MOD APK

Eyecon MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) latest

We’ve all had that phone ring that leaves us wondering whether to answer or leave a message. Knowing who’s calling helps you avoid spam and scam calls and only talk to genuine contacts.

With visual caller ID, you don’t have to decide when to answer the call. It can be more interesting and personal to talk to someone when you see their picture instead of just a number. This helps you connect with your contacts better.

The Eyecon app integrates well with Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. It pulls in profile pictures and other necessary info to keep your contact information updated and complete.

With Eyecon, customization is important. You can Select a theme for your caller ID and assign pictures to contacts. The customisation makes your calling experience unique.

Eyecon Mod Apk improves communication and security. It safeguards you from fraud and spam calls by showing caller information with pictures and even social media profiles.

Block Spammers & Scammers

Eyecon’s ability to stop spam and scam calls is very helpful. By automatically identifying and blocking spammers and scammers, it protects you from unsolicited calls.

Eyecon works by integrating with your contact list and social media accounts to provide a rich, visual calling experience. For unsaved contacts that are not considered spam calls, at first, the app allows you to decide by Seeing the caller’s photo and social network information which helps you decide whether to answer. However, known spam numbers are automatically detected by advanced algorithms and datasets and are automatically blocked.

Eyecon Mod Apk strengthens your phone security by blocking spam and fraudulent calls. You don’t have to worry about phone scams or having to deal with annoying telemarketers anymore.

All blocked calls are in Eyecon’s call log. You can examine and manage blocked numbers ensuring that you don’t miss important calls from a number that is flagged as spam.

Make Calls & Send SMS Faster

Eyecon’s calling features are designed for speed and convenience. Understanding your calling habits, the Smart Dialer prioritizes your most-called numbers so they’re always accessible. This tool saves you time and makes it easier to get in touch with the people you talk to most frequently.

SMS management is Eyecon’s specialty. You can send SMS quickly with the app. You can use pre-set templates for common replies, making your messaging experience faster and more efficient.

Eyecon lets you keep track of your calls easily by giving you an exhaustive log of each one. Review past conversations, missed calls, and conversation duration. You won’t miss any important calls with this feature, and it helps you stay organized.

Transforming Your Contact List with Photos

The days of scrolling through bland names are over. Eyecon makes your contact list look more alive by adding photos. Seeing a familiar face next to a name helps you find contacts faster and makes your interactions more personal.

Eyecon works by syncing with your phone contacts and social media profiles, pulling in photos and other relevant details. Eyecon makes it easier to recognize and connect with people by viewing call and contact information visually.

What makes Eyecon special is customization. Choose themes and layouts to match your style for your contact list. You can also assign specific photos to contacts, adding a personal touch to your directory.

Your contact list can get crowded with duplicates, making it harder to find the right person. Eyecon makes it easy to get rid of duplicates, so your contact list is clean and well-organized.

Eyecon makes updating contact details easy. The app updates your contacts automatically by syncing with your social media profiles, saving you time.

Eyecon makes contact management easy. You can sort your contacts into groups, set favorites, and label them. This makes it easier to find and connect with the people you talk to most often.

Eyecon’s Backup

A device malfunction or inadvertent deletion might wipe out all your contacts and call history. If you don’t have a backup you could lose a lot of info and have problems in your personal and professional life.

Eyecon’s backup feature is simple and makes data protection easy. Eyecon streamlines and secures backing up contacts call history, and settings.

Eyecon’s backup tool gives you peace of mind by keeping your data safe and making it easy to access whenever needed. Whether you’re upgrading your device or lost your data for no reason, you can rest assured that your backup is safe and you can restore it anytime.


Eyecon Mod Apk is a powerful caller ID and dialer app that comes with a visual caller ID, call blocking, spam protection, and contact management tools that enhance your communication experience.

Eyecon helps you identify callers you don’t know, block spam calls and messages, and manage your contacts well, so you have full control over all of your communications, both coming in and going out.

Eyecon makes updating and syncing contacts easy. Eyecon also provides call history and analytics to track interactions. Knowing who you’ve called, missed calls, and conversation length can help you understand your communication habits.

When compared to GetContact and TrueCaller, Eyecon has a better design that looks better and works better with social media. Both apps block spam calls well, but Eyecon is easier to use and has more tools, so it’s better.

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