Death City Zombie Invasion Mod Apk V1.5.4 (Unlimited Money)
Death City Zombie Invasion Mod Apk V1.5.4 (Unlimited Money)

Death City : Zombie Invasion APK + MOD Unlimited Money v1.5.4

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Overview Information

Name Death City : Zombie Invasion
Package com.deathcity.zombiegames
Publisher Charm Tech.
Category Adventure
Version 1.5.4
Size 133.87 MB
Requires Android 4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Warriors, take your weapon, defend our living earth!

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I’m back with another Zombie game Death City Zombie Invasion Mod Apk. Here you play the role of a lone survivor who is prepared and armed to eliminate all of the zombies that are swarming throughout a city which is caused by the outbreak of a deadly virus. From what I have played the game and it falls in between the genres of action and adventure. It is of the greatest priority for you to maintain vigilance if you do not want to be killed by the Zombies.

The controls are very simple to use because all you have to do to move is click on the area of the screen where you want to go. Yeah typical of most adventure games. If it is shooting you want, then all you have to do is aim accurately at one of the zombies that are attacking you and the gun will automatically shoot. It is important to keep in mind that in order to kill all the zombies and restore the town, you will need to accomplish the various tasks that have been given to you.

Death City Zombie Invasion Mod Apk Gameplay

When playing Death City: Zombie Invasion, it is essential that you pay close attention to every nook and cranny of the grid in order to determine which areas of the city require your assistance the most. You also have access to a respectable collection of weaponry that can be utilized to give you an advantage in the various fights that you engage in throughout the game.

You get the added benefit of teaming up with other people in order to fortify your defenses and launch more devastating attacks. Typically you meet with two people and you must all cooperate as a team in order to achieve your goal of restoring the city from the deadly zombie.  You will even have access to grenades and other aspects reminiscent of warfare, allowing you to take out multiple zombies at once with a single blast. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and also prioritize your target because some zombies are way more aggressive and smarter than others so target the fast-moving ones first. Also in order to become stronger you may need to use the DNA of some of these zombies in the lab and manipulate it for your usage. This will help your player attack and defense strength.

Death City: Zombie Invasion is a game that allows you to explore a city infested with zombies caused by a deadly virus outbreak and your task is to kill all the zombies in order to protect the city from an impending catastrophe.

Simple plot

The game gameplay is basically similar to Zombie Fire Mod Apk and other zombie games. You are the sole survivor in a metropolis that is rapidly deteriorating around you. There are no more provisions, the infrastructure is disintegrating, and zombies are present in every area. It is a terrifying situation that you must prepare for and save yourself.

You are basically the city’s last chance, and as such, you have no choice but to battle and kill all the zombies in order to stay alive and save the city. Get ready for the true zombie invasion because it is on its way, and the battle against them is going to be difficult as you progress in the game.  There are zombies everywhere, and they are becoming more hostile as you gradually progress in the game. 

This zombie game will challenge you in a variety of different ways with its many different tasks. There are some of them that are straightforward, while others are more involved and challenging. Your objective is to live through this ordeal and rescue any surviving humans that you encounter and team up with them.

Your ability to effectively shoot at the zombies is going to be the deciding factor in whether or not you will survive, so make sure you aim at the zombies correctly and better upgrade your weapons. 

Tips and Strategies

To maximize your chances of survival and thrive in Death City Zombie Invasion, consider the following tips and strategies:

Prioritize Weapon Upgrades

Invest in upgrading your weapons to deal more damage and increase your chances of survival. Focus on enhancing your favorite weapon types and unlocking powerful abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Gather Resources Efficiently

Resource management is essential for long-term survival. Plan your scavenging routes effectively to collect the necessary resources while minimizing exposure to danger. Prioritize high-yield areas and explore abandoned buildings for hidden treasures.

Build Strategic Defenses

A well-fortified base is your stronghold against the relentless zombie onslaught. Strategically position defenses and traps to funnel and eliminate approaching zombies. Upgrade your walls and gates to withstand stronger attacks as the game progresses.

In-Game Events and Rewards

Death City Zombie Invasion keeps the gameplay experience fresh and exciting with regular in-game events. Participate in limited-time events that offer unique challenges and rewards. Earn special items, bonuses, and exclusive gear by completing event objectives. Keep an eye out for these events to enhance your progress and unlock rare items.


Death City Zombie Invasion is a thrilling and immersive mobile game that transports players to a world ravaged by zombies. With its intense gameplay, resource management mechanics, and base-building elements, it offers an adrenaline-fueled experience for fans of the survival genre. Use your wits, gather resources, upgrade your weapons, and defend your base against the undead. Prepare yourself for a challenging journey in the face of the zombie apocalypse.

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