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Cup Heroes Mod APK v1.7 (Unlimited Money) Latest version

Cup Heroes Mod APK v1.7 (Unlimited Money) Latest version
App Name Cup Heroes
Latest Version 1.7
Last Updated
Publisher VOODOO
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 161 MB

Unlimited money

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Cup Heroes Mod Apk is centered around strategic battles and quick decision-making. Players control a hero with unique skills and face hundreds of enemies in numerous stages with unique challenges. The game is easy for newbies to pick up and play, but it also has a lot of depth for more experienced players.

The “Collect Balls in Cup” mechanic is simple but addictive. By tilting and tapping the screen, you can move balls into your cup. You can then use these balls to defeat enemies. Your assaults become stronger as you collect more balls.

Your objective is to advance through stages, collect balls, and strategically defeat enemies. It requires skill, strategy, and fast thinking.

Collecting Balls in Cup

Cup Heroes Mod APK (Unlimited money) Latest version

Use on-screen controls to move your cup to catch balls. Swipe or tilt to get the balls in your cup. If you miss a ball, it can make your strikes less powerful.

Different balls have different qualities. Some explode on impact, while others immobilize enemies or increase damage. Understanding these differences will help you strategize.

Always move in a smooth and steady way. Rapid, unpredictable movements might cause ball misses. Prioritize power-up balls since they provide you with battle advantages.

Using Balls to Defeat Enemies

Targeting Opponents

After collecting enough balls, attack. Aim your cup at enemies and discharge balls. Take your time to line up the shot for accuracy.

Special Skills and Powers

Some balls have explosive or lethal effects. Use these wisely to defeat stronger enemies and deal maximum damage.

Strategic Ball Use

Try not to fire balls randomly. Assess the situation and decide the best time to use your collected balls. Sometimes it’s better to wait and collect more balls for a stronger attack.

Characters and Their Abilities

Cup Heroes Mod Apk has a wide cast of heroes. There are pros and cons to each character class, which makes the game more strategic.

Cup Heroes characters all have specific skills that can change the game. Understanding and using these skills is important for success.

Progress, special events, and in-game purchases unlock new heroes. Keep an eye out for roster expansion opportunities.

For harder levels, you must upgrade your heroes More powerful heroes may deliver more damage, resist more assaults, and use their skills better.

Character upgrades cost in-game money. Earn these through gameplay or buy them in the store. However, with Cup Heroes Mod APK you have access to unlimited money as such you don’t have to worry about that.

Prioritize upgrading your main heroes as they will be the ones you use to progress in the game. Build a balanced team by allocating resources between heroes.

Levels and Challenges in Cup Heroes Mod APK

Cup Heroes Mod APK (Unlimited money) Latest version

There are regular battles, boss bouts, and special events in the game. Each level challenges your strategy.

Challenges throughout the game give extra rewards for accomplishing objectives. These include fighting enemies and using a character’s skill a particular number of times.

Cup Heroes rewards include money, gems, and rare stuff. These rewards are essential for character upgrades and game progress.

Upgrading Your Cup and Abilities

Upgrades increase cup capacity, ball collection efficiency, and attack power. They are necessary for higher-level challenges.

Use the resources you earn from levels and challenges to upgrade. Select the upgrade from the menu and apply it. Upgrades increase playability greatly.

Focus on balanced upgrading. Increasing your cup capacity and assault power lets you handle several challenges. Upgrades that fit the way you play should come first.

Defeat Waves of Enemies in Cup Heroes Mod APK

Players fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies. To progress, defeat every enemy in each wave.

Your mission is to defeat all enemies and survive as many waves as possible. To do this, you need to be able to plan ahead, react quickly, and use your character’s skills well.

Each wave has a specified amount of enemies to defeat to progress. Waves get harder as you progress, with more enemies and tougher opponents.

Cup Heroes Mod Apk has many enemies with various skills and abilities. Some enemies are fast and weak, while others are slow yet tough. Effective strategies need to understand these variations.

Use your abilities wisely and move to dodge hostile attacks. First attack weaker enemies to lower their numbers, then stronger ones. Monitor your surroundings and change strategies as appropriate.

Using Power-Ups and Abilities

Power-ups temporarily boost fight momentum. Increased attack speed, damage, and temporary invincibility. Getting and using power-ups correctly is very important for success.

Each Cup Heroes character has specific abilities that can deliver huge damage or give strategic advantages. Learn when to apply these abilities to maximize their impact.

Multiplying Balls in Cup Heroes Mod Apk

Collecting multiplier balls increases your ball count. These multiplier balls are placed throughout the stages and improve attack power.

various multiplier balls have various qualities. Some may double, triple, or quadruple your balls. Knowing which multipliers to prioritize can help you strategize.

To maximize your multipliers, focus on collecting as many multiplier balls as possible. Plan your moves to make sure you don’t miss any, and then use them in a smart way to get a lot more balls.

After multiplying your balls, use them. Carefully aim and unleash balls at enemies. More balls mean more damage.


Cup Heroes Mod Apk is a game that combines strategy, battle, and puzzles. To advance, you have to defeat enemies and accomplish tasks.

The main goal is to finish tasks and levels, which get harder as you progress in the game. Along the way, you’ll collect resources, upgrade your hero, and unlock new abilities.

Your hero has basic skills like being able to attack and defend. As you progress in the game levels You’ll acquire a multiplier of balls and special abilities to defeat stronger enemies.

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