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Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk v15.7.1 (Mod, Premium Unlocked)

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk v15.7.1 (Mod, Premium Unlocked)
App Name Carrom Pool Aim Hack
Latest Version 15.7.1
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Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Sports Sports
Size 15 MB

Premium Unlocked

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Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk is very popular tool that brings ease of playing Carrom to your Android phone. This is a Modified APk that offers a long line which helps players aim accurately. Nonetheless, let me talk about the overall Carrom game with modern graphics and smooth gameplay that is integrated within this Modified APK.

Generally, Carrom is a popular Indian game and has a long history. It has always been a part of family life and neighborhood gatherings, offering fun and a chance to get to know each other. For convenience, the Carrom Pool Apk has been digitized so that anyone can play with his/her phone.

Carrom Pool’s objective is easy to understand: use the striker to pocket your carrom men/coin before your opponent does. There are some simple rules to follow, like taking turns, avoiding foul, and trying to pocket the queen and cover it with one of your pieces. It’s important for both new and experienced players to understand these basic rules.

Carrom Pool Rules

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk (Mod, Premium Unlocked)

The objective of the Game

The main objective of Carrom Pool is to use a striker to pocket all of your assigned coins. You may need to pocket the white, black, and red queen coins, depending on the game style.

Scoring System

Points are awarded based on the coins pocketed. The queen holds the highest value, but it must be covered by pocketing another coin immediately after. At the end of the game, the winner is the one with the most points.

Fouls and Penalties

Players who pocket the striker or the opponent’s coins commit fouls. Penalties usually involve forfeiting turns or returning coins to the board.

Gameplay Matches in Carrom Pool Apk

1-on-1 games

Carrom Pool’s most popular multiplayer game is 1v1. This mode matches you against one opponent. You must pocket all your coins before your opponent. This mode tests your strategies and skills in a 1v1 battle.

Freestyle Mode

The freestyle mode lets you play with less pressure. In this mode, you get points for every coin you pocket, no matter what color it is. At the end of the game, the winner is the one with the most points. This mode is great for practicing the game and having fun without having to follow strict rules.

Disc Pool

Disc Pool is a fast-paced variant of Carrom Pool where players aim to pocket all their discs before their opponent. The board is smaller, and the game moves faster, so you need to have quick reactions and accurate aim.

When you play with other people, one of the hardest things is dealing with skilled opponents. Remember that everyone started as a beginner, even these pro players Learn from their gameplay and strategies to improve your skills.

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk (Mod, Premium Unlocked)

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk is a tool that aids players in lining up their shots. It uses guiding lines or dots, extended lines, and predictive paths to indicate the striker’s trajectory. This helps players understand angles, get better control of the striker, and adjust their shots accordingly.

The Visual Assistant hack helps gamers aim more accurately. It helps players line up shots and increase precision with visual clues.

The tool analyzes coin placements and striker locations. It then suggests where to aim and how much force to use to accomplish the desired result. Players can shoot more accurately with Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk.

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk helps players consistently hit accurate shots, improving accuracy. Aim Hack & Helper improves shot accuracy and strategy, helping gamers win more matches.

Aim Hack & Helper might result in permanent game bans. Other gamers who want fair competition may report users who use such tools.

Smooth Control & Realistic Physics

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk (Mod, Premium Unlocked)

Carrom Pool has intuitive touch controls for a smooth experience. Players can drag the striker with a finger to aim and adjust the power of their shot by pulling back before releasing. This touch-based control system is not only easy to use but also very precise, so you can make accurate shots and play strategically.

Carrom Pool Aim Hack Apk offers configurable settings to improve gaming. Players can set their targeting line length and control sensitivity. These options let players customize the game to their liking, making controls more natural.

Carrom Pool’s physics engine is designed to replicate the real-life physics of Carrom. It’s very realistic how the coins move, hit each other, and react when the striker hits them. You can really feel like you’re playing Carrom on a real board because of how well this game is calibrated.

The realistic physics in Carrom Pool significantly impact the game’s strategy. Players must consider angles, force, and spin when taking their shots, just as they would in a real game of Carrom. This makes the game more than just aiming—it’s about planning and executing complex shots.

Smooth controls are essential for precision and accuracy in Carrom Pool. The game’s controls allow players to make slight adjustments to their aim and power, enabling them to pocket coins with pinpoint accuracy. Precision is essential for advanced techniques and high scores.


To understand how to play Carrom Pool, you must first understand the basic rules and mechanics. Carrom is played on a square board with pockets in each corner. A striker is used to flick Carrom men (discs/coins) into the holes.

Players who control the striker correctly, aim accurately, and adjust flick force to control Carrom men’s direction and speed have greater chances of winning the game. Different shots, including the standard shot, the cannon, and the bank shot, require different techniques and levels of precision.

In addition to mastering the basic skills and understanding the rules, advanced players of Carrom Pool develop strategies to control the game. These strategies include positioning the striker and carrom men to block opponents and setting up combos to pocket many carrom men in one shot. Offensive strategies try to pocket Carrom men fast, while defensive techniques prevent opponents from doing so.

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