Backtrackit Mod Apk v11.2.4 (Premium Unlocked)
Backtrackit Mod Apk v11.2.4 (Premium Unlocked)

BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player APK + MOD Premium Unlocked v11.2.3

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Overview Information

Name BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player
Package com.superpowered.backtrackit
Publisher Z H
Category Music & Audio
Version 11.2.3
Size 42.75 MB
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Updated On
Music Practice Tools & Original Backing Tracks

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Backtrackit Mod Apk is a simple app with music practice tools that surprises a lot of artists. The software scans your device and sorts songs by key and pace.

Backtrackit isn’t just a music player—it adapts to musicians’ demands. To sing over vocals or play over solos, lower them. You can also adjust the key and tempo of your songs to suit your voice and rhythm.

Backtrackit helps you generate loops, so you can rehearse the hardest song parts without interruptions. They’re all yours.

BacktrackIt helps musicians practice or cover popular songs.

Description of Backtrackit Mod Apk

Want to enhance your instrument technique? Want to play trumpet like Miles? Slash-like guitar? Tommy Lee-like drums? Then you need to download BACKTRACKIT Mod Apk, an app that lets you practice with some of the best artists in their genres.

This app provides instrument-playing resources. It does this by taking songs of diverse styles with famous musicians and even those in your smartphone memory. It marks the key and tempo to identify songs.

Key Features of Backtrackit Mod Apk

1. Advanced Music Editing Tools

Backtrackit Mod Apk provides a wide range of advanced music editing tools that allow users to fine-tune their tracks with precision. From pitch adjustment to tempo control, this app offers everything needed to create the perfect musical composition.

2. Vocal and Instrument Isolation

One of the standout features of Backtrackit Mod Apk is its ability to isolate vocals and individual instruments from a song. This enables users to practice and play along with specific parts of a track, enhancing their musical skills.

3. Real-Time Key and Scale Detection

With the real-time key and scale detection feature, Backtrackit Mod Apk can automatically detect the key and scale of any song, making it easier for musicians to harmonize and improvise effortlessly.

4. Looper and Metronome

The app comes equipped with a looper and metronome, allowing users to loop sections of a song and stay in rhythm while practicing or recording their musical creations.

5. Extensive Song Library

Backtrackit Mod Apk offers access to an extensive song library spanning various genres, ensuring users never run out of musical inspiration.

6. Offline Access

Users can download their favorite tracks and access them offline, making it a perfect companion for musicians on the go.

Its key play-learning functions are

  • Auto-detection and key change for any song.
  • Chord progressions on backing tracks of various genres.
  • Reduce song instrument volume.
  • Advanced equalizer that saves many custom settings.
  • Save songs with tempo, pitch, and equalization adjustments.
  • Automatic key/tempo classification of songs
  • 30+ piano and guitar scales and chords.
  • Guitar scale superposition on any app.
  • Famous artists and ensembles in various genres.
  • The software supports rock, blues, jazz, metal, pop, classical, hip hop, and more.

Mobile audio track splitter

Z.H.’s mobile audio software BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player is free to use. It cuts music by splitting audio streams. Vocals can be saved separately from guitars, drums, and others.

BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player simplifies professional capabilities like FL Studio Mobile and Garageband Studio. Its simple and intuitive graphic equalizer-like user interface makes modifications and track isolation easy.

Song analysis

BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player separates song vocals from melodies. Despite its name, it can perform the same for drums, guitars, and other track parts. Thus, you can adjust your favorite songs’ volume and clarity to suit your taste.

This program can be used in many ways, including eliminating vocals and singing along. Pianos, guitars, and drums can be sampled for music mixing. Use it as a graphic equalizer to amplify the same elements during playback.

You can submit a track or record a live song session. Both can be edited and manipulated similarly. Results vary, but certain tracks tend to blend together, especially in busier and more intricate tunes.

Take charge

Backtrackit Mod Apk is a powerful audio tool that does more than remove vocals. It’s useful for personal use and musical production. If you need this kind of app, it’s simple and powerful. Naturally, it’s suggested by many users that use the app.

Benefits of Backtrackit Mod Apk

Unleash Your Musical Creativity

Backtrackit Mod Apk empowers musicians and singers to explore their creativity and experiment with different musical elements.

Perfect Practice Tool

With vocal and instrument isolation and the ability to change pitch and tempo, the app serves as an excellent practice tool for aspiring musicians.

Professional Music Production

The advanced music editing tools enable users to produce professional-quality music tracks right from their mobile devices.

Music Education Made Easy

The app’s real-time key and scale detection simplify music education, making it easier for beginners to understand music theory.

Offline Convenience

With offline access to downloaded tracks, users can practice and enjoy their favorite music without an internet connection.


BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player doesn’t require turntables or vinyl. A modern Android mixer app can mix music instead. No advertisements, in-app purchases, or hidden fees in this free software.

This app mixes music, not DJs. It lets you blend tracks with the same effects as other music players’ music libraries. Android’s music collection integrates with the audio mixer. You can play two mixed tracks consecutively. Mobile device controls make mixing easier.

FAQs About Backtrackit Mod Apk

Is Backtrackit Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes, as long as you download the apk file from a trusted and authentic source, it is safe to use.

Can I use Backtrackit Mod Apk for commercial music production?

Yes, the app’s advanced features make it suitable for professional music production as well.

Is the vocal isolation feature accurate?

While the vocal isolation feature works well in most cases, the accuracy may vary depending on the complexity of the song.

Are there regular updates for Backtrackit Mod Apk?

Yes, the developers regularly release updates to improve the app’s performance and add new features.

Can I share my creations from Backtrackit Mod Apk on social media platforms?

Absolutely! Backtrackit Mod Apk allows users to share their musical creations with ease on various social media platforms.

What's Mod: BACKTRACKIT: Musicians Player


What's Latest New

Have you tried the Track Splitter? Try the demo and then create backing tracks of any of your songs! I keep on improving the app, I hope you keep enjoying Backtrackit. Best, Ziad.

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