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Background Video Recorder Mod Apk v10.3.16 (Premium Unlocked)

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk v10.3.16 (Premium Unlocked)
App Name Background Video Recorder Pro
Latest Version 10.3.16
Last Updated
Publisher Arbel Solutions
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Photography Photography
Size 68 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (60) Votes


Background Video Recorder Mod Apk (short for BVR PRO Mod Apk) is an app that lets you record videos while using your phone for other things. This recorder works silently, unlike the standard video camera apps.

Privacy is one of its key advantages. The apps make sure that your recordings are kept secret, whether you’re recording for your personal safety or for capturing sensitive events.

Recording in the background lets you multitask on your phone. This multi-tasking function is revolutionary for users who want to use their phones for other activities and still want to record events uninterrupted.

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk is discreet and effective for continuous surveillance, such as baby monitoring or home security.

Background video recorders are stealthy. For unobtrusive video recording, this capability lets you record without obvious signs.

While running in the background, these apps maintain video quality. You may expect HD recordings that catch every detail.

Support for Volume Keys, Power Key, and Shake Gestures

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Advanced controls, such as the ability to start recording with the volume keys, the power key, or a shake of the phone, make the app easier to use and more convenient.

Use the volume keys to start recording with Background Video Recorder Mod Apk. This function helps you record swiftly and quietly.

Imagine not being able to look at your phone and start recording. Simply pressing the volume keys starts recording, keeping your actions secret.

Shaking the phone to record is an additional unique feature. Start recording video quickly and easily with this gesture-based control.

Shake your phone to start recording when you can’t press the volume or per button. This is useful in emergencies where seconds matter.

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk offers High-quality recording

Despite running in the background, Background Video Recorder Mod Apk maintains high video quality. It records HD videos to keep every detail clear.

High-quality video recording produces sharp, detailed footage. Clarity helps capture details that lower-quality recordings miss.

High-quality videos make it easy to evaluate and analyze footage from a lecture, scenic view, or security issue.

Scheduling Capability

Recording scheduling is probably the most useful purpose. This lets you automate recording and never miss an important moment by setting your app to start at a certain time.

Automating video recording with scheduling is convenient. This is excellent for recording recurring occurrences or activities without manually starting and stopping.

Scheduled recordings are useful for security. Set your device to record when you’re away to monitor your property continuously.

Scheduling improves time management. Planning your recordings lets you get everything you need without being there.

After accessing scheduling, you can create multiple schedules for your needs. You could be recording daily at 8 PM or only on weekends during the day.

Adjust recording parameters to your liking. Choose the video resolution, frame rate, and storage location. Plan ahead for higher-resolution videos’ space requirements.

Face Detection Technology

Face recognition technology can recognize people’s faces in real time by using complex algorithms and machine learning. The app automatically records video when a face is recognized.

Integrating face detection with background video recorders involves combining this advanced technology with the app’s core functionality. This makes sure that recordings are of good quality and are actually initiated by people faces.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is face detection. This technology lets the app detect human faces and start recording, automating and smartly recording.

Face detection technology improves security by activating recordings when someone is there. Home security and business surveillance benefit from this

Face detection keeps the camera focused on people, improving recording accuracy. It reduces erroneous recordings from other movements.

Turn on face detection in the app’s settings. This will activate the algorithm responsible for identifying human faces.

Adjusting the sensitivity settings may help the app recognize faces without being triggered by other motions. Find a balance that suits your environment.

Set up notifications for face-detected recordings. This lets you know about any activity that the app records.

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk In-built Editor

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Background Video Recorder Mod Apk has an in-built simple video editor that lets you adjust your recordings. This lets you trim, cut, add effects, and more without requiring 3rd party video editor.

The app’s built-in video editor makes it more convenient and efficient. You may edit videos soon after recording, simplifying the process.

With editing tools, you can creatively improve recordings. Make your videos stand out with transitions, effects, and filters.

Transferring files across devices or applications is unnecessary with this integrated editing tool. Finish your video project in one place.

Background Video Recorder: Baby Monitor

Monitoring your child is a top priority for any parent. Technology makes baby monitoring easier and more efficient. Background Video Recorder Mod Apk can double as a baby monitor, giving parents peace of mind and convenience.

These apps use the camera on your device to record video without leaving any obvious signs. This allows discreet and seamless infant monitoring while using your phone for other tasks.


Background Video Recorder Mod Apk lets you record video secretly while multitasking. By running silently in the background, it keeps your recording activities secret.

Whether for personal safety or business purposes, a background video recorder allows you to monitor situations discreetly without drawing attention.

For continuous surveillance needs, Background Video Recorder Pro offer an efficient solution, ensuring that you can keep an eye on important situations without constant manual intervention.

Video recording drains batteries quickly. Make sure your phone is charged or powered during extended recordings.

Transfer videos to an external storage device or cloud service regularly to free up phone space.

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