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Amikin Survival Mod APK v0.4.2 (Unlimited Resources & Money)

Amikin Survival Mod APK v0.4.2 (Unlimited Resources & Money)
App Name Amikin Survival: Anime RPG
Latest Version 0.4.2
Last Updated
Publisher Helio Games
Requirements Android 10 Android 10
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 760 MB

Unlimited Money

Google Playstore Google Playstore

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Amikin Survival Mod APK is a compelling role-playing game that blends hunting, crafting, and fighting. Players are taken to a magical world where they have to catch and train Amikins, which are intelligent creatures with unique abilities. Its captivating story, stunning graphics, and compelling mechanics make it an outstanding RPG.

Amikins are ancient creatures that have existed for centuries, each linked to the natural elements and forces of the world. Legends tell of their role as guardians of balance, using their powers to maintain harmony. The story gives the game more depth and makes capturing and training Amikins a huge and important journey.

Amikins are more than just pets or companions. They help in combat, resource collection, and objective completion. They are crucial to overcoming certain challenges.

Getting Started With Amikin Survival Mod APK

Amikin Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Resources, Unlocked All)

Character Creation

Creating a character is the first step in starting your journey. Choose your starting attributes and avatar appearance. This step sets the stage for your game by affecting your starting skills and abilities.

Choosing Your First Amikin

Choosing your first Amikin is key. Each starter Amikin has distinct skills that affect your early game strategy. You can choose an Amikin that fits your play style, whether you want a fighter or a healer.

Types of Amikins

Elemental Amikins

Elemental Amikins represent fire, water, earth, and air. They are powerful in particular circumstances because of their elemental affinity.

Beast Amikins

Beast Amikins are mythical animals based on real animals. Their attacking and defensive skills make them versatile companions.

Mythical Amikins

Mythical Amikins are rare and powerful. Due of their unique abilities, they are harder to catch but offer considerable advantages in fighting and exploration.

Amikin Abilities and Traits

Combat Abilities

Amikins can unleash powerful combat abilities, from elemental attacks to physical strikes. Utilizing these abilities in combat requires you to understand each Amikin because some may not have any combat abilities.

Support Abilities

Some Amikins have Supportive abilities like buffs, debuffs, and healing. This can help win tough battles.

Special Traits

Special traits distinguishs each Amikin. Some of these are resistance to certain types of damage, better senses for finding hidden items, and faster resource gathering.

Amikin Survival Mod APK Open World Environment

Amikin Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Resources, Unlocked All)

Environments in Amikin Survival Mod Apk include dense forests, harsh deserts, snowy mountains, and death valleys. In order to survive you must adapt to each environment because each one has unique challenges.

Survival begins with collecting resources such as wood, stone, and food. These resources are used to make tools, shelter, and survive in the wild.

Once you have basic materials, make axes, pickaxes, fishing rods, weapons, etc. These tools will make it easier for you to gather resources and protect yourself from threats.

Discovering new resources and opportunities requires exploration. Use maps and landmarks to explore the varied landscape. Look for undiscovered passageways and spots with great rewards.

Hidden locations abound in Amikin Survival. Rare resources, powerful Amikins, and special quests are often found in these hidden locations. Exploration can yield unexpected rewards.

Build Your Base

Your base serves as a sanctuary from the wild and hostile environment. You and your Amikins can rest, heal, and prepare for your next expedition. A robust base protects you from danger.

Store materials, craft items, and organize journeys at your base. If you handle your resources well, you’ll always have what you need for crafting and upgrading.

When picking a place for your base, you should think about the surroundings. Favorable weather, natural fortifications like hills or woods, and water can improve survival and base building.

Being near wood, stone, and water saves time and labor when it come to gathering resources. Assess the area for ample resources to reduce travel time and guarantee consistent supplies for construction and crafting materials.

When building your base, Start with walls, floors, and roofs. Build workshops, barracks, and stables for your Amikins eventually. Use the game’s building tools to build a solid base.

Base defense is essential. To repel intruders, build strong walls, towers, and traps. To repel more challenging attackers, regularly upgrade your defenses.

Some Amikins can guard your base. Training and equipping them will improve their fighting skills, and placing them around your base in a smart way will make them most useful.

Create items and equipment at forges, alchemy labs, and kitchens. You can make different items at each station for survival and growth.

The Thrill of Combat in Amikin Survival Mod APK

In Amikin Survival Mod Apk, you’ll encounter a diverse array of wild creatures, each with its strengths and weaknesses. From deadly monsters to clever predators, every encounter tests your combat skills.

You can Play fierce PvP battles against other gamers. Outwit your opponents, improve your tactics, and become the greatest warrior in the arena.

Solo adventurers must master battle to survive. Create your own combat style, exploit enemy weaknesses, and defeat strong opponents.

Form alliances and solve problems with other players. Strategic collaboration helps you coordinate assaults, fight together, and win.

Choose weapons, armor, and accessories that fit your fighting style. To optimize battle effectiveness, personalize your loadout with various items.

Train and improve your Amikins to fight with you. Level up their skills, teach them powerful moves, and form a powerful team that can defeat anyone.

Evolve Your Combat Skills

Master the basic attacks and learn how to chain them into combos. Combine simple strikes to overpower your opponents with massive combos.

It’s important to be able to dodge and avoid attacks. Dodge correctly to avoid harm and prepare for a counterattack. Practice makes perfect, so keep practicing.

Blocking lessens damage, whereas parrying negates an attack and leaves your opponent open. Both require exact timing and may turn the tide of battle.

Every creature and player has weak points. Find and aim these to maximize damage. Discover and exploit these weaknesses by studying your enemies.

Pick weapons and armor that make your abilities stronger and your weaknesses less noticeable. Combat efficacy can be greatly improved with the correct weapons.

Upgrade and improve your gear on a regular basis to keep up with the increasing challenges you face. This keeps you strong and competitive in battle.

Training and Evolving Amikins

Leveling Up

Amikins level up through training, combat and quests. Regular training and activities maximize Amikin’s potential.

Evolution Stages

Amikins can become stronger as they level up. Each evolution stage adds and improves abilities, making your Amikin a powerful companion.

Skill Development

Your Amikin needs training and practice. To make a well-rounded partner, work on improving their skills and making up for their weaknesses.


Amikin Survival Mod Apk is an open-world RPG where players explore a vast, dynamic environment filled with mystical creatures called Amikins. Survival, exploration, and battle make the game immersive for all players.

Amikin Survival revolves around Amikins. To accomplish objectives and acquire new skills, players must capture and train these species. Players must bond with their Amikins to succeed in combat and other challenges.

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