GameAction Alien Zone Plus HD

Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk v1.7.8 (Unlimited Money & gems)

Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk v1.7.8 (Unlimited Money & gems)
App Name Alien Zone Plus HD
Latest Version 1.7.8
Last Updated
Publisher Hummingbird Mobile Games
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Action Action
Size 96 MB

Unlimited Money & gems

Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (968) Votes


Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk is an action-packed sci-fi game about a brave defender fighting aliens.

In Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk Players move through different levels, battling waves of alien enemies and completing tasks to save humanity.

Complete missions, upgrade your character and use powerful weapons and skills to battle progressively difficult enemies to stop the alien invasion.

Storyline and Setting

Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & gems)

The game is set in a dystopian future where Earth is under siege by a relentless alien force. Players are part of an elite squad whose job is to stop the attack and discover the aliens’ evil plans.

The game has a lot of different settings, from empty cities to creepy alien strongholds, which keeps the gameplay fresh and fun. Each setting is masterfully crafted for immersion.

Main Characters

Choose from many characters with distinctive skills and backstories. Through their virtual personas, these characters deepen the game and engage players.

There are different classes of characters in Alien Zone Plus, and each has its own powers and weaknesses. Whether you prefer a tanky warrior or a nimble assassin, there’s a class that suits your playstyle.

Your character’s skills can be upgraded as you play. This includes enhancing combat abilities, improving defensive capabilities, and unlocking powerful new moves.

Players can customize their characters. Changing outfits and weapon skins personalize your gaming experience.

Types of Monsters in Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk

Common Aliens

Most of the time, you’ll be fighting common aliens, which look and act in different ways. In the early levels, they are the primary challenges, and as you go through the game, they get harder and harder.

Elite Monsters

Elite aliens are bigger and more dangerous than common ones. These mini-bosses have unique qualities and need special skills and powerful weapons to take them out.

Boss Creatures

Your skills are tested most by boss creatures. They require strategic planning to defeat due to their specific powers and strengths.

Weapons and Equipment in Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk

There are a lot of various weaponry in the game, from futuristic guns to strong melee weapons. Each type of weapon changes the way you fight, so players should try different ones until they find the ones they like best.

Survival against harder opponents requires weapons upgrades. Players can improve their weapons and armor to be equipped for any challenge.

As you progress in the game, players can collect special items that provide various benefits, such as temporary boosts in power or additional health. These items can be game-changers in critical moments.

Combat Mechanics

Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & gems)

The game’s controls are simple. Players move, attack, and use special skills with taps and swipes.

You’ll learn more advanced ways to fight as you progress in the game. Some of these are blocking enemy strikes, using combos, and planning how to use abilities to do the most damage.

Every character class has its own unique abilities that can change the course of a fight. To master the game, you must know when and how to employ such abilities.

Missions and Quests

There are many types of missions in the game, from story-driven quests to timed challenges. Each mission type provides different rewards and requires different strategies to complete.

Quests are an important part of progressing through the game. Quests progress the story and reward character and equipment upgrades.

When players finish tasks and reach milestones, they can get rewards like new weapons, armor, and in-game money. These rewards are essential for character progression.

Multiplayer and Co-op Modes

In multiplayer mode, Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk lets players work with teammates on challenging missions. These modes require teamwork and cooperation.

Coordinating attacks, sharing resources, and covering each other’s flaws are all important parts of good team strategies. Overcoming severe challenges requires communication and planning.

Multiplayer mode not only makes the game more fun with other people, but it also gives you extra rewards and the satisfaction of completing challenging missions with them.

Graphics and Sound

The game has great graphics, environments that are very detailed and great visual effects. The attention to detail makes the worlds of the aliens feel real and immersive.

Sound effects and music enhance the game. From creepy background music to exciting attack sounds, the audio design is excellent.


Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk is the modified version of the original game. It offers additional features and benefits. These modifications improve gameplay and user satisfaction.

What sets Alien Zone Plus apart is its masterful blend of ARPG and shooter mechanics. You get to experience the strategic growth of your character while also enjoying the adrenaline rush of real-time combat. It’s a fusion that keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The game is popular owing to its intriguing story, high-quality graphics, and mod apk perks. Unlike the original game, players can explore additional levels and skills.

A unique feature of Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk is unlimited money & gems. With abundant money you can buy/unlock weapons, No more running out of ammo, health packs, or other resources. Using this feature makes gaming easier and more fun.

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