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3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk v1.71 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk v1.71 (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version
App Name 3DLUT mobile
Latest Version 1.71
Last Updated
Publisher RELU OÜ
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Photography Photography
Size 23 MB

Premium Unlocked

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3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk is an app that lets users easily edit photographs and videos. This easy-to-use application helps you enhance your media assets and realize your creative ideas in a matter of minutes.

Photo and video enhancement is 3DLUT Mobile’s main feature. Users can easily change the color, contrast, and aesthetic of their media material using configurable Look-Up Tables (LUTs). With 3DLUT Mobile, you can achieve retro or modern cinematic looks.

Users can generate customized LUTs or choose from a large collection of pre-built LUTs. The app also has tools for fine-tuning color, exposure, and other image elements thanks to its user-friendly interface for mobile editing.

Basic Color Adjustments With 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk

3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

Adjusting Brightness and Contrast: Brightness and contrast affect how photographs and videos look. 3DLUT Mobile makes it easy to modify brightness and contrast. You can easily make fine adjustments for a vivid or natural look.

Modifying Hue and Saturation: Hue and saturation are the color and intensity of individual hues on your photo and video. You can change these values to get the appropriate color palette. 3DLUT Mobile makes it easy to obtain your chosen look, whether you want to improve skin tones or create bold and dramatic effects.

Fine-tuning White Balance: White balance is essential for accurate photo and video color. 3DLUT Mobile lets you modify white balance for different lighting conditions and color temperatures. At the end of the day, it lets you reproduce color accurately indoors or outdoors in natural light.

Applying Color Filters: Color filters can render photos and movies more artistic. You can use 3DLUT Mobile’s pre-made color filters to define the mood for your visual content. There are filters for retro and modern looks.

3DLUT Mobile for Complex Color Correction

Advanced color correction options are a highlight of 3DLUT Mobile. The app has many options to help you perfect photos and videos, from white balance changes to highlight and shadow recovery.

Color Grading vs. Correction: Knowing the difference between color grading and color correction is crucial. Color grading enhances the image’s look and feel, whereas color correction corrects technical faults like white balance and exposure. With 3DLUT Mobile, you can effortlessly switch between processes to reach your goal.

Advanced Color Correction Methods: 3DLUT Mobile offers advanced color correction techniques in addition to simple ones. Choose specific colors to fine-tune, and recover highlights and shadows to bring out detail in overexposed or underexposed areas.

A/B Grid

You can easily review color grading changes by comparing two images or videos using the A/B grid function. Visual media projects benefit from this functionality for consistency and style.

The A/B grid is easy to access in 3DLUT Mobile. After editing your image or video, toggle the A/B grid to compare two versions. You can then simply compare and adjust your color grading settings.

The A/B grid’s real-time color grading input is its main benefit. By viewing two media versions concurrently, you can better determine which settings work best.

The A/B grid excels at comparing color-correcting choices. The A/B grid lets you rapidly see the effects of exposure, contrast, and color temperature variations, helping you get the best results faster.

Beyond basic color correcting, the A/B grid lets you try complex techniques. You can make numerous adjustments at once and compare their impact. This versatility allows you to be creative and find their style.

C/L Grid

The C/L grid in 3DLUT Mobile shows color and luminance distribution in photos and videos. This tool helps determine media tonal balance and appearance by splitting the grid into color and brightness axes.

C/L grids are useful for examining image and video tonal balance in color grading. By evaluating color and brightness distribution, you can discover areas of concern and make precise adjustments for the best results.

Beyond basic color grading, the C/L grid lets users try complex approaches. Changing the balance between warm and cool tones or increasing contrast and vibrancy to produce a dramatic visual impression.

2D Curves in 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk

The 2D Curves tool in 3DLUT Mobile lets you precisely change image and video tone and color parameters. You can precisely modify brightness, contrast, saturation, and more by manipulating two-dimensional graph curves.

The 2D Curves tool improves color grading with many capabilities. Adjust color channels, build custom curves, and use presets for quick changes.

Flexibility and precision are 2D Curves’ major advantages. Curves let you make precise adjustments to media tone and color values, producing more subtle and professional results than sliders or presets.

Support For Log and RAW Formats

Post-processing is easier with log and RAW image and video files, which retain a lot of data and dynamic range. Log formats are utilized in video, while RAW is used in photography. These formats retain greater detail than normal image or video files.

Log and RAW support in 3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk is essential for professionals and enthusiasts. These formats capture and maintain high-quality photos and videos, giving editors full freedom and control. Users can get spectacular, accurate results with Log and RAW support.

A major feature of Log and RAW formats is the ability to preserve media information and dynamic range. This lets you make extensive exposure, color, and other adjustments without affecting image quality. Log and RAW formats allow users to precisely achieve their desired aesthetic with more creative freedom.

The 3DLUT Mobile workflow integrates Log and RAW formats to simplify editing and deliver quality results on the go. Log and RAW support provides consistency and accuracy from capture to output for photo and video editing.


3DLUT Mobile Mod Apk is a powerful photo editor that lets users apply color grading and correction. This app has many features to turn ordinary photos into masterpieces.

Its numerous color grading presets and filters make 3DLUT Mobile stand out. Users can choose from many presets to give their photographs lively, colorful, moody, or dramatic looks. The app also lets users use advanced editing options like exposure adjustment, contrast improvement, and selective color modifications to perfect their photos.

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