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2NR Mod Apk Premium v2.1.15 Download latest version

2NR Mod Apk Premium v2.1.15 Download latest version
App Name 2nr premium
Latest Version 2.1.15
Last Updated
Publisher MobileLabs Sp z o o
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Communication Communication
Size 11.94 Mb


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Managing multiple communication channels is difficult. Instead of buying an additional phone for your new sim why not try out 2NR Mod Apk? A Free app that offers a Second Phone Number for free without buying/carrying another device. 2NR is a simple and effective solution if You need a virtual second number For business, internet activities, or just keeping your personal life separate.

2NR secures and masks your real phone number. With that your Privacy is enhanced so you can utilize the app without worrying about your data being compromised.

Features of 2NR Premium Mod Apk

2NR Mod Apk Premium APK Download latest version

Amazing features for a variety of user demands make the 2NR Premium Mod Apk stand out.

2nd Phone Number for Free

A free 2nd phone number is its best feature. You can get an extra number for free. This makes it cost-effective for personal and professional use.

Sending and receiving texts

2NR Mod Apk lets you send and receive texts like a regular phone number. Open the app, select your virtual number, and compose your text. The app notifies you when someone texts your 2NR number.

Free International Calling

The best part about 2NR is free international calling. It’s great for international communication because you can make calls to users in many countries for free.

Avoiding roaming charges is a major feature of 2NR. Traveling overseas with your regular phone number can incur significant roaming fees. Make and receive international calls without these fees with 2NR Mod Apk.

User-Friendly Interface

The app’s UI is simple, making it easy to use.

High Compatibility

2NR works well on Android phones and tablets. This versatility lets you utilize the app on any device.

How 2NR Mod Apk Enhances Privacy

Virtual Phone Numbers

One of 2NR’s primary services is virtual phone numbers. These numbers provide further anonymity by letting you interact without revealing your real phone number. Virtual numbers are useful for Internet transactions, corporate communications, and personal use.

Keeping Your Personal Number Private

2NR protects your personal number. Separate numbers for different activities help you avoid unwanted calls and texts, eliminate spam, and safeguard your privacy. Professionals who desire to separate work and personal life benefit from this separation.

Privacy and anonymity

2NR ensures communication privacy. A virtual number lets you speak anonymously, which is ideal for delicate topics. This feature keeps your conversations secret.


All 2NR calls and texts are encrypted end-to-end. Your message is encrypted from the minute it leaves your device until it reaches the destination, making it nearly impossible to intercept or interpret.

Why a Second Phone Number?

2NR Mod Apk Premium APK Download latest version

You may ask why you need another phone number. There are various convincing explanations.

Separation of Personal from Professional Life

Keeping your personal and professional lives separate is important. A second phone number lets you separate business and personal calls and texts. This can boost productivity and work-life balance.

Enhanced Privacy

Use a second phone number for online transactions, social networking, and other activities to avoid spam, frauds, and unwanted calls. It’s a simple way to safeguard your personal information.

Comfortable Online Activities

Are you active on forums, dating apps, and online services? Having a second phone number for such purposes can simplify communication and protect your primary number. Peace of mind and convenience are key.

Traveling and roaming

2NR Mod Apk is a lifesaver for people who travel a lot. It eliminates international roaming and SIM card charges. Avoid roaming fees by using your virtual number anywhere with an internet connection.

Comparing 2NR with Other Calling Services

Traditional Phone Services vs. 2NR

Most traditional phone services need a physical SIM card and their international calls charges are outrageous. 2NR offers cheap international calling.

2NR vs. Other VoIP Apps

Among VoIP programs like OnPhone and Numero eSIM, 2NR stands out for its simplicity and free international calling. It provides a straightforward way to manage your communications without the complexities of other apps.


The best thing about the 2NR Mod Apk is that it gives you a free phone number. This is great for people who need a temporary phone number for work, dating apps, or online transactions.

Another benefit is eliminating the requirement for a SIM card. You can have a working phone number on any compatible device, without the need for a physical SIM card. Tablets, secondary phones, and principal devices benefit from this versatility.

The app prioritizes user experience. The UI is simple and accessible to non-techies.

In the modern world we live in now, privacy is very important. The 2NR Mod Apk protects your true phone number. You can also encrypt your messages.

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2NR Mod Apk Premium v2.1.15 Download latest version

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