Survival Games Zombie Mod Apk V1.2.29 (Unlimited Money)
Survival Games Zombie Mod Apk V1.2.29 (Unlimited Money)

Survival Games: Zombie APK + MOD Unlimited Money v1.2.29

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Overview Information

Name Survival Games: Zombie
Package com.survivalstudio.arkisland
Publisher Joy Blitz Game
Category Action
Version 1.2.29
Size 35.31 MB
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Play #1 zombie survival RPG game for free! Building, Crafting& Shooting zombies

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You play the role of a lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse in Survival Games Zombie Mod Apk, which is a survival game with elements of horror. You will be left to fend for yourself on an island, and the only companion you will have is your loyal dog. Also, you will need to use your skills to construct your shelter, and the endless waves of zombies will attack you mercilessly on a daily basis.

Survival Games: Zombie is unquestionably comparable to the fantastic game ‘Last Day On Earth’ both in terms of its gameplay and its graphics. It also uses a more accurate top-down view instead of 2nd personal perspective. In Zombie Survival: Wasteland, just like the other games in this genre, you’ll begin the game with nothing more than the clothes you’re wearing and nothing else. You will need to gather materials and combine them in a variety of various ways in order to construct new equipment that will assist you in surviving in this treacherous realm, where even the smallest mistake might result in your death.

In addition, Survival Games: Zombie features an excellent progression system. You can develop your character’s features in this way by spending the experience points that you gain for achieving goals and using them.

Survival Games: Zombie is a game that is of a high quality. Anyone who is interested in trying out a new survival game in which they can demonstrate that they have what it takes to survive an outbreak of zombies should give this game a shot.

Description of Survival Games: Zombie

Survival Games Zombie Mod Apk tasks players with surviving as long as possible in a Zombie infested world. The only objective of this quest is for you to make it through the end of the world by exploring a dungeon in search of resources and better weaponry. As you progress through the game’s hundreds of action-packed levels, your goal should be to eliminate every undead enemy you come across.

To navigate about, you’ll need to drag your finger across the screen the only thing you need to pay attention to is avoiding being shot by the other players and staying out of Zombies way. This game features a ton of different dungeons, all of them are packed with dangerous traps. Keep an eye on your health bar and crack open chests to replenish it and gather resources to build your own shelter.

It is necessary for you to investigate ayour environment before moving on to the next level. Every aspect of the game’s map contains a variety of surprises, some obvious and some concealed, such as adversaries, chests, and even impossible monsters who are just waiting to kill you. Other surprises abound as well.

You will require the most destructive weaponry if you wish to eliminate the most dangerous foes. Gather the weapons from the chests and test out their capabilities by firing against a variety of different targets. Acquire new weapons, build a strong bunker, and try out different combinations until you find the one that allows you to progress the furthest.

A cruel competition

The only objective you have in Survival Games Zombie Mod Apk is to stay alive while avoiding becoming a flesh-eating zombie yourself. You will accomplish this by traveling to various aspects of the game’s map in pursuit of supplies, such as food, guns, and ammunition. If you are unable to adjust to the harsh conditions of this environment, you will die and have to begin the adventure all over again!

Watch out for zombies… and the other gamers!

Survival Games Zombie Mod Apk  (Unlimited Money)

Survival Games: Zombie is a multiplayer online game in which you and a big number of other people explore a vast open world together. When you come into contact with other humans, you never know if they have good or ill intentions, or if they are by themselves or with someone else. You will need to be on watch at all times, keeping in mind that forming strong alliances is the greatest way to survive the game.

The most obvious threat is, of course, zombies; but, you need also be wary of other players who might try to take your gear by any means necessary, including shooting you in the head. It’s a relief to know that the only other choice is to viciously assault other human players. It will become essential to your survival that you seek out strategies and engage in conversation with the other players.

Survival Games Zombie offers incredible details in both the maps and the visuals

Survival Games: Zombie’s is without a doubt its most appealing feature. The map is just enormous, and it is full with meadows, forests, and cities that are fraught with peril. The graphics are incredible.

A unique gaming experience

Survival Games: Zombie is a game with a lot of depth that takes place in a realistic setting. If you already downloaded the original game, installing the mod won’t cost you a dime because it adds lot of perks. Everyone who is looking for something different should really check it out.

Raising funds in Survival Games: Zombie

In games of strategy, one of the most common repeating motifs is the unending requirement to gather more resources. That can be accomplished in a number of different ways.

We are going to summarize some of the approaches rather than go into specifics about what you should do because we do not want to give away any of the game’s strategic information:

  • Make the most of your environment in order to generate profitable opportunities.
  • Target specific adversaries, and prepare yourself appropriately.
  • Use upskilling
  • Create your various settlements.
  • Carefully select the character class you want to play.
  • A sense of security is always important
  • Breed dangerous Dogs!!

You won’t have the strength to go out on raids and win battles when you first start out, and as a result, you won’t get attacked very often. However, as your power and resources increase, so does the likelihood that you will be attacked by other players who are more powerful than you.

You will be able to take advantage of the protection offered by the group if you join an alliance. But to start, it’s unlikely that any of the more powerful alliances will accept you.

When it comes to your chances of staying alive, making smart alliance choices can make a huge impact. Joining an alliance’s affiliate group is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself protected while also advancing in the rankings.


Just like Last Day On Earth Mod Apk, Survival Games: Zombie is an open-world game, there is a never-ending amount of new territory to discover even as you establish alliances and lead raids throughout the wasteland in an effort to assert your control.

If you enjoy playing games that require strategy, then this will be a challenging and entertaining experience for you. For even more zombie and strategy gaming, we also recommend that you take a look at Survival Games: Zombie

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