Snapseed Mod Apk v2.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)
Snapseed Mod Apk v2.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Snapseed APK + MOD Premium unlocked v2.20.0.529184797

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Overview Information

Name Snapseed
Package com.niksoftware.snapseed
Publisher Google Llc
Category Photography
Size 26.76 MB
MOD Features Premium unlocked
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Professional quality photo edits with the new Snapseed.

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There are tons of professional photo editors on PC but since the increase in social media usage, people tend to prefer to immediately edit their pictures on their phones and share them directly on Social media. Apps like Snapseed Mod Apk come in handy in such situations. It is a professional photo editing tool for Android that provides features that are comparable to the ones offered on PC. It is basically a Google photo editing app that offers high-quality photo editing tools on smartphones. This app can be used for bai sic and professional-level photo editing. 

Snapseed Mod Apk is so easy to use that you won’t need any tutorial. To begin your photo editing journey simply tap the center icon after you opened the app then start using all the tools that are well arranged on the top and bottom menus. You can basically carry out all the basic photo editing such as altering the photo color, saturation, tone, contrast, and more.

These are just a few photo enhancements because all I can remember is that Snapseed offers hundreds of photo enhancement options. After making all the necessary touches you can then save your work on your phone or share it directly to your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Snapseed is an excellent and powerful photo editing tool that will satisfy any user even professional photographers. You’ll definitely love this app if you want to create something quickly on your phone without having to access Photoshop on your PC.

Description of Snapseed Mod Apk

Did you know why Snapseed is super sleek and simple to use? because it is Developed by Google, the creator of Android itself. Google is so good at optimization and you can tell from its Pixel phones. The app hasn’t received any updates since 2020 yet offers both basic and professional photo editing tools that are simple to implement. Use the app for basic edits such as adding frames, adjusting face pose, rotating, preset filters, crop, text, healing, lens blur, face enhancement, B&W, etc. You can also use it for pro editing like Curves, tweaking RAW DNG files, white balance, etc, This app gives your phone computer editor power. Beyond that, experienced and aspiring photographers have many tools to edit images like the ones offered by professional photo editing software.

Snapseed was the first free photo maker that offers pro photo editing tools. Since it supports RAW DNG files for a long time now means that  It features powerful tools and its image manipulation power is comparable to Adobe Photoshop. Yeah, you read that correctly!

The main reason Photographers love this app is the support to edit RAW files. This is a feature that is not available on most photo editing apps, even if it is available it is a paid tool. All the editing tools that are being offered work well as advertised. Even though Google added a lot of tools and optimization to the app, it was not developed by them. Google acquired the app from Nik Software.

Features of Snapseed Mod Apk

1. Advanced Photo Editing Tools

Snapseed Mod Apk offers a wide array of advanced editing tools that give you full control over your images. Adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and more to achieve the desired look. With precise editing options, you can fine-tune every aspect of your photo to perfection.

2. Creative Filters and Effects

Enhance the mood and style of your photos with Snapseed Mod Apk’s collection of creative filters and effects. Add vintage vibes, apply artistic textures, or experiment with unique color grading techniques to give your images a distinct visual appeal.

3. Healing and Portrait Enhancements

Remove unwanted elements or blemishes from your photos using the Healing tool in Snapseed Mod Apk. This feature allows you to seamlessly erase imperfections and create flawless images. Additionally, enhance portraits with tools specifically designed for facial retouching, such as skin smoothing and teeth whitening.

4. Perspective and Transform Tools

Correct perspective distortion and straighten skewed lines effortlessly using Snapseed Mod Apk’s perspective and transform tools. These tools help you align buildings, correct converging lines, and bring balance to your architectural and landscape photographs.

5. RAW Editing and Selective Adjustments

Snapseed Mod Apk supports RAW file editing, allowing you to work with the highest quality image data. Make precise adjustments to exposure, white balance, and other parameters, ensuring optimal results for your RAW photos. Additionally, apply selective adjustments to specific areas of your image, enhancing details or making targeted changes with precision.

6. User-Friendly Interface

Snapseed Mod Apk features a user-friendly interface that makes photo editing accessible to users of all skill levels. The intuitive layout and straightforward navigation ensure a seamless editing experience. With its responsive controls and real-time previews, you can see the impact of your adjustments instantly.

Alternatives to Snapseed Mod Apk

Snapseed is a great app but VSCO outperforms Snapseed in some ways. The major reason is that Google abandoned Snapseed and hasn’t pushed any updates for 3 years. The competition’s focus on photography is very fierce and you must be ahead of time if you want to be the best in the game. Even though VSCO’s subscription page hides many of its photo editing features, I think it is superior.

Lightroom is another free alternative and it is more powerful than Snapseed in many ways. Unfortunately, most of its tools are only available to premium users. On the other hand, Snapseed is simpler. Lightroom is better for pros but too much for amateurs.

Lastly, Photoshop is another amazing alternative that you should try. This tool has many uses beyond photo editing. Snapseed, however, simplifies editing tools and is free. Photoshop is good for organizing a lot of things and it is not completely free.

Great photo editor

In my opinion, Snapseed photo editor is a very simple yet Professional tool and this makes it too good to be free. It’s enough for expert photographers and easy for beginners. 

The latest user interface change made utilization of the tools even more  easier.

Snapseed is a completely free app with zero ads. It basically has more pros than cons. Snapseed’s photo retouching capabilities are remarkable. It has both basic and professional photo editing tools. Its design is also straightforward for anyone to create professional-looking photos.

The one thing I didn’t like about this app is the same choices which are quite confusing. It basically has 3 export buttons: “save,” “save a copy,” and “export” options. The “save” button basically allows you to save the image while the “save a copy” allows you to create a separate copy, this option gives you the added edge to revert all the changes that you have made to the photo just in case you changed your mind later. The “export” button basically shares the edited photos to Social media. Glad I helped.


Snapseed Mod Apk unlocks a world of possibilities for photo enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its advanced editing tools, creative filters, and user-friendly interface, this modded version allows you to elevate your photo editing skills to new heights. Download and install Snapseed Mod Apk today to unlock your photo editing potential and create stunning visuals that captivate your audience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Snapseed Mod Apk safe to download and install?

Snapseed Mod Apk is safe to download and install if obtained from a trusted source. Always exercise caution and ensure your device has proper antivirus protection.

Can I use Snapseed Mod Apk on iOS devices?

Snapseed Mod Apk is currently available for Android devices only. It is not compatible with iOS devices.

Does Snapseed Mod Apk require an internet connection?

Snapseed Mod Apk can be used offline, allowing you to edit your photos without an internet connection. However, certain features, such as cloud synchronization or online filters, may require an internet connection.

Can I revert to the original Snapseed app after installing the modded APK?

Yes, if you wish to switch back to the original Snapseed app, you can uninstall the modded APK and reinstall the official version from the app store.

Are there any in-app purchases in Snapseed Mod Apk?

Snapseed Mod Apk provides access to all features and tools without the need for in-app purchases. You can enjoy the full functionality of the app without any additional costs.

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